Daily Archives: November 1, 2011

Buckle up for the holidays

The Arts Refoundry of Lincoln Heights has come up with a new DIY holiday present: bronze belt buckles.  The foundry, started up by Cypress Park resident and artist Gorden Bowen, will be offering three “Make Your Own Buckle” workshops in November and December that will show participants how to design and sculpt buckles out of wax, which are then cast ... Read More »

What to do when you are left holding too many reusable bags

As part of her clutter clearing and organizing business, Angeleno Heights resident Beth Zeigler has come across plenty of unused reusable bags stuffed into her clients’ cabinets and closets. “We all have them – so many of them,”  Zeigler said.  “They just build up, clogging drawers, cabinets and the other nooks and crannies where we shove them.”  But tossing away ... Read More »

News & Notes from Atwater, Eagle Rock, Echo Park & Lincoln Heights

Van Art, Lincoln Heights | Photo by Melissa Wall/Flickr UCLA mathematicians create computer program to help solve Lincoln Heights gang crime. L.A. Now Halloween sights and frights from Eagle Rock. Patch McCourt might agree to a bankruptcy sale of the Dodgers and stadium property for a $1 billion. L.A. Times Three violent crimes in a week reported in Atwater Village. ... Read More »