Verizon clips the wings of proposed Glassell Park angel

MonoAngel/Courtesy Andrew Montealegre

The Eastsider reported last month that members of the Glassell Park Neighborhood  Council had recommended that Verizon wireless take a more creative approach to a proposed 70-foot high cell phone tower instead of disguising it as a fake pine tree.  How about topping the pole off with a symbolic angel or turning it into a gateway symbol for Glassell Park, some of the members suggested.  But after considering the alternatives, Verizon has decided to stick with its fake pine tree, called a  monopine, which would be planted next to the warehouse owned by Western Mixes Produce & Nuts near the 2 Freeway and San Fernando Road.  A letter from Verizon representative Argineh Mailian to the neighborhood council explains the company’s fondness for fake trees:

The property/ site is a warehouse use that imports and exports various products and is a well-traveled warehouse with a lot of vehicular and diesel traffic. The property owner cannot provide Verizon Wireless any additional space to construct a a gateway proposal and/or artistic proposal that would impact the drive isle or turning radius for the large diesel trucks that travel through and near the proposed Verizon Wireless site location.

The lowest branches of the phony pine would be 15-feet off the floor, providing enough clearance for the nut trucks, Mailan explained. A “more artistic structure” would not provide such clearance.  The proposed 70-foot high monopine – which would rank as one of the tallest structures in Glassell Park – faces further review by the neighborhood council and city agencies.


  1. I hate the fake cell phone trees! I find it hard to believe with all our human creativity that there is no better way to disguise these towers.

  2. Fake pine tree is probably cheaper. More artistic or innovative design requires thinking and resources. Unfortunately with these businesses, it’s about bottom line not about innovation and community.

  3. As a pine box of old we don’t need any more tomb stone rather gateways celebrating creative and regenerative quality our communication .

  4. They are planning on putting up cell antennae over on Beverly in Historic Filipino Town too. As someone that would be personally affected by them I’d rather it not be an angel. That god awful pot shop sign is bad enough!

  5. Thank God. Better the fake tree than a kitchy monument.

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