Daily Archives: July 9, 2011

Mad about McCourt

Chanting “McCourt Must Go!,”  protesters organized by Save the Dodgers gathered a block away from the stadium this afternoon as they derided team owner Frank McCourt and tried to gain the attention and support of baseball fans headed to today’s game. The rally held at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Elysian Park Avenue attracted a relatively small but spirited ... Read More »

Echo Park film fans blown away by Southern weather

The South might be renowned for its hospitality but its unpredictable weather can be less than welcoming. That’s what the members of the Echo Park Film Center learned earlier this week while on a tour of the Southern U.S. After leaving New Orleans,  the crew pulled the Echo Park Filmmobile –  equipped with everything needed for impromptu film showings – ... Read More »

Eastside Mix: Square dance the night away in Highland Park

By Alfred Montez If you are in the mood to hear some old-time bluegrass and have a foot-stomping Saturday night, check out tonight’s  Summer Square Dance at American Legion Hall post # 206 in Highland Park. Triple Chicken Foot will be kicking it off for the group Bee’s Knees, led by caller Susan Michaels, who will direct the square dance and keeps ... Read More »