One last look at the Lotus Festival and Echo Park Lake

Photo by Martin Cox

Today will be your last chance to stop by the two-day long Echo Park Lake Lotus Festival before it goes on hiatus. There are no dragon boat races,  fireworks or even lotus at the downsized festival. But it will be for many the last opportunity to attend the festival and walk around Echo Park Lake before the entire park is shut down for at least two years for a major clean up. Once the Lotus Festival booths and stages are hauled away,  a crew of workers is scheduled to arrive later this week to begin the job fencing off the park and preparing work for the $64 million project, according to a spokeswoman for the city’s Public Works Department. Contractor Ford E.C. has been selected to work on the clean up. which includes the draining of the lake. Once the lake is refilled and the park reopened, there is a promise that lotus will once again bloom in time for the next Lotus Festival. Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. Very downsized. There was plenty of parking on Glendale Blvd across from the park mid-afternoon on Saturday! Can’t remember ever seeing that during a Lotus Festival….

  2. I attended the Lotus Festival at Echo Park for the first time yesterday … but I have been to many festivals in the past in many parks in LA and Orange County. I relative of mine was a performer at the stage in the afternoon. Supposed to go on stage at 2PM … but due to the poor planning and lack of respect for the performers in general, her stage time was at 3:30. Not just that, the performance was forced to be cut short because the previous performers took way too much time and forced the schedule way behind. Lots of time and effort was put forward by many of the groups performing in the festival. To have the efforts crushed by what seems to be the non-professionalism and poor planning of the festival organizers in charge is an outright disgrace. I sure hope the future of the Lotus Festival is in the hands of more responsible people … people who understand and respect the efforts of members of the community as well as those who traveled from other countries to participate in this festival.

  3. I spoke with a park director and he said the park will be fenced on Monday and the lake drained. The birds will fly away and the rest will be trapped and moved by a “contruction company.” There are a lot of baby ducks who won’t be flying OR easy to trap. The question is, who’s supervising the movement of the birds?

  4. RK,

    This person was misinformed. You should plan on attending the information meeting on wed July 20 at St Pauls Cathedral, 6pm to ask questions. The lake will be fenced, but draining will not commence for some time. Migratory birds will leave, and the remaining domestics will be allowed to stay in the wade pools created for them in the fenced area, or moved as needed to other lakes or sanctuaries, as was “Maria” the famous Gander.


  5. I hope RK is correct. I was told a private turtle/tortoise society will take the turtles. I don’t think they are as organized or planned as RK presents. There was never a mention in any of their original meetings as to provisions for the animals. Only Maria seems to have been provided for and this is tragic.

  6. cp007, you’re correct. it kills me that they’re fencing it now, and work won’t start until spring of 2012!!!! what they hey???

  7. ReadingAllTheTime

    I hope the Lotus Festival will be in more competent hands when it returns. All the organizing–the vendors, staging, etc–felt rote and pro-forma, not done thoughtfully or with excitement and love.

  8. jakey,
    Work will start as soon as the fencing goes up. There are plenty of things that they’ll do before they start on draining the lake.
    cp has listed the meeting to attend to get all the info, and enable the public to ask questions.

  9. this is sad. must wash down emotions with an ice cold PBR and vegan food from CRU.

  10. i grew up in Echo Park in the 90’s. if that’s a historical park. why in the hell are they going to remodel it? you dount change nothing about a historical place. leave echo park the way it is. just give a complete clean up. i mean to get me wrong it does need face lift. but don’t give it cosmetic surgery. everything there should stay the same as far as the landscape and the bridge. DON’T CHANGE IT. JUST EXTREME CLEAN IT!

  11. PBR & vegan food? Now that explains all of the weird barf that I see on EP’s sidewalks. hehehe!

  12. It would be nice if the festival were moved to a temporary location for this year – maybe the Cornfields, or Alondra Park, where the Ho’olaulea fest happens the week after.

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