Glassell Park McDonald’s gets a Starbucks-style makeover

Imagine if Ronald McDonald developed a taste for lattes and started reading Dwell magazine for home improvement ideas.  The result might mirror the newly remodeled and expanded Glassell Park McDonald’s at the corner of San Fernando Road and Fletcher Drive.  A muted color scheme – browns, almonds, tans – has replaced yellow and red. The  plastic seats and benches have been swapped out for banquettes upholstered in simulated leather and chairs covered in a surface that resembles dark wood.  A flat screen TV sits above a stark, white bar with stools trimmed in stainless steel.  A cluster of  semi-circular banquettes are illuminated by large, drum-like lanterns (how did these get so  popular?) hanging over head.  Words like “tender,” “mouth-watering,” and “love”  are repeated on posters that line the walls.

What’s going on here?  USA Today explains  that this is apparently part of  McDonald’s $1 billion effort to give its restaurants a more upscale look to compete with the Starbucks and Panera bakeries of the world.  But one industry told USA Today that the new interiors might turn off some customers:

“Flashy decor may not sit well with Middle America,” warns Scott Hume, editor of the restaurant industry blog BurgerBusiness. “The trick is to go techno without going Jetsons.”

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  1. mmmmm… tender, mouth-watering love!

  2. Hmmm. The saying “You can’t polish a turd” comes to mind.

  3. @rizzo. Who says that you can’t polish a turd. http://i30.tinypic.com/20pp51.jpg

  4. @ E. Hahaha. I stand corrected! 🙂

  5. Stare into the brown crystal ball for EP future. This is what the gentrifiers are doing to EP. Polishing up sh*t. Your always going to smell something. They clean up the place, and then they barf PBR & vegan food everywhere. I always see it near Lucy’s, 7/11, and at Mohawk Bend.

  6. Speed-slaughtered toxic cows = e-coli-laced ‘happy’ patty… Who the hell cares –if they swap out the plastic furniture for pseudo-real, made of plastic.
    Will they swap out the fat -sugar -salt -toxic flesh “value” causing disease -diabetes in multi-franchises crammed into low-income areas?
    Will they swap out corporate criminals -culture that market-target CHILDREN?
    Will they swap out toxic waste –prove they give a damn about Environment –for Zero Waste?
    Or just Keep On –swapping out dollars off the ill, broke for lobbyists to buy “less regulation” and more ‘special’ “job-creating” tax deals?

  7. Gee Poppy, you know they do have salads, grilled chicken and orange juice.

  8. the worst food in LA if you eat a burger at this place just eat a turd it will have more sabor and sustenance.

  9. I went there because my little one likes to go there because of the play area. Was surprised to see new decor. Could not find a place to sit in play area section. The tables in play area are all squished together. They made the play area very small. Definitely would not go back. I don’t even like Mcdonalds.

  10. “…you know they do have salads, grilled chicken and orange juice.”

    from “conventional”-grown farms, as in: produce laced with pesticide -herbicide, and newest: genetically modified/gmo; tomatoes picked green, gassed during COLD (which kills all the enzymes/no reason to eat) long-distance transport till they appear red; picked, packed by migrant family workers which, duh, includes children = child labor
    –oops, caught, press release: ‘oopsie, we sure wanted those veggies -tomatoes dirt cheap we didn’t know so sorry we didn’t know we treated the humans as dirt won’t do it again we promise.’
    just Exactly How do you imagine they can sell breaded or skinless chicken So cheap –when ANY retail store cannot offer RAW at any better than 300% more per lb?
    I’ll help: they buy from ‘clever’ poultry “farmers” –who cram so many chicks in a CAGE they cannot move –speed-fatten with hormones, drugs so they’re tasteless, then speed-slaughter –using migrant and illegal labor which they duh also abuse –physically and often financially, when the checks don’t, somehow, get into the mail –TaDa –what a deal.

    ‘Bonus’ “benefit”: girls are maturing at age Eight –from the hormones they’re consuming in animal flesh; Americans are resistant to anti-biotics –since flesh-eating Americans are already LOADED with drugs given to cows -pigs -chickens.

    Want to own your own business –work for Yourself some day?
    Why –WHY would Anybody go to a chain for a meal instead of to the Local independent cafe/diner? If you Already owned your own biz: YOU would be asking that –and you COULD find out source/quality of ingredients.

    People go to chains: because they were market-targeted as children to see speed-farmed speed-cooked garbage branded as a ‘treat.’ The trick: infertility –cancer in young adults –really pricey medical insurance.

    Did you know the US has highest cancer rates of anywhere, even Africans don’t get cancer, they ain’t got speed-grown -cooked “food.”

    –But really, Why WHY give money/vote to a giant corporation –empower them to grow ever-larger –use to ALTER farming -food -health -nutrition -environment laws, practices in the US, and now around the planet, and have giant say in depressing wages –and ‘special’ tax laws?

    –Or you thought that coffee they’re going after Starbucks with: organic and Fair Trade??
    Pop Quiz: You and CEO of giant chain call your Senator at the same time, which call does Senator take?

    The heirloom tomato –grown by Local farmer –picked only hours before offered: will taste ab fab, give you/children/farmer good health… toxic-laced dead food shipped 1,500 miles won’t. Not complicated.
    You can find nearby farmer’s markets –and good/non-plastic things to eat -do:
    Silver Lake daVine

    Bon appetite

  11. A key tip to make sure at least one person reads your rant: be concise.

  12. This McDonald’s now looks like Sh*t from the street, no windows in front, barely any windows at all.
    I am so glad we fought McDee’s coming in at 3901 Eagle Rock Boulevard.
    If this is what they think of our community, so be it.

    It’s a BUTT-UGLY facade and it caters to drive through………..

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