Locked garages don’t keep Silver Lake bike burglars away

A Silver Lake resident said that two bikes, one of which he built himself, were stolen Thursday night out of his locked garage in the 1700 block of N. Occidental Boulevard. He wants his neighbors to keep an eye out:

Someone broke into my garage last night between midnight and 9:00 a.m. and stole two bicycles.  I contacted the police, who promptly arrived to investigate and take my statement.  Just a heads up to neighbors – lock up your bikes, even if they are in your locked garage.  A photo of one of the bikes is attached.  It’s a black Soma Double Cross I’m fairly attached to, having built it myself.  If anyone sees this bike please contact the police.

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  1. That’s my neighbor! I’ve seen him build his bike and it looked pretty awesome. I’ll be on the lookout

  2. That’s disturbing. I hope someone comes forward or LAPD comes through.

  3. We’ve had three bikes stolen over the past 2 years from our yard & garage (in one case two bikes were locked up in our back yard w a cable lock), 1400 block of Silver Lake. When the last theft happened I asked around at local (new) bike shops & they said thefts were rampant. Clearly people are going out of their way to get bikes. We now Ulock our bikes to something solid.
    I’ll keep an eye out for your bike–and be sure to check regularly on Craigslist or even local used bike shops, whose sourcing might be a bit shady. I regret not trolling the used bike market immediately after our bikes went missing…

  4. That’s a bummer… I recently had two bikes stolen from my building’s side yard off Silver Lake Blvd. (near this location, and where Elinor mentioned). They were secured to a chain link fence with a coil lock – seems likely it’s the same perp(s) targeting the neighborhood.

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