Troubling signs of animal abuse on an Echo Park street

Photo by Echo Park resident

Black and white flyers  topped with the words “Our beloved neighborhood cat has been tortured” began appearing last week on utility poles along Reservoir Street west of Alvarado. The flyers, which describe how a 14-year-old cat had his fur chopped and dyed and his whiskers cut off, keep reappearing even as they are being removed, said one Echo Park resident who lives nearby. The flyers and talk of dead cats being found nearby on Waterloo Street has this resident worried.  They flyer urges residents to call the LAPD’s Animal Cruelty Task Force with any information about the abuse. “Who would do this?!” the flyer asks.

Officer Tami Shepphird with the LAPD’s Animal Cruelty Task Force said she has received a call from a woman who described the abuse to her cat and was going to spread the word about the incident.  Shepphird said she is not aware of any other reports of animal abuse in the immediate area. .”I have had not had any further phone calls or a reply to that flyer,” she said.

Anyone with information should call the Animal Cruelty Task Force at (213) 486-0450

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  1. Ugh that is just… awful, what is wrong with people?!

  2. This is terrible! My friend who lives off Westerly Terrace in Silverlake found a cat that had the same thing done to it! WTF! Whomever is doing this needs to be caught and prosecuted.


  3. Really, who is the animal? The cat or the person abusing the cat? Pathetic.

  4. Cats have been turning up bear sunset and Alvarado with what looks like paintball injuries in their sides. Giant open round wounds, it’s terrible!!

  5. Poor kitty… there’s a special place in hell for whoever does this kind of sh*t.

  6. Hope they find the jerk, and shoots them with paintball, see how they like it

  7. @Rita
    Really? If that is true, I hope someone is alerting the task force mentioned above and I’ll be more than happy to donate to reward fund to catch the psychopath(s). No shortage of terrible stuff in the world to get appalled by, but violence against animals and children really gets my blood boiling.

  8. Completely disgusting. Anyone who abuses an animal has no soul. I truly hope they find the culprits ASAP!

  9. Please keep your cats inside — there have also been coyote sightings.

  10. Alexis Montague

    I’ve never seen a coyote operate a razor.

  11. It should also be noted that this sort of behavior often escalates to violent behavior against people. I am an animal lover so I’m horribly upset and offended by what that person is doing to the poor creatures but I am also concerned that this sicko could go on to worse things: All the more reason to find the perp and handle accordingly.

  12. @Julie

    couldn’t agree more! i was drinking my morning coffee last week and spotted a coyote in my backyard… with one of the neighborhood strays looking down at it from a roof nearby. and i’m south of sunset!

    i understand the thinking behind it, but for those that let their cats outdoors – you are shortening its lifespan. plain and simple. (hope this doesn’t sound jerky. i grew up with indoor/outdoor cats and didn’t see a problem at the time.)

    (back on topic – i hope they catch the a**hole that did this to that poor cat.)

  13. Ugh. What a bummer. I’ll definitely keep an eye out. I have zero tolerance for animal abuse.

  14. This sort of blatant animal abuse usually leads to someone who is a serious Sociopath.
    If this is being done by a kid (kids?) in the neighborhood, they should definitely be stopped before these tendencies lead to even more harmful activities (animal abuse in children and young adults often leads to much worse later in life).
    This kind of stuff makes me sick to my stomach, and I hope everyone does what they can to keep an eye out for who might be abusing these poor animals!

  15. Commenters calling for cats to be kept inside, you speak the truth. Better for the cats, better for the songbirds being killed, better for everyone. Keep domestic cats indoors.

  16. “This sort of blatant animal abuse usually leads to someone who is a serious Sociopath.”

    ^ This. Animals can’t defend themselves and don’t understand why they’re being tortured. Someone capable of that kind of sick behavior lacks basic empathy and could easily escalate to hurting people.

  17. Definitely keep your cats indoor…..Ive got 2 and I always felt bad about keeping them inside, so you will probably see me walking them around in a stroller, I use a harness and leash when my oldest wants to rub against trees! Yes I look crazy…..People may laugh…but at least my cats will live to be old and healthy! I couldnt bear the thought of some little brats doing this to them for fun or getting run over and left to the side to die!!

  18. Sounds like the Animal Cruelty Task Force should put up more fliers and watch to see who takes them down.

  19. Dogfight “trainers” do this. Saw in in NYC. the spray paint, the wounds- identical.

  20. This is awful. Torturing animals is so disgusting. Cats are the king of torturers, btw… have you ever seen a cat with a bird or mouse? I hope people take heed and keep their cats indoors. Cats are non-native animals and destroy songbirds and other wildlife. Keep your cats indoors, people!

  21. Luiza Mavropoulos

    The suspect is unknown the police report will say of course, BUT this sounds like OCCULT STUFF to me. People take care of your pets. I have a house dog, she’s with me 24/7 and never left alone outside I fear the coyote’s.

  22. Paintballs were shot at a cat and her two kittens sometime last night around Baxter and Echo Park. Don’t know if it helps but the paintballs have a dark green outer shell with an orange filler which turns cream in colour when dry. The other thing I might add is that it appears whoever did this actually came in our gate, on to our property and through to the backyard (I’m assuming to give chase).

    Originally we took the mother in as she was clearly a stray, in desperate need of food and pregnant. She had the kittens about a month ago, they were set up to head to the vets and when fully weaned they all had loving homes to call their own. Since the paintballing, both kittens are now nowhere to be seen, the mother has turned skittish and cries incessantly, making the vet/home plans come to a halt. It’s disgusting that anyone could do such a thing.

    I can only urge everyone to call the animal cruelty task force if you see anything. And as the attackers seem to have no problem walking into and around houses it’d be within every pet owner’s best interest to keep their animals inside or in a secluded as possible area.

    Please remember that any and all information is helpful when dealing with violence in any form. So let’s make sure whoever’s doing this is found and dealt with accordingly.

  23. Chusma or Flips? Homie thugs or thuggerettes?

    In and around West Court St. between Rosedale Avenue and N. Lake St. there was a large community of street feral cats, I’d say about 15 or so. All hanging around coming out for food on Court in the evening. Then suddenly, the numbers dropped.

    Now, I KNOW they didnt adopt them around there, some could of been tame, so I’m suspecting they were killed via poison, or other ways, something is up on that corner. I don’t understand WHY there were so many cats there.

    Bunch of ignorant people around there. Yeah, I’m angry. What can one do.

    I have a neighbor that his “gatito” was this furry gorgeous black cat, tame and just a gorgeous creature and in the evenings he lets out the cat to meander about the yard, then one day, poof, cat gone. Stolen? Buhay Kubo’d? I don’t know.

    Then the idiot gets another really freindly black cat and does THE SAME EFFING THING. I warned him, be careful, you lost one cat amigo. Si, si, si… nooo, si and that whole thing they talk about like they agree with you but they still do it.

    So, whatever abuse is going on, I hope they catch the bastards. Its just a bad element in Echo Park, always has been to some degree. I dont’ know why you hipsters think its like some kind of diversity oasis.

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