Sunday night shooting reported in Echo Park

LAPD police helicopter over Echo Park.Residents reported that gunfire broke out  at about 9:30 p.m. near Sunset Boulevard and Laveta Terrace only two blocks from where Echo Park resident Michael David was gunned down earlier this month.  Sgt. Michael Mabie with the Rampart Division this morning confirmed that there was a shooting but had no further information. However, one Sunset Boulevard business owner reports talking to a man who was grazed by a bullet:

I ran outside to see man running west down the south sidewalk of Sunset towards the Gold Room, stopping after the Gold Room and saying “they are shooting at me.” He showed me his right side where a bullet grazed and charred his belly. He was clearly shaken and wasn’t very clear on what happen, but said that he tried to pretty much stop a fight and one of the guys pulled out a gun to shoot at him.

Nearby residents reported hearing three or four shots followed by the sounds of screeching car tires on Sunset.

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  1. these attacks are so brazen, this is freaking me out. i live here. i’m a peaceful dude. i take walks at night. how can i not be freaked out?!

  2. Carry self-defense.

  3. We heard the shots and the squealing tires at our house. I agree Jakey. It seems like a rash of idiots with guns are out there with short tempers. Even so, I do not want to stop walking at night out of fear. It seems like if law abiding citizens cower inside, the gunslingers will think Sunset Blvd is theirs. It is not.

  4. looking the other way

    I hear about innocent guys getting shot an awful lot lately. I saw a group of guys letting the air out of the tires of a parked car last night and tried to get out of there before they realized I’d seen them. With everything I read about here, I thought that they might shoot me if I said anything. Is there no law and order any more?

  5. Don’t confront them, just call the police. Don’t t just look the other way.

  6. Then again were getting close to summer thats when it gets worst in the area.

  7. I’m a little shocked that everyone is so surprised about people being shot and killed in Echo Park, this has been going on since the 70’s. Where the hell have you guys been?

  8. Stupid Stupid Stupid. LAPD has got to step up the patrols, investigations, stings, arrest, etc. in Echo Park. Regardless of the fact it’s “always gone on” these are now shootings of innocent victims, not just by happen stance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but actually being targeted and shot down. You damn right it’s a fearful thing. Carrying a gun yourself for self defense just exacerbates the situation for all. To protect and serve; step it up LAPD and do your duty.

  9. LAPDs resources seem to go where the complaints ring loudest, and not on a blog’s comment section (although surely that can’t hurt.)
    If you are really concerned, call your Senior Lead Officer with all complaints. Go to one of the MANY community meetings in Echo Park where LAPD is almost always in attendance. Call Garcetti’s office.
    If they don’t hear from their constituents, they are going to devote resources to other problem areas. The day after there was a shooting in Silver Lake, on Sunset near the liquor store at Lucille, there was a huge community meeting. That’s the kind of mobilization that demands attention.

  10. We currently do not have an assigned Senior Lead Officer. Hope we get our replacement soon.

  11. @EP4ME
    That’s the kind of situation that I’d be calling Garcetti’s office for assistance. Alejandra Marroquin is the field deputy for Echo Park. You should give her a call (323-957-4500) and ask about it. Or email Capt Murphy at the NE Precinct.

  12. A couple more gunshots right now (10:55pm, Monday, 5/23). Helicopter flying above…

  13. Yep, heard those shots a little earlier. Saw a cop car turn around on Sunset at Laveta and several helicopters, but doesn’t seem like anyone was caught around here.

  14. I heard it too. Pisses me off.

  15. @FarEastSide.
    All the leftie’s are in denial.

  16. Regarding this incident, on May 22, 2011, at 9:30 pm, a 38-year-old male was walking by the liquor store in the area of 1516 Sunset Blvd. He interceded in an argument between a group of males, when one of the them began arguing with him. That subject then pulled a gun and he, along with three others, began chasing the victim on the sidewalk. Three to four shots were fired at the victim, who was not hit. He believed the four were gang members. They were last seen driving away east on Sunset Blvd. in a black 1990’s Lincoln Town Car.

    Paramedics and fire personnel also responded, because the victim reported being hit by gunfire. As it turned out, he was injured during a fall while scrambling away from his assailant. Two shell casings were recovered by officers and booked as evidence. The investigation is being handled by our gang detectives.

    (213) 484-3400

  17. “I’m a little shocked that everyone is so surprised about people being shot and killed in Echo Park, this has been going on since the 70′s. Where the hell have you guys been?”

    I don’t think it’s so much that people are shocked (well maybe some), as that they’re scared and upset, as they should be. Just because this area has had a long history of gang violence doesn’t mean we should just accept it as ‘business as usual’. That is never a solution.

  18. I live near the Super 8 on Sunset. I was on my balcony around 3 am on Friday 5/20 and heard 6 gun shots. Dogs were going crazy. I looked out my window though and didn’t see anything. Does anybody know about this or did any body else hear it?

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