More housing in the works for Echo Park’s Glendale Corridor

There are probably not many people in Echo Park who would want to call Glendale Boulevard near the 2 Freeway home.  The  corridor, once home to several silent film studios, is either choked with traffic or speeding cars zooming off the 2 Freeway.  The narrow sidewalks are often clogged with broken glass and litter, and tagging and the homeless are a common sight. But some developers are property owners are betting that will change in the years ahead.

A proposal to turn the southeast corner of Glendale Boulevard and Clifford Street – now the site of small industrial buildings and empty lots –  into the site for 18 homes under the city’s small-lot ordinance has recently been filed with the city’s Planning Department. The Eastsider has contacted a representative for the proposal to get more details about the project.

The 18-home site sits across the street from where Mountain Real Estate Capital in partnership with developer Harridge Development Group purchased more than two acres of property in July. The owners are entitled to build up to 67 homes on the norther end of the property near the 2 Freeway exit.

This stretch of Glendale Boulevard  will be the target of a neighborhood clean up in November.


  1. @Planning Lady – if you’re listening…who can we contact at LA Planning to put in two cents on requiring adequate parking for the residents of these proposed developments? Or in a perfect world, they read the Eastsider and have started cracking down on one space per unit 🙂

  2. Where you at, Planning Lady?

  3. OR we could encourage the density of Echo Park (16,000+ ppl/sq mile) and encourage these developments to limit the amount of parking spaces they build. That way, people would be encouraged to walk/bike places, thus decreasing traffic in the area and increasing pedestrian traffic. With more people on the sidewalks, they are likely to get cleaned more often and feel safer. Hopefully we, as EP residents, can encourage a sidewalk widening. The freeway that is glendale blvd cuts our neighborhood in half, and instead of being a friendly commercial corridor, it really is just a freeway.

  4. I believe the small lot subdivision ordinance calls for the typical 2 spaces/unit.

  5. ALL these small lot subdivisions are BAD, BAD planning. These places are just 3 or 4 story tall trailers — and don’t belong in a regular residential area, should be relegated to their own “trailer” parks just like any trailer.

    They are very small square footage, way too narrow, and ugly as hell accordingly. And they do NOT promote longterm ownership or a neighborhood, instead promote only someone passing through who could care less about the area. Everything about them is cheap, except of course, the price for what you get.
    Let them be relegated to their own trailer park areas.

  6. yikes – that’s right at the heart of death trap alley as some of my friends and I refer to that section. Hope Glendale blvd has been fixed by then – as it is now, it’s literally a dividing line for me as a bicyclists and pedestrian. I’m way to scared to cross either ways (heading to Silverlake the merge ramp scares the crap out of me as ped and cyclist) and coming back to EP is just insane to try to bicycle and merge with 2 traffic.

    I agree – I can only hope as more people live on Glendale Blvd the street gets a total makeover to be more livable. Just got back from walking to my PO box at edendale post office – I swear everytime I go there I feel like I’m on the most dangerous street in the City (that is for anyone not in a car).

  7. Why do I sense another ugly condo-esque piece of crap going up similar to the Ecco and that eyesore at 4111 Sunset. I’m all about bringing life to a neighborhood, but the yuppie lofts are out of control!!
    And if you’re going to live in that neighborhood, you’re stupid to have a car. You’re in waking distance to everything. Maybe you can lease out your new Fiat or Mini or Lexus Hybrid to someone is West L.A.

  8. “And if you’re going to live in that neighborhood, you’re stupid to have a car. You’re in waking distance to everything. ”

    Kind of a bold statement, no? One of the great thing about Echo Park IS the walkability… but not all of us work in the neighborhood, too.

    I know I’d have a pretty rough time with the 25 mile walk to my office. 😉

  9. We really need some speed limit enforcement and traffic calming (besides the congestion) on Glendale Boulevard, all the way from the 2 freeway to the 101 freeway, at the very least. Now that the lake is closed and more pedestrians are forced into using Glendale, it’s more apparent than ever that very few drivers are even close to obeying the speed limit on this street.

  10. Hi Folks,
    Sorry for the slow reply, been working out of town. Here’s the ordinance below:

    Mostly parking requirements are 2 per unit unless less than 3 habitable rooms.

    Contact for this project. let me get back to you. In general it’s a clerk until a ZA is assigned to the file. To date, no one is assigned. Nor is there a hearing date.



  11. guess I’m in the minority here. i’m fine with people living there. it’s a freaking wasteland up there; nothing but a bunch of empty trash strewn lots and gang graffiti. not only is it nasty, but it’s a waste of space. Glendale Blvd. is a nightmare for sure, but it’s going to be a mess with or without some housing in that location; can’t be avoided with 2 main streets joining at a freeway entrance. I personally would never want to live there, but someone will. Who am I to deny someone the right to pursue their dream of echo park living with a freeway view?

  12. @Mark – Thanks Mark. I appreciate that at least one person can recognize not everyone gets the luxury of working where they live. I’m right there with you on commute, yet I’m happier calling Echo Park (not Buena Park) my home. As well, less locals with cars won’t necessarily lessen traffic since most of us know the 2 commuters are just passing through.

    @Planning Lady – Thank you!!

    @Everyone else – Caltrans had quite a few plans in the works for modifying that area where the 2 meets Glendale. I hope they can move forward on that before the residential developments change things. As it stands, I can hardly imagine driveways exiting to Glendale on either side of the proposed locations.

  13. I “heart” Planning Lady 😉

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