Storefront Report: Echo Park’s Pescado Mojado goes belly up

One of Echo Park’s longtime Mexican restaurants, Pescado Mojado, has closed its doors after losing its lease.  Workers this morning were demolishing the interior of the storefront at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Logan Street, where in 1984 Humberto Galvez, the founder of the El Pollo Loco chain, opened the first of what he envisioned as a chain of restaurants serving brochetas and Mexican-style grilled seafood and meats, according to an L.A. Times story.  A Pescado Mojado at 610 S. Rampart in the MacArthur Park area and a second outlet  in Santa Fe Springs remain open.

Galvez opened Pescado Mojado as the rebuilding of the former Pioneer market (now home to Walgreens) across the street and other new businesses signaled a revival of Echo Park’s main shopping district. Galvez expressed his optimism to the  Times in a January 1985 story:

“I think that, if am not going to make it here in Echo Park, forget it. I wouldn’t make it anyplace else,” said Galvez. “This area has a lot of potential.”

Galvez said the landlord was seeking a rent increase that he could not afford. He was trying to negotiate a deal to remodel and update the building and restaurant with a new oyster bar and other amenities. But he said those negotiations went nowhere and the landlord did not renew the lease.  Galvez said he would like to reopen a new Pescado Mojado near the former Echo Park site but so far has found no suitable locations.  “We are still looking.”


  1. I’m sad that I ‘m going to need a new place to get a caldo de camaron for “la cruda”.

  2. Yeah me too. I wonder what’s going In?

  3. sad, this place was great and had awesome specials. couple of quirks though, from inside the atmosphere was dark and kinda weird. the windows were oddly tinted. it was also pretty expensive considering the fare.

    wonder if the landlord raised rates, or if revenue was just not coming in like it used to…

  4. Good knowing ya Pescado Mojado.

  5. Bets on the next to go? My money’s on Happy Tom’s.

  6. Thank you Jesus for the quick response!

  7. The rent it’s too damn high!

  8. @ryan I highly doubt happy toms is nexts to go. They have the same owners as rodeo. Both places do very well.

  9. @ Ben – that makes me laugh every time it’s referenced. Thx….needed it today 😉

  10. No more ceviche, so sad 🙁

  11. i'm no expert but

    it seems to me that in a bad economy a landlord would be happy to have a reliable tenant, rather than grubbing for more money. be interesting to see how long it sits vacant now.

  12. That Means That mural on the side is going away also? That Quincianera picture, i guess it’s time to take a picture of it, before they paint over it.

  13. Anything that is not too high priced for the mid or lower end consumer will be getting run out of Echo Park now.

    Merchants and residents wanted it. Now they were renters will be the victims. As they say: Be careful what you wish for.

  14. That place sucked so bad, worst ceviche I’ve ever had in my life. If they served good, authentic, quality mariscos, people would have payed more money for them and they wouldn’t have lost their lease. Way better places in nearby East LA.

  15. I’m doing my best to summon up some empathy for the guy who created el pollo loco, one of the worst eyesores (and sh*ttiest food) in all of LA….

  16. Gotta keep the mural; it’s Echo Park history & needs to stay!

  17. Dang, that place has been around forever. In retrospect, it wasn’t very delicious but it did the job. Still sad to see a long time establishment go.

  18. This place went downhill, the food wasn’t very good and the prices stunk. Siete Mares does better everything for less money and is consistently slammed with people. If somebody were to try and do this kind of thing right in Echo Park it would absolutely succeed.

  19. @doomthatbum:

    pescado mojado was there since the 80’s… like pescado mojado, unless rodeo owns the property they are going to be subject to a more expensive market when their lease expires.

    who’s to say when it will go, but happy tom’s won’t live there forever.

  20. So sad so see Pescado Mojado go! This place was Echo Park for me.

  21. YES! I’ve been waiting for this to happen. That place was gross and an eye sore…excited to see what will go in that spot!!

  22. Pescado Mojado Fan

    Great place, sad to see it go. They served some great ceviche, i do believe the Pescado Mojado in Santa Fe Springs is still open though!

  23. Don’t despair! They are not too far! Their other location is at 610 S. Rampart. I hear they are looking for a new location on Sunset Blvd. The only reason they closed was because of the greedy and stupid property owners. Change is good and I know they will come back with a new and improved look and menu! Those of you who say their food was too expensive….you must be people who are used to eating from the McDonald’s dollar menu. No way can you get such a healthy seafood meal at their prices anywhere else! You’re better off sticking to your greasy fattening fast food and keep your comments to yourself. I’ll take Pescado Mojado any day!!!

  24. Hello everyone!

    For all of you in the Echo Park area we are now delivering to YOU! Go to PESCADOMOJADO.NET and it will take you to the order link eat24.com
    See you all soon back in Echo Park/Silver Lake!


  25. My Father Humberto Galvez Jr assume Operations as Active Owner of Pescado Mojato since his inheritance of the Title his efforts to build a legacy have shown failure I am the son of this clear and evident failure and on behalf of the Galvez Family I send my apologies for the lack of good judgement and no more then excuses from the current owner Humberto Galvez Jr.

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