Elysian Heights coffeehouse moves closer to serving beer and wine

Fix Coffee has been granted a city permit to serve beer and wine and to host live entertainment despite opposition from some Elysian Heights residents as well as councilman Eric Garcetti and school board president Monica Garcia. Opponents said they were concerned about the proximity of beer and wine being served across the street from Elysian Heights Elementary school in addition to a shortage of street parking, noise and other issues.

However, beer and wine sales have been allowed near other schools in the Echo Park and Silver Lake area, said Associate Zoning Administrator Maya Zaitzevsky in a decision granting a permit with a long list of conditions. “The proximity to these uses is not reason enough to deny the request,” Zaitzevsky said.

The conditional-use permit, however, can be appealed and Fix still needs to obtain a state-issued alcohol license.

Those who want to appeal can do so until Nov. 28, according to a Planning Department official.

Susan Borden, who has helped lead efforts against the beer and wine permit,  said the fight is not over.  “I have consistently opposed alcohol licenses in Elysian Heights and though disappointed, I shall continue to work with my neighbors and elected officials to preserve the character of our neighborhood.”

The permit granted by the city is conditioned upon many restrictions, including those that limit hours when beer and wine can be sold and what type entertainment –  acoustic music,  in this case –  can be provided.  Fix would need to reapply for the permit after five years to continue to serve beer and wine.

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  1. I live in Elysian Heights, and as much as I LOOOOVE my music venues and drink, I think it would be better for the community if FIX just stays the way it is. A quiet and welcomed neighbor.

  2. I agree with Mike – does FIX really need beer and wine? Dont ruin a good thing.

  3. unfriendly neighbor

    this is a horrible idea. let’s all watch as the police reports start coming once this goes through. muggings, fighting and unwanted patrons looking for trouble.

    this place is obnoxious enough during the day.

  4. I am with Mike on this as well. I live with in a block from FIX. I live in this part of Echo Park so I can be in peace and get way from all that is going on closer to Sunset. I love what FIX is doing right now but Beer, Wine, and Entertainment needs to stay down on Sunset. I feel like all the local residents were not into this, how did it pass?

  5. So far it appears Fix has complied with every requirement thrown at it. It got approval from the Neighborhood Council. It got the City permit to serve. It’s got a huge list of conditions that should calm any fears about elementary school children being subject to a craft beer invasion. As a property owner within the 100′ radius around Fix, I’m looking forward to what will surely be an extremely low-key destination.

  6. I already voted with my dollars… what they had was good, but they’re proposing something completely different in this space (expanding the building, adding hours, beer, etc etc… there are more community-oriented businesses in the area I can support.

  7. Wow, how nice to read some good news today! I hope it goes through.

  8. Regardless of what they serve, the neighborhood and layout of the cafe will always remain low-key. For those unruly folks who would patronize such a (slightly expensive) place and are prone to having a hand in muggings, and fights, they surely wouldn’t be satisfied with the atmosphere and would rather frequent a cheaper business on Sunset (i.e. Barragan’s on Wednesday nights) that would tolerate such behavior.

  9. Ms. Zaitsevsky is pretty firmly “pro-business” and regularly makes decisions beneficial to the applicant regardless of opposition. She is one stop on the totem pole, however, and if you are really concerned about the license you can put in a formal protest with the Department of Alcohol Control. They will likely amend conditions, but you can carry the process to a formal hearing if you don’t relinquish your protest. Good luck.

  10. This makes me really excited! Yes! Muggings, fights?! Come on, what a joke. Support local business!

  11. I hope it goes through too. Someplace low-key and friendly to have a glass of wine and walk home.

  12. Oh yea I bet so many people will be brawling and spilling over their soy chai tea latte’s and craft beers. People writing scripts in the cafe will start wielding their laptops like a weapon and hitting people with em. It will be like nuclear fallout at this coffee shop. All the while think of THE CHILDREN who will see hip 30 year olds brawling instead of the usual gangster getting shot or stabbed off of baxter.

    The Horror.

    Look at all the crime the Mohawk Bend has brought in to Alvarado and Sunset. It is CLEARLY worse and more violent than before. How dare they bring in craft beers and wine. We clearly only want liquor stores pushing out 40z and tall cans to the more upstanding citizens in our community.

    Where is buttplugger’s comments I need back up with all you whiners.

    • Bravo. Stellar smackdown of the chicken(corner) littles.
      Well said.

    • Clearly you don’t live near Mohawk Bend. It’s not violence that’s the problem it’s the traffic. It’s the people, who aren’t as hip as you must be, that have come from all over LA and the Valley to take your parking space and piss on your lawn. But then you also probably don’t live within 5 blocks of Fix.

      But at least you had a chance to tell everyone how incredibly chill you are! You’re no whiner!

  13. Congratulations Fix owners. Best wishes for
    further success with your business expansion.
    You run a nice classy operation and I’m sure
    you’ll continue to be a true asset to the neighborhood.

    -A supportive neighbor & 12 yr. Echo Park resident.

  14. Elysian Heights Resident

    I am 100% in support of Fix obtaining a beer and wine permit. Given the isolated location, lack of necessary infrastructure (read: parking), and lack of other bars or restaurants in the immediate vicinity, I’m highly skeptical of Fix generating much additional noise or disturbance in Elysian Heights. With the recent police activity (drug busts, car theft chasings) and tagging that has been going on in this neighborhood, I actually think that a bit of additional pedestrian traffic at night would be a good thing. Also, given the nature of Fix (expensive, quiet, small), I don’t imagine it would attract a raucous night-time crowd. And for what its worth, I’m a renter on Echo Park Ave at the corner of Donaldson (1 block away from Fix).

  15. I live very close to Fix and welcome the expansion. I just don’t think that their serving drinks and dinner in the later part of the day will bring trouble to the neighborhood – I think Fix will continue to be an asset to the area.

  16. @Rilo: Neighborhood council?!?!?! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha………

  17. What do you think was used as the initial rally-point for Susan “won’t someone please think of the children” Borden?


    The EP Council may not mean much in terms of permits, but the owner has listened to the concerns of nearby residents and clearly cares about the neighborhood.

  18. Congratulations Fix!!! This will be such a wonderful thing for the area. Worry not locals! It will be a super low key bistro serving FOOD – they just happen to be able to serve wine and beer if people want it. It’s going to be an awesome neighborhood bistro like ones found all over Europe. It will make the area more safe (eyes on Echo Park Ave all the time) and create a lovely community meeting spot later into the evening. Terrific news!

  19. Elysian Heights is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. Old Testament, real wrath of God type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes, the dead rising from the grave!
    Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

  20. Embrace the changes my friends…

  21. Awesome, reason prevails!

  22. I’m Fix’in to get my drink on!

  23. Eric Garcetti is a total sell out . Please don’t vote for him for Mayor!!!!!!

  24. Eric Garcetti took a position based on input from people who live closest to the site, parents of students at Elysian Heights and Baxter Montessori. There was no group 100% in favor or against but many people who will be most effected by further commercialization of this location with an alcohol license did speak up against the license.

    Whether you agree or disagree with his position, he did what was right based on this input.

    • @Darren – Kudos.

    • Not sure what makes his position “right” other than the fact that you happen to agree with it. I see it as poorly calculated political posturing. If he really cared about the issue then he would move to change legislation such that no place may serve alcohol in proximity to a school.

  25. @Rilo: My comment has nothing to do with Fix Coffee. I’ve seen snippets of past and current echo park neighborhood council meetings and once again I ask: Neighborhood Council ?!?!?! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…………..

  26. 15yr echo park resident

    Honestly, children are the root of all problems but that’s another story. I cannot wait to go to FIX, have a nice glass of wine and laugh my way home at all the haters who wish echo park was still filled with losers, drug dealers and gang members on the fast road to nowhere. Gentrification is my favorite thing in the whole wide world!!!

  27. Blooming in Echo Park

    Congratulations to Fix and thank you for your commitment to Elysian Heights! We are thrilled to see your business grow and we will continue to help where we can through our family’s patronage.

  28. Congrats Fix, the busier you are the safer your neighborhood will become.

  29. I’ve known about FIX and their permit for a couple of months now and its a bs idea….right next to a school and honestly,do ya need more drunken hipsters running around? Especially so far above Sunset? Fudge no,ya don’t!

    I hope the appeal goes thru and the state laws intervene … I also strongly agree with Unfriendly Neighbor

  30. Congrats. Looking forward to having a glass of sangria on the patio. Don’t listen to the haters.

  31. I am so happy that our officials made a decision based on reason and the letter if the law rather than the hare brained, puritan appeals of a fascist minority. Congrats fix!

  32. Do they have their license yet? I cannot WAIT to get messed up on a $9 goblet of craft beer so I can attack some innocent children in a drunken blackout! ! !

    But can someone give me a ride? It’s kind of a steep hill, and I want to save my energy for the fighting and mugging and attacking children and so forth.

  33. I may have missed it in the comments, and I’m clearly late to the point, but the problem is not Fix selling alchohol – it’s the precedent set by their ability to do so. Fix is a great establishment and will surely work hard not to disrupt the community. But get ready for every available retail space up Echo Park Ave to potentially become a bar.
    The attraction of heavy night time traffic into the Elysian Heights area will cause the loss of one of the quiet neighborhood’s finer features – quiet.

  34. I agree with Mike G and the others here, that FIX is better off staying as it is. A chilled, quiet- neighborhood friendly cafe, that offers great coffee and relaxed outdoor space.
    But @ Unfriendly Neighbour: I don’t think, just because alcohol is offered, people will start acting like complete morons. Have a little faith in the community and that people will, at large, act like responsible adults that patronize this place.
    I really hope FIX owner will be reading these postings and take into consideration the views on how we feel about this joint. It won’t be the same if drinks and entertainment come into the equation. Leave it be!

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