Eastside Property: Flippers try new color scheme on Echo Park duplex

Photo courtesy Silverwood Properties

The dumpster has been hauled away and the dust has settled after several months of work at an Echo Park duplex at 709 North Bonnie Brae Street.  The formerly pink building (before picture at right) is now a bright white with cobalt blue trim and some sections of horizontal siding – the sign of a flipper at work. The interior reveals dark wood floors and new kitchens and bathrooms that fit into the home’s 1922 character. The 1,768-square-foot property sold for $243,500, according to Redin. It’s now on the market for $560,000.  Is the new color scheme and renovations worth the price?

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  1. they did a nice job overall, but i could have done without the repainted clay tile shingles. with all the other work they did, it would have looked much less cheap to just replace them new.

    when they first began demo they removed a ton of material which looked like it had been fire damaged.

    hope to see all the blighted properties in this neighborhood clean up. the clinton st. stairs could use a facelift too.

  2. Ooh I’ve been drooling over this duplex since they spruced it up. Not a bad area even though it’s right smack dab in front of a street and a hellacious steep alley way. No bueno for kiddies on big wheels! I think it’s too much but someone will pay for it. I can only hope they are nice neighbors and not big fat prudes that refuse to say hello to any of us common folk.

  3. Nice transformation as I too have been watching this project wishing it was my address:) This hill wedged between Alvarado and EP Lake is awesome and has been quite a nice secret to long time residents and to new transplants that have ventured south of Sunset and 101. There are some really great structures tucked in this pocket and some that have been rehabbed nicely. My faves are the really narrow Spanish style structures. Some props have a great view of the Lake on the most eastern side but there are also some great views looking west for some lucky owners/renters. There seems to be a nice community brewing of long time folks coupled with new transplants. Nice job! …I hope to see more get rehabbed & that the new neighbors are great!

  4. Nicely done. I approve. I too used to get the calvins in a wad about flippers but not so much any more. At this point in my life, I want move in, not that I can afford it in Los Angeles–which to me means that life must be elsewhere, though I haven’t quite figured out where elsewhere is.

  5. Someone – an editor, please? – needs to proofread your articles. It’s hard to take the work seriously when it has more errors than a high school student’s essays.

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