Gang unit back on duty at Northeast Division

Northeast Division/Facebook

The LAPD Northeast Division has redeployed its gang unit with a new crew of officers.  The Gang Impact Team at Northeast was disbanded last March after many of the officers refused to fill out and sign a financial disclosure statement. After the team was disbanded, the Northeast Division, which patrols an area that includes Echo Park and Silver Lake as well as Eagle Rock and Highland Park, relied on former gang officers to deal with gang-related crime, according to Capt. Bill Murphy.

The newly organized unit headed Lt. Ed Prokop consists of two sergeants and 14 officers, the Northeast Division announced late last month on its Facebook page. All the new members of the gang unit, which requires its members to have at least three years of patrol experience, have signed the financial disclosure form, Murhpy said.  About half of the gang unit officers come from other divisions or areas.

We “will be very effective in combating gang related crime,” Murphy said in an email. “We are still number one in the City in violent crime reduction.”

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  1. Thumbs up! Get those bald headed idiots out! Everyone is tired of all the bs

  2. I don’t exactly understand why officers would not want to sign the financial disclosure statement? I do not understand the statement completely, but it seems as though it is a measure taken into effect to ensure that officers heading a gang unit team remain honest in their field. Gang units usually head drug rings and dirty money can buy off dirty police officers correct? am I wrong in understanding that the financial disclosure statement in some way ensures that surprise large dollar amounts are not coming into the asset ratio of officers???…..and if so, then I am truly sickened over the fact that a friend Michael David had to die, being shot in the streets, who was not a gang member at all, just a victim in the wrong place at the wrong time confronted by the wrong people… that maybe would that street he got shot in the back running a block down been patrolled by a division who ordinarily had patrolled the area just 2 months prior, maybe our friend and father of 2 might just possibly still be here today….thank you to the new officers honestly and willingly able to put the job at hand first, to protect and serve…..maybe it will save others…….but still very saddened

  3. Way to stereotype Phil.

  4. Their reason for not signing the declaration, was, I believe, that they felt the whole department should sign the same declaration, or no-one should sign. Why choose the Gang Unit only?

  5. Was the Rampart gang unit ever disbanded, or did they all disclose their income?

  6. the Rampart scandal was a long time ago. I believe that all gang units are required to disclose income.

  7. Bring on the Rookies!

  8. More than half of the northeast gang officers have barely 3 years and have no experience in northeast gangs or the streets alone in norheast. Lt prokop ran the rampart gang unit and left them high and dry after promising promotions. Now he is at northeast promising things that he cannot give. As for linda, sorry about ur loss. But your friend was killed in rampart division, were they had a gang unit in effect. Northeast has still kept gang crime to it’s lowest with no gang unit. The gang officers defected on 1-1-11 not march.

  9. B. E., Rampart’s anti-gang unit never disbanded, and was almost fully staffed throughout the last several years. There was some movement, which is consistent with movement throughout specialized details, and the financial disclosure, to those officers remaining or entering, did not seem to be an issue.

    As for financial disclosure, the two main sticking points that I understood were what threshold constituted the appearance of impropriety, and the security of the information. It was not made clear what would trigger a further investigation of an officer’s finances. Was it a sudden increase in accounts? If so, how much? And what was the proposed remedy?

    Regarding document security, officers were concerned that their financial records could be made public to defendants and their attorneys. Defense attorneys regularly make legally permitted motions to reveal aspects of officers’ employee records. The concern was that bank account numbers and similar information would end up in the hands of defendants. To my knowledge, financial disclosure has not become an issue during these motions as of yet. If it has, and a reader knows of it, I will stand corrected.

    I will give Chief Beck credit. He voluntarily completed the same financial disclosure forms the gang and narcotics officers were asked to sign. He has it at his office, and invited officers during business hours to stop by, and he or his staff will allow it to be reviewed.

    Regarding Lieutenant Prokop, I’ve known him for a while, and what Jesus is here describes is inconsistent with what I’ve experienced. However, the gang unit is in a different chain of command, so I do not know everything that goes on with them. How about we give him a chance, with a clean slate. He’s an extremely intelligent leader and manager, with a military background and a varied administrative and operational history with the Department. Yes, the officers are young, but they are young everywhere.

    (213) 484-3400

  10. What bald headed idiots are you referring to, Phil? Please elaborate.

  11. The new officers that are working NOE gangs might not know the gangs in the area but they have partners that do. Not only that but some of the officers that work the gang unit have a lot of knowledge because of where they came from, where they worked and where they lived making them eager and smart in what they are looking for. Some of the officers that are against the disclosure think that they are the only ones that know what to do but when they started in gangs they also started with just a little knowledge of the area and gangs in NOE, making them no different.

  12. In the words of Kanye West, “Screams from the haters got a nice ring to it, I guess every super hero needs his theme music.” Thank you to the new gang unit at Northeast, I realize and appreciate that sometimes in order to do right you have to walk the path many are least willing to walk including your own kind. Thank you! Cheers!

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