Storefront Report: Silver Lake Indian restaurant unveils its second act

The Naya Lounge/Photo by Agapito Dorino

After a nine-month long renovation,  Silver Lake’s former Tantra restaurant on Sunset Boulevard reopened on Monday as Naya, with an updated menu, a dramatic interior and garden.  Chef Ali Mookhi’s Cal-Indian fusion cuisine is served in a bright dining room, where drapes of white linen wrap around white banquettes.  Meanwhile, Naya Lounge,  drinks are served and sipped in a dimly-lit room under 20 foot-high ceilings and peaked Indian-style arches.   The food? A restaurant press release provide some details:

Combining Centuries-old family recipes with modern techniques, locally grown organic produce, free-range organic poultry, and other thoughtful resources, he discovers the perfect balance between traditional and sophisticated influences. The young chef’s menu is 80% gluten free and he takes a hands-on approach preparing the majority of the restaurant’s ingredients from scratch, such as Naya’s fresh cottage cheese (paneer), yogurt, and ice cream.

The interiors are the work of Spacecraft, the busy restaurant design firm that also created the interior of  Mohawk Bend in Echo Park.


  1. Is this the same chef, or a new one? The food at Tantra was overpriced, and pretty awful.

    • Go back, then judge. There is Nothing Tantra about Naya. The old man with the turban and black and white movies are gone. Food is awesome. Please do not allow old reputations to affect Naya, which means New. all the best was kept, the worst was eradicated. At least hit happy hour and have a Cheese Nan. You’ll want more. I was skepticle too. You will feel the difference when you enter. The door.

  2. And clearly, they now plan to be even pricier — nixing most of us who live nearby.

    • Mark the Happy Hour menu is great and prices are not bad. It ain’t the old Tantra…I was a doubter too, nut I am a fan now. Even the hostesses and wait staff are awesome. food is definite upgrade.

  3. We came in last night after walking by and taking a tour last week. I never bothered with Tantra so I don’t know how it compares but I was pretty impressed with the food! Entrees fall in the mid to high-tens for most, hitting low to mid-twenties for fish dishes. They also had family-style side dishes for ten that you could easily make a meal out of with a side of rice. Our bill came to a little over $80 for two of us, but we took the opportunity to treat ourselves. Is it going to become a go-to spot for Saag Paneer cravings? Probably not, the dishes are definitely a “finer” take on Indian than I think of. But it’s gorgeous and we both thought we’d do it again for date night or with friends. The garden/patio isn’t open yet so maybe that will cater more to the neighborhood crowd?

  4. Sad that the first 2 comments are from naysaying negativos. I congratulate anyone who opens a business in this economy and spruces up our neighborhood. I look forward to hearing from the early foodie reviewers. Good luck Naya!

  5. I’m with Libertad: good on the owners for revitalizing the place.

  6. Anyone who wants to try a cool, hidden-away Indian place should go to Paru’s, which is located on Sunset just west of Normandie in a nondescript little building. I’ve only dined there twice, but the food is pretty good and I liked the atmosphere a lot. Very cozy, hidden little place.

  7. @James-

    There is also India’s Sweets and Spices on Los Feliz Blvd. Styrofoam plates = low prices, but delicious (if a tad salty, but what restaurant’s food is not?)

  8. I went there the other night. Great spot! The food was really delicious and filling. My friend and I tried their cocktails…there is one thats so yummy (Margarita with a jalapeno kick). I have never been to Tantra but I can say that Naya is a great date spot. The menu is not over priced at all in my opinion. Compared to what is around there I say this is the best spot with great service too.

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