Would you pay $5 to watch Silver Lake on TV?

The Eastsider recently profiled an urban farmer seeking donations and investors to open a new market in Atwater Village.  Meanwhile, in Silver Lake,  another group is seeking to raise money from the public for a different kind of business, a TV show called “Silverlake 90026.”   On Thursday night, the people involved in Silverlake 90026 – which follows friends Hunter, Dana and Nick as they seek to make it big and fit into the entertainment industry – will hold a fundraiser party in a Silver Lake restaurant complete with a DJ and prizes for the “hippest hipster.”  The admission is $5 and the group is also taking donations on its website.

The group needs to raise at least $5,000 to make the pilot, said Dana LaRue, one of the show’s co writers  “We’ve got the help of many sitcom industry veteran cast and crew to help make it possible, and local businesses have been incredibly supportive in donating their space for use – its very exciting!”

What kind of show will your $5 end up supporting?  Here is an excerpt from the pilot synopsis:

It’s Hunter and Dana’s 7-year anniversary. To celebrate they are having a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant, El Conquistador, with margaritas, candlelight and… their best friend Nick(?!). Since these friends-for-life all met on the same day, it makes sense to celebrate together, right? Hunter plans to propose to Dana tonight, but is foiled by Nick’s vocal disdain for all things wedding. Later, in secret, Hunter asks and Dana accepts, but now they have to find a way to break the news to Nick without breaking his (miraculous baboon) heart. They turn for help to their trusty friend Freeman, an unlikely oracle of deadpan one-liners, but his unfortunate tendency towards panic attacks gets in the way.

The plot reaches it’s climax during a birthday party at Tantra for Dana’s friend Stacie-Lyndsay, a spunky and neurotic young actress who just might have a little crush on Nick. The truth comes out in the bar bathroom, and as with all bathroom suspense, we can only hope that everything comes out o.k. in the end.

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  1. This sounds awful. We don’t need another Hills-esque show. Especially in this neighborhood.

  2. on the second paragraph, it should plot?

  3. *it should say plot

  4. well as long as there are “mega-veterans of the sitcom industry” involved.


  5. 90026 is more echo park than it is silver lake. i agree though, bad idea.

  6. If there’s even the tiniest shred of integrity left in the hills of Silver Lake (which is doubtful), run, don’t walk, away from this thing (I would call it a ‘project’, but that might appear to elevate it from what it really is) as fast as you can. Or go ahead and get it funding. In the end it won’t matter, since we’re doomed to drown in a bog of mediocrity anyway. Alas Babylon…

  7. Please no.

  8. “industry veterans” usually means washed up, out of work, bad actors who haven’t worked in over a decade for a reason. Notice they didn’t list any of their names before they get your money.

  9. OMG , What a stupid and bad idea. Do these people really think that anyone is interested in their lives? Why don’t they just do a hipster housewives of Silver Lake or better yet hipster house husbands . These “hipsters” are really self absorbed and have ruined this neighborhood.

  10. I’m surrounded by Hipsters. Why on God’s green earth do I wanna see um in my house? Phooey!

  11. Oh, like Portlandia? But probably not as funny, and about 5 times as barfy? Nooooo…..

  12. I would not donate a penny to this self-absorbed trash pretending to be beneficial to our community or society in any way…I am sick and tired of shallowness.

  13. just place it in 1985 Silverlake and call it The Swish Alps

  14. Having lived in the Silver Lake hills, 90026, since the mid-70’s, I have seen many changes, most of them welcome. This sounds worse than the usual reality show drivel. Nothing more than paid, publicity driven hipness. Run away……..far away!

  15. No No No…..please spare us No No No

  16. To whomever is behind this horrible idea:

    The neighborhood is speaking. Take these comments to heart and please for the love of all that is good take your project elsewhere. Dream your little dream but do it somewhere else. UGH.

  17. Patrick H. B. Porter

    Wow another warmed-over idea about actors, as if anybody cares! Why not improvise the show about some actual human beings, be clever, and ask donations from the restaurants and boutiques that appear—then tape it in Marina del Rey. Go away.

  18. Can I donate $5.00 to make them not follow through with their plans?

  19. Alexis Montague

    If that tired contrivance of a synopsis is any indication of the show’s creative quality, this will never end up on television.

    “(miraculous baboon) heart”?

  20. Alexis Montague

    Nevermind. I just watched 2 1/2 Men. This will probably be a huge hit.

  21. Yawn, … actually, worse than that: trivial, juvenile and insipid.

  22. @Ceedubya: Actually, 90026 extends all the way over to Lucille Ave. at Sunset Junction in Silver Lake. Still, while that probably makes more of it Silver Lake than Echo Park, I nonetheless think of it as Echo Park, probably because it is most all of Echo Park, and only one of multiple the ZIP codes for Silver Lake.

  23. I wonder if the actual residents in the vicinity of Melrose Place had such a collective cow over that show. Or Beverly Hills 90210. As someone in both Silver (this space here is because it’s two words) Lake and the 90026, I’m at least 15 years too old to watch whatever “Silverlake [sic] 90026” puts forth… but I won’t fault them for trying.

  24. Uhm, did any of you actually look at their site? The show sounds kind of fun to me, and its clearly not a reality show…. what’s the big problem?

    I can only speak for myself, but I’m going to check it out! Best of luck to the artists involved.

  25. This should be a show about how Brandon and Brenda Walsh have given up their cozy comfy lives in Beverly Hills because slumming is cool. And they each need to have dreads. Blonde dreads.

  26. I think the tone of these comments may be why they are setting this show in Silverlake.

    If it’s done well, it sounds like perfect couch time to me.

  27. A” hippest hipster” contest? Can we please retire that stupid word already?

    And their logo is a mustache? Really?

    They sound pretty out of touch to me. Ugh.

  28. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish there was a way to reverse fund raise. It would be called fund squashing.

  29. In this thread: yuppies mad at young people.

  30. How about they just donate the $$ raised to putting up the flags for July 4 on the on Glendale-Hyperion bridge! Now that’s money well spent.

  31. Well nothing to worry about folks. Since this ISN’T a reality show it has little chance of ever getting made, unless they shoot it in Vancouver…

  32. Of course filming Training Day, The Shield, and a Purina commercial on your street are just fine. And how dare Adam 12 and LA Law were set in LA. And the nerve of that Seinfeld guy for associating NYC with his silly sitcom !

  33. You srsly need look no further than the mustached flyer on their website. Live t-shirt printing, fly-ass beats, and rockin’ both Impact and Stencil in the font department – although, hey, maybe they’re being totes ironic with it’s (sic) usage.

  34. YoMammaSezWhat?

    Um, yeah. Clearly these kids are SENDING UP Silverlake hipsters. They’re being ironic, and poking fun at all the things you negative nancy’s are accusing them of being with disturbingly knee jerk assy-ness. It sounds like they love this ‘hood and are just trying to have some fun. I think its pretty dope.

    PS – I checked their site and they actually do have some legit people attached. #fortherecord.

  35. If they are trying to do a spoof of the Silver Lake lifestyle I guess I just am not seeing it.

    They go for the lazy S.L. stereotypes (hipster, mustache) on their fundraising flyer but with the exception of the filming locations, that pilot could just as easily be set in North Hollywood. I don’t see anything Silver Lake-esque about that plot synopsis.

  36. Oh hell na……btw no mention of a latino presence

  37. At last, I agree with ELA commenters for the first time ever – the idea sux!

  38. The planted comments in this thread in support of this abomination are about as weak as the proposed show. Way to go with your completely transparent “viral” marketing!

  39. If you ask me, its judgmental attitudes like these that are whats wrong with SL. Yeesh, you guys are unnecessarily harsh on something that can’t hurt anyone here. It sounds like lighthearted fun. What’s the harm?

  40. wow. hipsters really don’t know how to take a joke….

    good luck kids! at least you’re not trust fund babies financing your project through daddy’s hedge fund.

  41. B.E.’s off-the-cuff idea of “fundsquashing” is funnier than the premise for this show.

  42. do you really think “fundsquashing” is funny or clever?

    it seems to be simply negative and uncreative to me. hey! that sounds like a lot of east-siders I know. hmmmm………

    don’t go the party if you wanna be a hater. pretty simple actually.

  43. I think everyone understands that they’re attempting to “send up” the current stereotypes of Silverlake. The problem isn’t the tired cliche’s associated with the neighborhood: skinny jeans! hipsters! “ironic” mustaches! (whatever that means) It’s that it’s such a banal premise for a show that, aside from dropping local restaurants in the synopsis, could take place anywhere. If you’re setting a show in one of the only interesting neighborhoods in LA, why would you want to create something so rote?

    Who knows, could all fun and all the negativity towards the show could be un-founded.

  44. YES, the IDEA and irreverent name of “fundsquashing” IS funny; not unlike something from the mind of Larry David.

    sorry, but negativity CAN be funny.

    the trite concept for this show is not inherently funny nor worth my investment.

  45. Finally a topic upon which nearly everybody on the Eastsider Blog can agree (other than those directly invested in the “project”) all the ideas behind this “pilot” are lame.

    I agree that Silver Lake is a beautiful, interesting, neighborhood, but none of the fascinating mix of qualities are present here. How is this not just a lamer version of “Friends” set in a different Coast and up-dated era? In fact, it could be a lame episode of “Friends” set in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan. Like somebody else wrote above, nothing except the reference to Conquistador and Tantra says “Silver Lake” to me. And, nothing says “Aahhhh, Silver Lake!”

  46. I never watch TV, so I wouldn’t care about it . But isn’t 90026 Echo Park?

  47. SireneB, the 90026 actually runs west all the way to Hyperion, so it’s both Echo Park and a large section of Silver Lake.

  48. Conjured up a memory of a 2005 drama serial set in Silverlake…..which flopped. Remember Sex, Love and Secrets? Denise Richards as a 90026 resident?! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0460674/

  49. TV shows put an end to Melrose in the 80”s, Venice Beach in the 60’s, as neighborhoods with authentic atmosphere.

    Even though Silver Lake isn’t as dynamic as it was 10 years ago; A Sitcom about this neighborhood may definitely mark an end to that kind of independent energy.

    Besides, i’ve seen many more mustache touting hordes roaming the sidewalks of Eagle Rock and Downtown Long Beach than I see i’ve seen here in 90026 anywho.

  50. The plot sounds terrible for a show in any neighborhood with any type of person acting it out.

  51. “prizes for the “hippest hipster.”

    oi vey!

  52. I think they meant to say “lamest hipster.” Oops, redundant.

  53. this would make a better unwatchable youtube series, imho

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