Shots fired near Highland Park burger stand

Police said there were no reports of injuries from a Friday night shooting  near Classic  Burger on York Boulevard and Figueroa Street. A man named Chris who was driving on York Boulevard reported hearing four gun shots shortly before 11 p.m.:

I saw a bunch of teenagers fleeing the Classic Burger parking lot, and a red sedan sped out of the lot and into the parking lot of the shopping center with the 99 Cent Store.  A yellow truck chased it.  I couldn’t get a very good look because they were going so fast, but I could tell both drivers were male Latinos.  Anyway, I kept going towards Avenue 64, and shortly after I lost sight of the two cars, I heard more gunshots, too many to count, and from two different guns.

Sgt. Sanford Rosenberg at the Northeast Division said the department received multiple calls about the shooting.  But, as of this morning, he was not aware of any injuries related to the incident.

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  1. Has anyone ever seen that japanese movie Battle Royal? Instead of jail, we should just get all these “thugs” and put them on an island with tons of guns/weapons with a neck brace that will explode if they try to leave , and let them brawl out. The one who makes it out in the end then gets sent to jail to tell everyone else in jail how horrible of an experience it was and how he will never shoot or kill anyone ever again, then when all the inmates get out of jail they’ll say “I ain’t wanna goto no island” and will respect the community for once. Or you know what, send them to a third world country where their tags and gang signs mean nothing

  2. That’s the best idea I’ve heard all week!

  3. I live close by here and my fiance was passing by when this shooting occured. We’ve lived in the area for more than 10 yrs. and lately violence has been escalating that it ain’t safe to even hang out on your front porch. With Three bars opened up down York Blvd weekends is worse with drunks.

  4. “Or you know what, send them to a third world country where their tags and gang signs mean nothing”
    @ battleroyal. They’re already in a third world neighborhood, third world city in a nearing third world status nation. All this childish gangster play seems to mean an awful lot.

  5. @no where is safe.. It’s highland park, what u expect. Plus shooting and crimes are down compare to 3-4 even ten years ago!

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