Storefront Report: Señor Fish takes a dive into Echo Park restaurant scene*

The closure of one Echo Park Mexican seafood restaurant, Pescado Mojado, has opened up the door for the arrival of another: Señor Fish. The fish taco and Mexican food restaurant chain expects to open the Echo Park outlet at  Sunset Boulevard and Logan Street within three months, said Señor Fish co-founder Enrique Ramirez In addition, Ramirez plans to eventually expand into the adjacent Santa Fe Tortilleria and open a bar and outdoor dining area.  However, Ramirez said he must first apply and secure necessary liquor and city permits.

Ramirez and his sister Alicia opened the first Señor Fish in 1988 on Figueroa Street. That stand closed but the family opened outlets in other communities, including Eagle Rock, downtown Los Angeles and Duarte. The Echo Park restaurant would be the chain’s seventh location.

The interior of the Echo Park restaurant has been gutted, and Ramirez said he plans to raise the ceiling, polish the concrete floors and possibly install windows that open to the outside. The menu will include some relatively new items – such as chile relleno, turkey burgers, and agua frescas – that can be found in the downtown restaurant, Ramirez said.

 * Correction: A previous version of this post said the name of the co-founder of Señor Fish was Enrique Martinez. That’s wrong.  His last name is Ramirez


  1. come on man, this is awesome!

  2. Fantastic but I hope the tortilleria will not close?

  3. YES! This is far and away the best restaurant chain in LA.

  4. Great restaurant. And a great choice for that location and this neighborhood. And, certainly hope that tortilleria does not close. Those are some of the best (if not the best) tortillerias to be found west of the LA River.

  5. I meant to write tortillas — those are some of the best tortillas west of the LA River.

  6. Senor Fish + bar and outdoor patio dining + this busy corner = success.

  7. Wow, thats a pretty good move in. Sucks for the tortilla spot though.

  8. Awesome, can’t wait!

  9. Fantastic!

  10. We love that we were your first location but we sure wish you’d circle back to your origins and put location #8 somewhere in Highland Park — Figueroa or York eh? In the meantime, I’ll continue to travel when I have to have my fix for fish tacos or grilled mahi mahi. Now I get to head in yet another direction. Can’t wait!

  11. dear echo park

    please stop opening cool eating spots. my bank account is not happy.

    = )

  12. ps – yes, yes, yes to windows opening to the outside. make it happen.

  13. First Mohawk bend now this… Welcome the death of echo park. Miss the days of possibly being shot/stabbed by trannies at the gold room, rain falling through the ceilings of the little joy… Real Mexican food restaurants without douche whities everywhere… All good things come to an end

  14. @Great, you’re joking, right?

  15. This guy is a freaking genius for opening up a bar on that corner … can you say major $$$$$ ? Now if only they can fix El 7 mares , and give it a cool look then id be sooo happy ..

  16. Señor Fish uses fresh ingredients and has a fabulous menu! A great (non vegan) addition to Sunset! Can’t wait!!! I second the idea of adding more windows.

  17. they are going to make so much money in that spot it will be rediculous. . . easy parking too.

  18. I talked to the store manager of Sante Fe Tortilleria, and he said the land lord kicked out Pascado Majado, and are their doing the same to the tortillia. I love that place! He said the factory will be operating elsewhere, but they are hoping to keep the store in Echo Park at another location, I suggested they do the farmers’ market circuit since Echo Park is getting too expensive….I hope Echo Park remains a good balance between trendy eateries and the local market/food stand. I like the long-time business next to the not-sure-if-its-out-my-price-range place, next to the martial arts class, next to the non-profit…etc. Look at Melrose, no one goes there, too much of one thing can be really awful.

  19. its funny how people who go to all the trendy spots forget that actual humans live in the neighborhood and don’t want to live in a 24hr bar/club. a balance is prefered. i like walking to the mexican market then the asian market, then jumbo discount, making dinner, then going to the gold room on a tuesday, but if everyday is full of a whole bunch of scensters I will be miserable.

  20. vdan said:

    ” if everyday is full of a whole bunch of scensters I will be miserable.”

    You sound like the kind of person who would pretty much be miserable every day, anyway.

  21. I am with vdan. I don’t want this neighborhood to become another Melrose. I like Senor Fish and I am glad it is coming in, but would love it if the Tortilleria could either stay or find another place in the neighborhood. Their product is better than anything you get at any super-market. I hope they find a suitable location nearby.

  22. Señor Fish is good but I will always be faithful to the OG Mexican joints like Rodeo, Barragans, Costa Alegre, and Happy Toms that I went to growing up in echo park. I wish That some other type of cuisine could have come in to that location. Echo park has enough Hispanic joints and needs some other options like Mediterranean or maybe Indian food.

  23. I would trade keeping the tortilleria for Sr Fish. and I LOVE Sr. Fish. Santa Fe is one of my favorite things about the neighborhood. Walking to get fresh tortillas is the best! Why can’t they coexist? For that matter, why aren’t those tortillas used by every taco joint in town? Why not sold at the grocery store instead of the ones from TEXAS!? Again, I LOVE Sr Fish but I believe we need the tortilleria more than a chain restaurant to keep things real here. Very very sad, very very angry at the landlord if this is true.

  24. What !?!?!?! Are you serious !! I love it …

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