Silver Lake homeless survey to begin this weekend

Homeless encampment in pedestrian tunnel.

Volunteers on Saturday will begin the first-ever survey of Silver Lake’s homeless population, visiting the underpasses, empty lots, alleys and other spots in the neighborhood where the homeless congregate. The goal is to identify the most vulnerable people and eventually get them off the street and into permanent housing, according to officials at People Assisting The Homeless (PATH), a nonprofit group formed in support of the homeless. Here’s is how the survey will work, according to the group:

More than 150 local leaders, business owners and community members are involved in the campaign.  Survey volunteers, trained by experienced members of PATH’s outreach team, will interview homeless individuals using a Vulnerability Survey created by the 100,000 Homes Campaign, a national initiative to permanently house the most vulnerable homeless persons throughout the United States. Survey results will be used to create a detailed name and photo registry of people living on the streets of Silver Lake, identify those considered most vulnerable to death or injury on the streets and move them into permanent housing.

PATH official Jeremy Sidell told The Eastsider in July that the survey, which will be conducted over three days, is expected to identify at least 100 homeless persons. His agency is prepared to house 26 of those.  Results of the survey will be presented at a community meeting on Nov. 2.


  1. Are they going to troll the hills for the hermits that leave my recycled trash all over the sidewalk?

  2. Mr. Silverlake,
    We will be going into hillside encampments that we are already aware of. If there’s a specific encampment you know of, please feel free to let us know.

  3. @ Jeremy Sidell-

    Look for homeless in the empy lot between Rough Trade and Pollo Loco in Sunset Junction (after dusk).

    There’s also a homeless guy in front of K2 restaurant next to Pull My Daisy. And various characters begging around the Junction & digging thru the trash at Deltas Taco.

    Also, behind Cliff’s Edge restaurant.

    Also in the tunnel that goes under Sunset in front of Micheltorena School.

    Also in the doorway of the bead store next to WurstKuche restaurant at Sunset/Hyperion (after dusk).

    Thank you.

    Also in the alley behind the car wash at Sunset/Descanso.

    Also in Triangle Park where the Farmer’s Market is.

  4. North East corner of Sunset and Fountain 3 of them camped out at the bus stop shopping carts filled with trash.I called 611 many times they said they would send someone out never happened, Called Garcetti’s office multiple times finally got someone and he explained how much they couldn’t do,they told me to call the police. Called the police they came out and moved one of the guys from in front of the bus stop to in front of the nursery about 50 feet up the street. Gave them my number and name and no one ever called or checked up to see if the problem had been solved. This city sucks and I’m glad I only work here and dont live here.

    • Starving artist in front of trader joe's

      maybe you should’ve voted for better economic policies. That way, there’d be a lot less homeless people to annoy you.

  5. Vacant lot on Waverly Drive and Glendale Blvd.

    Do people living in cars and trailers count? If so, Waverly Drive in front of that vacant lot, and Riverside Drive between Glendale Blvd. and Fletcher.

  6. Behind the dumpster in the parking lot of Sun Lake Drug (corner of Sunset and Parkman – facing Parkman) – across from Cafe Tropical. Also in the alley next to it.

    Under the bridge/ 101 underpass on Silver Lake Blvd. And in the bushes next to it on both sides of the street.

    Under the bridge / Sunset Blvd. underpass on Silver Lake Blvd.

  7. How about Pastor Charlie House who lives in a camper on Griffith Park Blvd west of Lucille? He’s lived in that RV on the street longer than I’ve been an LA resident!

  8. Jeremy

    If there is any way in the world you can go a bit further east in Silverlake right on the Echo Park border and try and help three people who have been homeless for years:

    1. The very old woman who lives at the bus bench right in front of Ralphs across from the library. You might think she is waiting for the bus but she actually has her own chair. It is a shame she is ignored and left to die on the sidewalk all alone.

    2. A second old woman lives on Sunset across from the 7-11 on the sidewalk. She used to live in front of the theatre but they kicked her out. If you ask her if she needs help she always says no (I’ve tried)– but she is an older woman that is slowly deteriorating.

    3. There is a man who usually sits in front of Trader Joes in the evenings. He is off his medication. His family is dead and he has nothing and nowhere to go (I try to talk to him when I shop and always get him some food and water if I see him.) He is losing weight lately and is not making much sense. I don’t think he is going to last long.

    • Starving artist in front of trader joe's

      As to the homeless guy in front of tader joe’s – His name is Dave. I don’t think that he needs medication – I believe that his condition is literally 30 years of lonliness. If you do buy him food, please note that he has very little in the way of teeth. In fact, please buy him food that he can actually chew. Thank you for your compassion towards the homeless, as there seems to be little enough to go around. If you have any questions about what kind of food you should buy the homeless, I can be found in front of the very same store – usually next to the store’s main drive way. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. At least to the best of my ability. 🙂

      Truely Yours,


      • Hi Anthony,
        Out of curiosity, what is your story as to why you panhandle?

        • starving artist in front of trader joe's

          If you look at my sign, it would say it all. There are too many people applying to the same jobs, and not enough jobs to go around. I realize that homeless people are a blight upon your lands, but it is your econimic policies that make it literally impossible to find work.

          Why do I panhandle? Is that a serious question? Please feel free to ask me that the next time you’re at the store. As for right now, I have limited time at the library, and I need to use it to look for work.

  9. Pastor Chuck has a mean streak to him. He came across a photo I’d posted a few years ago on my Flickr account (http://www.flickr.com/photos/wildbell/102158744/) of his holy rollermobile and responded with a couple comments that had to be deleted for their extensive use of expletives and insults. Apparently he took issue with my finding humor in promoting himself both as a man of god and an armed security expert.

    PS., I second B.E.’s pointer to the Sunset bridge over Silver Lake Boulevard. Now that it’s gotten colder, the homeless are not only using it again, but practically blocking the east sidewalk with their belongings and thus forcing anyone passing to enter the street to go around.

  10. I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned Michael yet; he lives (or used to live) in a bread van that he usually parks in Silver Lake near Glendale Blvd. and Fletcher, close to Astro’s. He hangs out at the Starbucks on Glendale Blvd. and uses their restroom, and he spends quite a bit of time in that mini-mall. Years ago, he had two dogs; I don’t know if he still does.

    I met his mother once; my friend was getting married and one of his friends was an elderly woman (early 80s about eight years ago). She lived in Culver City and told me her son lived in Silver Lake; when I asked her where in Silver Lake, she told me he lived in a bread van. She told me that whenever his two dogs got loose, her phone number was on their tags, so people called her when they found his dogs. I talked to him once or twice right after I had met his mother, but that was seven or eight years ago.

  11. “3. There is a man who usually sits in front of Trader Joes in the evenings. He is off his medication. His family is dead and he has nothing and nowhere to go (I try to talk to him when I shop and always get him some food and water if I see him.) He is losing weight lately and is not making much sense. I don’t think he is going to last long.”

    “Popeye” aka “Spange?”

  12. I am concerned that the names, nicknames and/ or locations of highly vulnerable/ elderly/ disabled individuals are being posted publicly.

    Doing this may put these homeless individuals at even higher risk of assault than they already are.

    • Starving artist in front of trader joe's

      Thank you for defending us Doc. I usually panhandle next to the driveway. You would not believe how many people intentionally try to run me over, threaten to run me over, or have some nasty remark. I truely appreciate your concern.

  13. @ Jesus/Eastsider: Do you have any details re: the community meeting on Nov. 2 ?

    @DrMMcLaughlin: This is a community blog with concerned members of the community trying to point out (at PATH’s request above) where they can find our local homeless to do outreach and help them. I think your concerns are unfounded. No one on here is going to use this list to go harm people.

    • Starving artist in front of trader joe's

      Rizzo –

      speaking as one of those homeless individuals, I can honestly say that the locals absolutely hate us. I’ve been physically assaulted and had people actually try to hit me with they’re cars. I think that the doctor’s concerns are in fact founded, and he expresses my concerns as well.

      This whole scenario sounds like the locals just want all of us to “go away”.

  14. I am voulenteering for this project. day one was a blast! hung out with 5 other voulnteers from very different backrounds and interviewed some cool folks in need. I am thankful for all the input from people on this blog of were to find folks. thanks

  15. “spare some change?”

  16. hey seven, how do i get involved?


  17. you guys can hang out on my street and ask all the people rummaging thru my trash if they need help

  18. Will there be a similar effort in echo park? It seems that since the park is closed a lot of the neighborhood homeless have moved into the residential areas. One in particular has used our porch on occasion. As a recent victim of an attack, I am not comfortable with random people hanging out on my property, or behind bushes etc. I hope that somebody will help him (and the others) find a safe place to go.

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