No flag waving this year on the Glendale-Hyperion bridge

Photo by Will Campbell

Silver Lake blogger Will Campbell was riding his bike across the Glendale-Hyperion bridge over the Los Angeles River earlier this month when he noticed something was missing. The American flags. The flags normally appear on the bridge, which  connects Atwater Village and Silver Lake,  in time for Memorial Day.  In fact, the span, composed of two bridges, has been called the Victory Memorial Bridge. Said Campbell after seeing the naked bridge:

Biking to Glendale from Silver Lake over the Hyperion Viaduct (aka “Victory Memorial Bridge”) this afternoon, I was struck by the absence of the American flags that normally flap from each light pole from top to bottom each year between Memorial Day to… whenever they eventually take them down.

Last year, as in years’ past, the City Council approved spending more than $2,000 to hang 30 U.S. flags from May 25 through Sept. 30.  What happened this year?

Todd Leitz, spokesman for City Councilman Tom LaBonge, said money was not available during the current fiscal year to install the flags in time for Memorial Day. However, Leitz said there might be money for the flags when the new fiscal year begins July 1. ” We’re hoping to get the funding to get the flags up on the bridge in time for the Fourth of July.”

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  1. Two years ago the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council (AVNC) funded the flag decorations when the City didn’t have the money to do it. It’s a shame that the AVNC couldn’t step up to the plate this year too.

  2. Frankly, I applaud the City Council’s decision NOT to spend $2K to hang flags. While I am very proud of our flag, very proud to be American, I also feel that if the $2K saved was funneled towards other programs or even to keep even ONE city employee employed – by all means, don’t hang flags.

  3. I don’t get why it cost 2K to hang flags. Just get volunteers to hang the flags

  4. I applaud Kristine’s frugality, but her ovation seems off-target. The council’s decision not to spend the $2,000 wasn’t an actual one. LaBonge didn’t stand up valiantly and say “Not this year! Let’s put that money toward filling a pothole or trimming a tree.” The money wasn’t there. They had no choice.

    It’d be a bit like cheering me on as I walk empty-pocketed out the nearest Vespa dealership having not bought a scooter.

    Her applause will short as well, given LaBonge spokesman’s hope that when the new fiscal year kicks in the council will spend that money and have the flags up in time for July 4.

  5. Well, since donations (witness unwanted food and the proposed 90026 pilot) seem to be so popular in this neighborhood, perhaps a collection is in order. 200 people at $10 each would do it. Nice blog, Will!

  6. I’ve got my $10 we only need 199 more.

  7. Thanks, Sandy! I’m in a spot where I gotta keep what little green I have close to me, but I’ll volunteer to assist in hanging them up!

  8. I don’t understand the whole patriotic flag-waving thing.

  9. Technically, flags are not an appropriate decoration for the bridge. Bunting yes, but flags, no.

    Even City Hall inappropriately displays numerous flags.

    I realize that I’m the unhippest guy in Northeast to know flag etiquette, but I guess some of that Cub Scout training stuck.

    On the subject, it’s worth noting that the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge is a WWI memorial.

  10. Way more than flags, it’d be great to build a safe way for pedestrians to get on and off the bridge on the Atwater side. It’s like running across a highway.

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