Sorry, Silver Lake, no Whole Foods for you

Silver Lake residents will have to move to either Tucson, Arizona or Kailua, Hawaii if they want to live near a new Whole Foods market. The supermarket chain today denied reports that it will be opening a Silver Lake area store in the  former Circuit City outlet on Sunset Boulevard.  Talk and reports of a new Silver Lake store began appearing on Monday after a “Coming Soon” Whole Foods banner was hung on a chain link fence outside the former electronics store. Turns out that banner was a prank.  In response to a story in LAist, Whole Foods said it plans to open several new stores but “none in L.A.’s Silver Lake neighborhood as of right now.”


  1. Awwww, well you guys still have the store in Glendale to deposit your whole paycheck!

  2. While this sucks, picturing hipsters dropping to their knees and letting out wild cries of sorrow is hilarious.

  3. We dont need a Whole Foods, make it into a COMMUNITY CENTER (YMCA, Boys and Girls Club or something to that effect). While we can only think about places to spend our money how about a place that would really enrich our neighborhoods. Lets get these kids off the street.

  4. Oh El Dandy, such a tired comment…..

  5. Thanks for getting the story behind the story Eastsider – you rock!

  6. @Atwater Village Newbie– it’s Nick Thune, supposedly.

  7. Gotcha SUCKERS! Let the hipster whining begin!!!!!!!!

  8. See?

    Even Whole Foods hate hipsters!

  9. You know that scene with De Niro in the Cape Fear remake? You know, the laughing scene in the theatre?

    Well, that’s me.

    Laughing in mad glee at all the hipster loser sheep who got their toes curled at the thought of a Whole Foods coming to Sunset and then realized they were duped like dopes by a Snake Oil salesman.



  10. Wow. Hipster hating has reached a new apex when folks would rather have a big empty out-of-business chain store sit there than (gasp! the hipster horror!) a supermarket. Weirdos.

  11. Are you folks still using that “hipster” word? Yawning……

  12. Who’s the prankster? My money’s on Michael McKinley.

  13. I gotta agree with eep.

    hahahaha jokes on us now it still sits empty.

  14. @eep

    And only a hipster dolt would miss the entire point of any of this. Do you really think any of the hipster sheep would have been lighting up the interwebz if someone had posted a sign saying “Ralphs” or “Super A” coming soon?

    It’s because it’s a Whole Foods that Hipster sheep took an interest. It’s all about branding, junior.

    Poor Hipster. Blind and uniformed, wallowing in your PBR, Kogi tacos and cuties induced crapulence.

  15. ha! nice one….

  16. Will- So that is were all the Sunset Junction money went- buying fake banners.

  17. On the Eastcoast, 50 people shot in NY. On the Westcoast, people crying because there will be no Whole Foods in Silverlake or a Fresh & Easy in EP. Boo hoo! Then we have the hipster hater named DJ Bento Box, who gives himself a hipster name. By the way DJ BB, its PBR & vegan food. I saw the barf yesterday at Lucy’s, accross from Mohawk Bend. I miss Pioneer Market, and greasy Pioneer Chicken. I will have to drive to Soto St. for my chicken fix, and I will go to a crappy market, because Pioneer Market in Mariposa, CA. is too far. I did see it on vacation though, and then I found their info online. It has the same old logo, and it was nice to see them still in business. I wonder who owns it now though?

  18. I have it on good authority that the
    old Circuit City site will soon house
    a giant conveyor belt, which will
    allow customers to purchase in one store pass through:
    full sleeve arm tattoos, skinny jeans, neon colored
    sunglasses, Banksy T-shirts, organic craft beers and
    overpriced food truck food.
    Silver Lakians Rejoice!

  19. “Do you really think any of the hipster sheep would have been lighting up the interwebz if someone had posted a sign saying “Ralphs” or “Super A” coming soon?

    It’s because it’s a Whole Foods that Hipster sheep took an interest. It’s all about branding, junior.”

    Really, it’s ALL about branding? Believe it or not, Whole Foods, Super A, and Ralph’s actually sell different products from each other.

  20. Marvin the Venusian

    People who are saying this is hilarious have questionable senses of humor.


    Weak is the word.

  21. Bento box is an idiot
    “And only a hipster dolt would miss the entire point of any of this. Do you really think any of the hipster sheep would have been lighting up the interwebz if someone had posted a sign saying “Ralphs” or “Super A” coming soon?
    It’s because it’s a Whole Foods that Hipster sheep took an interest. It’s all about branding, junior.”

    “Really, it’s ALL about branding? Believe it or not, Whole Foods, Super A, and Ralph’s actually sell different products from each other.”

    “Poor Hipster. Blind and uniformed”


  22. I think none of the cool kids wanted to play with DJ Bento Box. Time to let it go man.

  23. Eep is right on the money. I own propert right around there. I already have to deal with the high school riff-raff that pig-out on McDonalds’ food and leave there trash all over the neighborhood. Then, a Del Taco went up down the street. This is not the gentrification I need! I can only pray that the giant Circut City is converted into something like a Whole Foods. I want money, class, and hipsters in my hood. Not trash spewing degenerate high school kids and fat adults with a fast-food jones.

  24. My money is on this being a prank by the Cacophony Society.

  25. Please forgive my spelling errors above. I’m on my iPhone, hopped up on iced Americanos at Intelligentsia sweating in my skinny jeans.

  26. Damn! I really wish they would so the TJ’s would become less crowded.

  27. What is this about “hipsters” (a word that has lost pretty much all meaning) being whole foods’ target clientele? Have any of you ever actually been inside? It’s usually rich young moms. So is that what the h word means now?? I am so confused.

    Anyway, I think Whole Foods enthusiasm is less about brand loyalty and more about the fact that they have a dazzling and unparalleled array of upscale food for rich people to feast upon. Can’t think of anything similar except Gelson’s.

  28. @E

    You my friend, are Crescent Fresh.

  29. @B.E.

    I’m going to try and answer what I assume you’re trying to say, because you’re really not making sense.

    What I meant by “branding” is the idea that your average hipster loser is much more interested in a specific brand (i.e. Trader Joe’s, Tesco Fresh & Easy, etc…) than a supermarket in general. Most hipster trash could care less what actually goes in that long empty space EXCEPT for when it contains a brand that they deem acceptable. Something well within their “cool” or “hip” range. And that’s why the people who perpetuated this hoax made sure to notate a “brand” that would get the fuzzy, lemming-like minds of the hipster trash buzzing and get the attention and word-of-mouth they sought.

    Again…. do you really think the hipster dolts would have taken to the interwebz had the sign noted that a Ralph’s or Super A were “coming soon”?

    The person or people who did this are quite aware of their intended audience and played them accordingly.

    And as far as the last statement, about the stores selling different products? What are you talking about? A totally convoluted hipster brain unable of coherent thought except for what bar they’re going to tonight or how my iPhone can find out where the Grilled Cheese truck is going to be.

  30. @Alexis Montague

    Hi Alexis. I’m acknowledging you. I see you’re on here and I’m giving you the attention you seek. You’re part of the conversation now!

    Hi Alexis. Feel better now?

  31. Serious question…

    Is it a twitter thing to put an @ sign in front of someone’s name? I don’t understand.


    Poor DJ Bento Box. Hiding behind the anonymity offered through the internet. I understand you’re doing it just to get under people’s skin, but why do you spend so much time attacking people on neighborhood websites? I hope it gets better for you someday buddy.

  32. DJ BB>> So where do you shop and eat? Please enlighten us with your more-cool-than-hipster tastes!!

    And after you do that (highly unlikely), you might want to define what a ‘hipster’ really is. I have a feeling what you think is a hipster is not what I or others think is a hipster.

    To me a hipster can’t afford Whole Foods (trust fund hipsters excluded), though they might apply for a job there.

  33. If you hate on Hipsters it is most likely because they make you feel old and or out of touch. They are for the most part just kids expressing themselves. Our community is about embracing the diverse . Yes I sometimes laugh to myself at some of the more adventurous outfits I see when walking my dogs to the Lake ( now closed for remodel) , but when you straight up hate on them. Your really letting everyone know how inadequate they make you feel.

  34. not funny enough to be a Cacophony Society prank. I was hopeing it was going to be a market because that would bring jobs to the community. a parking lot does not bring jobs.

  35. We need a punk rock club in that building. At least for a week or so.

  36. Oh puhleeze Alexis Montague !
    You are the queen of attacking people on a neighborhood blog !
    You’ve gotten under my skin with your snarky rude comments !
    Don’t dish it if you can’t take it !
    Some of the comments you post are down right angry and rude .

    …..Back to the important subject , I am not a hipster and I like Whole Foods !- If I have to drive to Glendale or Pasadena to get a healthier choice of fish, I will do it !
    I think its agreat spot for a whole foods .

  37. interesting thread

    mostly for the replies to the misinformed DJBB. as there is no definition for hipster here, I will give mine. a hipster would be a young, fashionable person who is involved in some sort of youth(ish) subculture. typically they do not have a lot of money as they are either too involved in their creative endeavors to earn any money, or they are in school. these “hipsters” are generally not shopping at Whole Foods; they are spending their money on other things besides gourmet groceries (such as the PBR and food truck items DJBB already pointed out). Someone pointed out that these folks may make DJBB and others like him nervous, as they represent something young, cool and flashy that he isn’t a part of. perhaps.

    Another subgroup is the “yuppies.” people who are doing fairly well and will assuredly do better in the future. These are the people who shop at Whole Foods, and whose tastes change the layout of a neighborhood. These are the people who will call the cops when things get out of control, who will fix up their property and make the neighborhood pricier, and who will not shy away from being a part of the community they moved into. They moved into the neighborhood because it’s cute and affordable; they didn’t move here because it’s “edgy.” These are your future business owners and landlords; they want to see things improve. DJBB seems to be a little confused, and combining the 2 groups into some generic group of threatening outsiders. either way, neighborhoods change over time, and you either have to roll with it, or move along. fact of life.

  38. I worked at Wholw Foods, they treat. Their employee’s like crap!

  39. Although I never knew I was “dishing it” in the first place, I’m “taking it” just fine. But it’s nice to be queen!

    Tell me what I’ve posted that was angry or rude. Specific examples please.

    And it would be nice to have a whole foods there.

  40. Dying laughing at all the people whose lives are so sad and pathetic they made sure to comment on how much they are laughing at “hipsters” (whatever that even means…people who don’t like eating garbage?). You do realize you’re sadder than the people you’re laughing at right?

    Regardless, hilarious joke. Ma I didn’t think of it first.

  41. With the prices at Vons and Ralphs these days, A whole foods market would not be that much more expensive than non “hipster” markets..

    And I have to agree with the person who said Whole Foods is a rich mom market.

  42. It’s funny sometimes to see how uninformed people are. Then I get sad because you people and your ignorance live in the same world as me.

  43. Can we change “hipsters” to “scenesters”? It makes more sense. That way all the grumpy property owners in Silverlake and Echo Park (who’ve been here for YEEEEARS) will have an additional group to complain about. I’m secretly taking shits in all of your yards.

  44. Bento Box- You should move out of Silverlake. I’m sorry you aren’t invited to the parties and sorry you don’t have any friends around here. Sorry if you grew up here or were part of that prehistoric gay scene in Silverlake. But Silverlake is, and has been for more than a decade, a hip neighborhood. At least in very large part. Complaining about hipsters in Silverlake is like complaining about sand at the beach or salt in the sea. Sad thing is, you don’t even know WHO you are talking about; as others above have pointed out, “they” can’t really afford Whole Foods.
    You’re probably not a bad guy so I’ll give you some advice: there is an entire city for people like you. Go move there. Just pack your boring stuff up in the car, turn up the Coldplay on, your stereo and drive away. You would have been welcome had you not been so hostile.
    See the below link for perhaps the best response to all the misguided hipster bashing.


  45. Bento,

    I’ve almost never seen any hipsters in Whole Foods. Which Whole Foods are you talking about that is swarming with hipsters?

    Also, Fresh & Easy? If anything, Fresh & Easy is targeting a working class market.

  46. I think Bento is looking at rentals in Simi Valley right now. Silver Lake was too ‘cool’, Simi Valley is much warmer.

    There’s no Whole Foods in Simi Valley.

  47. Silver Lake snubbed by Whole Foods. Hilarious.

  48. “Oh nothing honey. The 20 something hipsters and the ageing yuppies are alternating taking offense and calling each other names on the community website again.”

    “That’s nice dear. Don’t they live in the same neighborhood as the artists, junkies, and hustlers?”

    “They do honey.”

  49. As soon as i saw the title of this post, I knew that DJ BB was going to have a heyday. Very predictable. Yawn. If it were anything to attack, it would be the Del Taco next door. Yeesh.

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