Is an “alcohol zone” on tap for Echo Park?

Proposed 7-Eleven would sell beer & wine at Echo Park minimall.

The owners of the Echo Park minimall at the southeast corner of Glendale Boulevard and Berkeley Avenue have erected a new sign with a blank space at the top that is apparently being saved for a proposed 7-Eleven store.  But the prospect of a 24-hour, convenience store selling beer and wine – as well as generating more traffic – has stirred up opposition from some neighbors. Meanwhile, on Sunset Boulevard, Xoia Vietnamese Eats wants to be able to serve its customers beer and wine, joining several other Echo Park restaurants and bars that have received new or expanded beer and wine licenses in recent years.  On Wednesday night, the planning committee of the Echo Park neighborhood council is scheduled to meet and review the 7-Eleven and Xoia beer and wine applications in addition to the creation of  “neighborhood alcohol zones” to guide future decisions on beer and wine permits. What is an “alcohol zone”?  Jose Sigala, president of the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council, explains:

The idea of an “alcohol zone” is to work with the planning department to develop a map of our neighborhood council area indicating the areas where a business may be able to apply for a beer/wine or alcohol license that may be suitable according to the city zoning laws.

We have had many requests for these types of licenses, and the map may help businesses and community members have a better understanding of where these type of licenses may be suitable.  Information detailing current licenses may also be helpful. We are looking to work with the planning department to see if this is possible.

A beer and wine license is considered essential by many businesses. A representative for 7-Eleven has said it would be very unlikely that the national chain would open at the location if the city imposed restrictions on  beer and wine sales. Click here for meeting details.

Update on June 8: The planning committee voted to hold a special meeting regarding the 7-Eleven application to hear the concerns of neighbors, said Sigala.  The Xoia item was postponed at the request of the applicant.  On the alcohol zone,  the committee recommended that the neighborhood council draft a letter  asking the  city’s Planning Department  “to work with our neighborhood council to establish the map providing the areas where alcohol is allowed according to zoning laws,” Sigala said. “I believe it would be tje first neighborhood council in the city requesting this type of zoning map.”

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  1. They will still open if it proves to be a busy enough area. A 7-11 that is not allowed to sell alcohol opened in downtown about a year ago

  2. Or better! Just go to that Jr Mart, next to that Spain Restaurant with the Giant painted Matador. They added a huge wine section and have just about every low- med style beer around! Oh, and they have a small deli, all the munchies you’d need….. It’s a rough little gem!

  3. That means that The gas station “ampm” right across the street from it has some serious competition coming their way , minus the gas of course…

  4. I second the endorsement of the market next to Spain restaurant. Good selection / good prices / nice people.

  5. Uh , it is H&H to all us “locals” .

    Tony and Vince and his Wife are awesome .

    Damn , even H&H is not a secret anymore !

  6. theres a 7-11 on sunset n rosemont we dnt need anymore……

  7. Sandra Figueroa

    According to a published report CD 13 has the highest incidence of alcohol related deaths, domestic violence, DUI and it goes on. We are already an “unofficial alcohol zone”.

    98% of all cases we serve have incidences of the above.

    These cases should be handled on a case to case basis as is now. It is a bigger issue that the City Planning Dept.

    BTW The demographic of persons who need to volunteer to make up for DUI fines is changing with the demographics of Echo Park as we predicted with the renovations and approval of new bars.


  8. I sincerely hope this proposed “neighborhood alcohol zone” doesn’t include businesses deep in a residential community that are across the street AND next door to preschools and elementary schools…

  9. Can we have an alcohol free zone instead? There’s way too much alcohol in the neighborhood as it is and I would like the council to find a way to cut back on it.

  10. Luiza Mavropoulos

    on 5/14/08 I have document in hand as a board member of the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council I representing my community asked for an Alchol Moratorium, if we where not careful we would turn our community into another South Central when there was a Liquior store on every corner. No one listened to me, I was told to sit down and shut up, other board members said how convienent they could walk to a local place enjoy there drinks and walk home. How where these board members representing the community? I believe they where injecting there own agenda. Now do you see what we the community saw back them??, Jose Sigala was President back them and didn’t give a flying duck, NOW he’s asking for an Alcohol ZONE????? again, Have document in hand in case you all don’t believe me. The people who allowed this mess should be held accountable for the horrible change they created in the gentification of Echo Park. Sandra Fig is absolutely 100 percent right in her comment.

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