Was or wasn’t there a shooting at Silver Lake’s Bellevue Park last night?

Police this morning are investigating a report that two young men were struck by gunfire last night while playing basketball at Bellevue Park on the south side of Silver Lake. Officers took a report from the two men while they were being treated at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital. However, an investigation at Bellevue Park found no bullet casings and none of the nearby residents interviewed by officers recalled hearing gunfire, reports Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division. Neither victim is a gang member, and police are trying to figure out what happened. Here are more details from Buhrmester:

Last night at about 10:00 pm, officers responded to Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital regarding two gunshot victims.  Two males, 19 and 22 years of age, said they were playing basketball at Bellevue Park, 826 North Lucile Ave., at approximately 9:30 pm when an unseen suspect in a charcoal grey sedan three or four gunshots at them.  The younger victim was hit in the right hip, and the other was hit in the right shoulder blade.
The two ran to a car occupied by the younger victim’s girlfriend, who took them to Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital.  They had no suspect information, and were treated and admitted for gunshot wounds.  The injuries are not life-threatening.  The investigation revealed several aspects of their statements which lacked clarity and consistency, therefore detectives will recontact them this morning after they have rested.  Last night, officers responded to the park after contacting the victims at the hospital, and canvassed for evidence.  They found no bullet strikes, casings, projectiles or blood.  Also, they contacted several nearby residents, and none recalled hearing gunshots in the time frame given.  That does not mean the victims are not truthful, but there are certain facts in dispute needing clarification.


  1. I live in the large apartment complex across the street from Bellevue Park. We had our windows open all yesterday evening and definitely did not hear anything resembling gunshots or any sort of disturbance in the park last night. We weren’t watching TV or playing music. I was reading all evening.

    The park is never empty at that time of night — people are always out walking their dogs or walking/jogging on the track in the evenings. If dogs bark or people shout in the park, we hear it from our apartment if our windows are open.

    I was shocked when my husband came back from walking our dog around 10PM and said police were in the park because someone had apparently been shot earlier. It just seemed so unlikely that it could have happened without us hearing anything at all.

    Is it possible that these people got silently shot, and then didn’t make any noise (yelling, screaming, etc) after getting shot? I’ll echo Lt. Buhrmester and say that “that does not mean the victims are not truthful,” but it sure seems unlikely to me.

  2. Maybe they don’t know the right name of the park where they were really hanging out??

  3. Sounds like someone was playing with a gun and someone’s friends didn’t want to get him in trouble.

  4. Maybe the shooters had silencers on their guns? Angie’s scenario sounds like the most likely, however.

  5. word on the street says there is a lot of narco traffic in the area with too many apt’s to hide in, close to a park make good locations for people to “hide” out. Be careful.

  6. “Word on the street” says nothing of the sort. It’s a park where families come to barbecue on weekends, kids play baseball most summer evenings, lots of different groups of people play basketball, residents from the neighborhood walk their dogs all the time, and one night a week there’s a hipster dodgeball tournament in the rec center. The closest thing to scary people in the park are kids ditching school and the occasional tagger. The last people in the park before they lock it up every night are people walking their dogs (and the most common creatures in the park after it closes are, at least in the summer, coyotes).

    Hopefully we can get an update about what actually happened to those kids, because they definitely weren’t shot in the park. Neighborhood residents who were on the basketball court when this supposedly happened have said there wasn’t anything going on.

    Either they were somewhere they weren’t supposed to be, or they were doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing, and tried to cover it up by making up this story.

  7. Hopefully Lt. Buhrmester will come back with more information?

  8. ex silverlake loko gang member, this park does have drug traffiking and these boys were shot at this park its just that when something happens everyone turns a blind eye, if this were not true we wouldnt have gang members around anymore, they dont come out until nighttime and thats when you shut your doors and dont come out, i have been there and done that, so lets not try and cover up reality just so your property values dont decline, and the majority of drug sold in the area is cush and stress aka marijuanna and the buyers are the hipster crowds cmon wake up and smell the coffee people.

  9. that sounds like a flashback from “back in the day.” Hipsters get their drugs from other hipsters; they don’t go to a dark park in the middle of the night and buy from scary gang members.

    and where are the bullet casings?

  10. amu,

    I’ll check with the detectives for an update. It’s interesting, on numerous occasions I’ve responded to hospitals for gunshot victims, and the victims are surprised the hospital called. There is a state law requiring hospitals to call the police when they receive a gunshot victim, so perhaps these two fellows were also surprised when the police arrived to speak with them. Hopefully, follow-ups will reveal more of the incident, and a more precise location of occurrence.

    [email protected]
    (213) 484-3400

  11. There are strong indications the incident did not happen at Bellevue Park. I spoke to our CAPS (Crimes Against Persons) detectives about the case. Although the victims have not made themselves available for interview, the detectives did speak with a director with the General Services Department, who oversees city parks. An employee was on duty at Bellevue Park on the night of the alleged incident, until past 10:00 pm. No incidents were observed or heard by the employee, nor reported to them. I think it is safe to say the location of the shooting was not Bellevue Park.

    [email protected]
    (213) 484-3400

  12. Thank you for the update!

  13. Re. hipsters getting drugs from gang members vs. other hipsters, what planet are you guys living on? Any stoner worth his/her 2 foot glass dragon bong (from Venice Beach) has a license! And as for the rest of them, just think, if it were legalized completely we would be able to virtually eliminate this conversation. Wouldn’t that be great?

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