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Tuesday’s photo of a five-foot-long snake slithering across a trail in Elysian Park had people talking about recent snake sightings.  On Tuesday afternoon, Paul Koehors, who lives in Echo Park near Oak Glen Place, snapped the above photo to show you don’t have to wander around Elysian Park to spot a snake:

My roommate saw this snake on our lawn this afternoon.  A good 3-footer.  Yikes.

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  1. Is this the beginning of the end of the world?

  2. No, Nervous, it’s just the beginning of summer.

  3. That pretty much seals the deal, I’m never going outside again.

  4. crazy, you usually never see snakes in echo park. there used to be an old man lived next door to us and he would tell us all kinds of stories about EP and Chavez Ravine. he swore that you didn’t see any snakes really because back in the day they used to use DDT, and it killed off the snakes. according to him this was the reason that there are so many gophers here (no natural enemies). could be urban rumor, but who cares? miss that guy.

  5. in honor of el viejo, let’s welcome las serpientes back to el parque.

    ¡bienvenido de nuevo!

  6. Alarmist much? It’s a harmless snake. If nature isn’t your bag then I heartily recommend you don’t hike in our beautiful parks and yes, stay indoors please.

  7. If the following snap of a gopher snake I encountered in Griffith Park helps keeps the legion of phobics away from there then thats a win-win: 1) wider open spaces for those of us who admire and appreciate snakes instead of fear them by default, and 2) less of a chance the harmless creatures will be killed by some idiot:


  8. RoseHills 90032

    looks like the people on this blog are new too all north east area never seen a golper snake and king snakes before. i been living in rosehills 90032 cense 1968 and thats when i seen these snakes

  9. Go snakes!

  10. Team Snake, all the way!

  11. I’m the guy who sent in the picture. I love snakes…especially if they’ll eat the gophers in my front yard.

  12. This is great! I’m relatively new to NELA (4 yrs) and have yet to see one of these guys, but I would love to. I’ll do anything to encourage more urban wildlife.

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