Storefront Report: It’s closing time for Silver Lake’s Coffee Table

Before the line of customers stretched out the door at Intelligentsia on Sunset Boulevard and LA Mill started pouring $6 cups of coffee on Silver Lake Boulevard, the Coffee Table on Rowena Avenue dominated Silver Lake’s coffee house scene.  But after 14 years in business,  the Coffee Table announced that it will be closing on Sept 11, according to notices posted in the cafe.  The Eastsider has contacted Coffee Table owner Mike Zamarripa for comment but employees said a sale of the multicolored building prompted the owners  to shut down.  The Coffee Table in Eagle Rock will remain in business. The cafe’s normally crowded bulletin board was cleared away to display a pair of notices that read in part:

Words cannot describe the depth of gratitude we have for our loyal customers. We had the honor of serving the Silver Lake community for over 14 years and have done so with pride.

Curbed L.A. reports that the building maybe torn down for housing. In 2006,  a developer proposed to build 60 condos on the site with ground floor space for the Coffee Table but that project never materialized.

The Coffee Table maybe closing but its fans will be able to buy a souvenir; many of the cafe’s colorful mosaic tables will be sold off on September 13.


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  1. Oh no! I love that place! and the tables! will really miss it.

  2. best pie in LA….. so sad

  3. Nooooooooooo!

  4. for 60 more fucking over priced condos?!!! So fucked up.

  5. Bummer. The Eagle Rock location is not as good either. Traffic is so heavy there. A big development is a very bad idea

  6. i remember the day they opened. so many wonderful memories. i’m very sad to hear about this. thanks for the memories, michael zamarippa. thanks.

    (in case you see this mike)
    the girl who gave you the puppy you gave to ginger, 14 years ago. xoxo

  7. This is SICK. I too saw the posting today during my daily trek to The Coffee Table for my morning latte. I went back to my office and checked the public record for the owner of the property. On 7/18/11 the property was transferred to Fifteen Rowena, LLC from Miami Florida, jurisdiction is DELAWARE ! I then searched Fifteen + Miami and came up with http://www.fifteengroup.com they have the same address in Miami as Fifteen Rowena, LLC. Looking at their web site it seems they are in the business of building massive apartment complexes. Who knows what the plan is here, but what we do know is that The Coffee Table is closing on 9/11 and if they build apartments only that will ruin Rowena completely, what a tragedy.

  8. Don’t you mean, “may be” not “maybe”, twice ??

    Damn you all to HELL, stupid Silver Lake condo developers!!!

  10. Whatever. I can live without the coffee table, it’s not like it was some spectacular establishment of gastronomy.

    Condos or coffee table, ehh either way.

  11. Closing on the 10th anniversary of 9/11! That’s just crazy timing.

    While the place wasn’t spectacular, it was priced accordingly and being that I could walk to it, means I WILL miss it 🙁

  12. Sorry to see this place go. A truly no-attitude, consistently good neighborhood hangout and someplace that actually felt like it had a sense of community to it (unlike the Starbucks down the road). Aren’t there enough overpriced (and half-vacant) loft and condo developments in the area already?

  13. A little perspective, please

    This day will live in infamy …. but not because the Coffee Table closed.

  14. Since the news first hit in 2006 of the Coffee Table readying to close for the proposed development that never happened, I’ve spent the ensuing years resigned that this day would come. And now it has. Very sad.

  15. I spent every weekday morning here for over three years when they first opened, only moving to cup of joe when they started opening earlier. I want me one of them coffee tables.

  16. What a pity. The people were always friendly and the patio was lovely.

  17. NOOOO! I just found out yesterday. I live right next door and will miss coffee table badly. It’s such a great neighborhood spot and their back patio is the perfect place to meet friends.

    I hope the developers at least include mixed use in their plans. Silver Lake is lacking in store front spaces and this strip of Rowena would benefit from that. Maybe another coffee spot could call it home.

  18. Sad – but maybe good timing for the new place that opened where Zanzibar used to be a few spaces down. Think it’s called Broome St (owners from NYC?). Haven’t been there yet and it’s a lot smaller but seems to be getting more people than any of the previous businesses in that space.

    Also, earlier when there was talk of developing the Coffee Table site, the condos would have business space on the ground floor and the owners were talking with Coffee Table about being in that space in the new building….maybe those great tables will just be going into storage.

  19. Broome Street sucks. Rowena will never be the same without Coffee Table.

  20. Always liked the vibe and food inside the Coffee Table, although the coffee itself never was to my liking. 14 years is a nice run.

  21. Are you ready for this, echo park? 14 years later, the gentrifiers get pushed out by the actual gentry. It’s already happened in SL, watch for it EP. As a gentrifier myself, I say, “I for one welcome our new alien overlords”.

  22. I think the fact that 60 units of housing are being built is great news. Building housing near existing infrastructure, near downtown is the right thing to do. @Vanessa — you’re right. The new development should preserve the mix of residential and commercial uses that makes Rowena interesting. The developer would be wise to plan for ground floor retail with accommodations for a kitchen.

  23. no



    ive just herd from my neighbor; i think now is time to walk over to Edendale and drink until i cant remember the bad news

  24. Silver lake girls big sis

    I will miss late morning mochas and great conversations and long study sessions at those great mosaic tables. Thanks for the memories, guys xox

  25. What a shame. Like others have said, the food is fine (above average breakfast, though), but it is one of the few neighborhood places around and a great meeting place for groups large and small. The running club I run with on Saturday mornings goes every Saturday after the run and there’s always plenty of room for us and the back patio is nice. There is not a replacement in Silver Lake so it will definitely be missed.

  26. Coffee Table was great place to meet up with peeps. I won’t miss the flies on the back patio though (area near water fountain in back was always the worst). Coffee was okay, Chai’s okay, but neither were spectacular. Great location was the best thing going for it. Guess I’ll have to go down to Lyric Cafe now, which has GREAT coffee, but not great parking, now that print shop Medicus has pulled the plug on the parking spaces.

  27. I used to drive out of my way to The Coffee Table for a good latte, because the Starbucks near me has terrible coffee.

    I’m so sad. I’m going to miss their chai lattes in the fall, their portobello mushroom sandwich, their mashed potatoes, and their house salad, among other favorites.

    Really bummed that they were forced to close down by a bunch of developers who don’t even know the area, or how loved TCT was to the neighborhood!!!

  28. I miss coffee tabil. I am king of it. Sometime the piano would play “play again sam” and i would gut on the plane and fly elsewheres maybe the bahama.
    thank you for strong coffee mister- and puppy.

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