Echo Park Lake bird bath gets its first customer

Photos by Martin Cox

One of Echo Park Lake’s domestic geese wasted no time to test the small amount of water that began flowing into one of the temporary ponds that will be created during the $64 million clean up and draining of Echo Park Lake.  The ponds will provide water for permanent and migratory birds once the lake is drained. Photographer Martin Cox* snapped the above photo on Wednesday afternoon as a domestic goose waded in the new pool located on the northeast corner off park. Said Cox:

They [construction workers] laid out the sandbag edges a few days ago, and today put down that grey liner down and began filling it. The first bird waded in about 4pm for a quick dip.

More pools will be built near the boathouse and on the island.

* Cox is an Eastsider advertiser


  1. I was wondering if there was any real plan for the wildlife that lives there beside relocating the fish? Good show chaps.

  2. I was wondering if there were any real plans to start working. I live across the sreet and NOTHING is happening! Two years? Try four.

  3. I know that goose. I am glad he/she was the first to take the dip.

  4. Thats my favorite goose at the lake!!! So cute that he was the 1st to test this out!!

  5. if any of you would have gone to the meetings you would have gotten answers to your lucrative and retorical questions about the same thing. there is no plan for the wildlife the fish will just die and the rest sent to be washed out to the ocean. small mided people never seem to amaze me how they never see the larger picture and the impact to both human and wildlife… oh the goose this and the bird that… come on do you think they want to spend there 65million on stupid crap like relocateing animals… I AM NOT SURPRISED the pond is so shallow that they can walk on it still!!! I mean hello water evaporates, oh wait but im not the one with a common sense degree.

  6. Angel, judging from your writing skills (or lack thereof), you don’t appear to have a “common-sense degree” – or any other type of degree. By the way, what’s a “lucrative” question? I’d like to ask some of those; I’m a bit low on funds this month.

  7. how the fuck can you tell which goose that is?

    james, lets go into lucrative questioning together. we can more than double our income.

  8. I’m a goose

  9. My oh my you posters are hilarious!

  10. 64 Million dollars

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