FBI raids rattle Atwater *

Many Atwater Village residents awoke early this morning to the sound of explosions and the sight of  heavily-armed FBI agents on the streets as the agency served search warrants at two locations during pre-dawn raids. The raids took place on Revere Street and Seneca Avenue, according to Lt. Steven Flores with the LAPD Northeast Division, which was not involved in the FBI operation.  A resident who lives near the house that was raided in the 3800 block of Revere Street  at about  5:30 a.m. describes what happened:

Stun grenades woke my house mates and me up, we ran outside to see what was going on and the streets were blocked off by unmarked FBI SUV’s.  Three hummers and a couple vans were in front of the house they were raiding.  The FBI agents were wearing full riot gear and were carrying M-16’s.

When I drove by the house on my way to work about an hour later most of the FBI was gone, but a few field agents were still there, looked like they were writing reports.  The windows had been blown out of the house on the upstairs balcony and the huge gate that blocks their driveway had been removed.

*Update:  An FBI spokeswoman said arrests were made in connection with an investigation involving allegations of narcotics sales and distribution.  She did not have many details but said the agents delivered state warrants at multiple locations. The explosions residents heard were flash-bang grenades used to stun or distract suspects. FBI agents were still present this afternoon at a large, two-story house on Revere Street and had Seneca Avenue blocked off.

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  1. Whoa! I’ll take 3 hours of helicopters and blocked streets over 5am grenades, any day!

  2. Heard them this morning 5 blocks away. Sound reminded me of the train crash in 2005.

    • Oh yes i also remember that train crash . I was getting ready to go to school that day. Tuesday morning i woke up all scared . I heard boms. I couldnt even go back to sleep. Thats so scarry . : /

  3. Two doors down from my house. Truly terrifying.

  4. Man, if it’s good enough for Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s good enough for Atwater, I guess. Whatever happened to the FBI of my youth, 9pm, Sunday eve, right after the Wonderful World of Disney? Forget stun grenades, riot gear, screaming maniacs. Just a couple of agents wearing kind of tight suits and side arms. What happened to those days?

  5. I am just one house away from the house that was raided. Woke me up and looked out the window and I saw lights flash when the bombs went off. Could hear men yelling. We hid in our closet for a few minutes. The FBI were in army gear with rifles and walking around my house and neighbors houses. 2 Army trucks loaded with men were in and out. FBi stood in the street. It was a scary scene.

  6. Wow…I can’t believe this happened on my street! This is crazy…

  7. I’m live across the street from the house on Revere, and like PlastickGrl, I hid in my closet (with my dog.) Never been more terrified in my life. I’m curious to see if the parking situation will improve after this given all the cars that house had parked on the street.

    • LOL @ the parking situation. I live on revere too and I’m only a few houses down from “The Fortress” and I hope to see parking get better too now that the armada of really expensive cars. now for the next problem, people going to coscto who go through revere. They should honestly block costco/plaza traffic, that whole plaza ruined the traffic situation on revere..

  8. Who lived in the houses raided…wink wink!

  9. Were these arrest related to the drugstore/narcotics ring that was busted in Pasadena?

  10. Judging by the comments by scared civilians, this almost sounds like terrorism, but it’s ok. The government knows best, right?

  11. Hey I know you hehehehe

  12. I happen to live there and it is very nice to see what you all think. It’s sad to see how creative people can be with their stories and get joy out of this. Guess that’s all I can expect from people who don’t even know us or our situation.

    • Meee Pay no mind to all of this negative comments…..hope all of u guys are doing good and staying strong….,Don Luis will be home soon God is big….

  13. I get great joy out of bad people being arrested and police making our neighborhoods safer. This has been a record year for police getting shot at, and the stun grenades minimizes that chance along with stray bullets hitting neighbors. We’ve seen too often drug dealers shooting at each other with no regard for who’s around (including bullets from police), so any way that minimizes harm to law enforcement and civilians makes me happy. The trauma of a bust gone right will fade in our memories much quicker than an innocent life taken.

  14. There’s no way to go around all the fancy cars (multiple range rovers, Bugatti, camero, lotus) and the house going up real fast and the drug van circling the block. It’s not just a story!

  15. To Meee: for the FBI to make such a scene and make this operation happen takes months if not years of investigation. Highly doubt your situation deserves pitty. Please explain your situation..

  16. Like I said I live there. SPANKY you are straight talking out of ur ass! You know nothing and just want to make a good story. As for VILLAGER go ahead and say u are glad to see that less people are being hurt but do not try n say who is good and who is bad because you are no one to judge.

    • That sucks you live there? How does it feel living in a house paid for by money from mexican drug cartels? Good job FBI!!!! THANK YOU!

    • I can comment! I’ve known these dirt rocks for DECADES. This isn’t their first arrest but hopefully it will be their last. As for “oh girl” that lives there…hmm… you must be Martha’s daughter, correct? Luis, George and all of them deserve exactly what they get! Tell your mom to get a job like the rest of us! In fact, you should get one too. You know what was going on, stop acting stupid. It’s no secret! I read your reply to the other posts, what’s your justification? You guys are selfish AND greedy. That’s what you get-criminals. Be careful what you wish for….lmfao…smmfh!

  17. It truly is funny how ppl do make assumptions about everything. Just cause they have nice cars and a nice house means nothing. I’ve lived in the area all my life and I know these ppl and they are not what you all make them seem to be. All you guys know is what you hear and it’s all nonsense. So most of these comments are pure stupidity. You make these ppl out to be bad ppl when none of you personally know them. So if u do then please talk all u want about them.

    • If your their friend then of course they will be nice to you. What about the 5 kilos of cocaine? And the videos of duffle-bags being handed off? Are those just assumtpions too? You think just because they are nice they should get away with making millions from drug trafficking? Your logic is “friendly” but it is morally wrong.

  18. Yes Dar because you are an FBI agent right? Not once did I say to pitty my family for there is no reason to pitty us. We are in good standing health and are well off. All I said was that it is sad to see others receive joy out of this. I do not need to explain my familys situation to anyone even less to you, unless you are working for the FBI yourself I suggest you quiet up because you are wrong. I know how long the investigation went on and it isn’t near what you are assuming.

  19. I can’t imagine there’s any joy, but if these were long-time drug houses, I’m the bust is a relief to many of the neighbors (that is, if things don’t go back to business as usual in a few months).

  20. Everyone is stupid. The raid happened and that’s that’s. No need to dwell on it anymore. Cuz all this negativity doesn’t change anything. Don’t worry about it anymore. For all we know the FBI is reading everything your writing. Get over it already and leave this family alone

  21. Well your home values should rise now that these dirt bags have been removed from your street.

  22. I want to buy one of those seized cars lol

  23. So did the house get taken away too?

  24. I think nobody should be criticizing them for living the good life we all wish we had. The report says these are all just allegations. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. So let our legal system take care of all that.

    • Ha! So many things wrong with this post. 1. I challenge you to find someone in the real world to call that the “good life” 2. You’re right, he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but outside that court he is so obviously guilty! The FBI doesn’t do what they did based on a hunch. What’s his story? He slipped, fell, landed on boat loads of cash, money and drugs? Oops? How’d that get there? You would have to have your head so far up your ass to think this guy is innocent… 3. Our legal system will take care of him. Peace out Luis, see you in 20-LIFE!

  25. The good life?? You must be nuts

  26. stop criticizing !!!!!
    its not your job !

  27. I just want to add that God is incontrol of everything. Nothing happens without him letting it happen. And if what happen to one family makes people glad, then analize yourself and see who is bad and who is good. In Gods eyes all sin is consider the same. And at the end of the day he is in control! I will pray for them and I will also pray that i never rejoice over someones situation. All I know that envy and jelousy is also consider a sin and and i just hope we all learn from what happens around us. I just want them to know “stand strong God is in control”

  28. “In Gods eyes all sin is consider the same. ”

    Wow, I am so glad I’m not religious and follow a really stupid, illogical way of thinking.

    • Congratulations! You’re obviously so much smarter than every religious person out there, especially the one you’re responding to who 1. Wasn’t talking to you. And 2. was giving thoughts and prayers to a family (with children and people that were not involved with the drugs at all) to stand strong and do right…what a dumb ass!!!

  29. I’ve known these dirt rocks for DECADES. They’ve been getting away with this crap and now they finally got caught. It’s not the first time but hopefully it will be the last! As for MEEE-you must be Martha’s daughter, right? Luis and George got what they deserve! Tell your mom to get a job and work for a living like the rest of us. In fact, you need to get one too. I read your posts to the other bloggers-lmfao…so noone is sympathetic to your situation? Greed will get ya every time. You’ve been living the great life long enough. (smmfh)

  30. Know us for decades?? I doubt that or you would know that we all have jobs or go to school. Please do yourself a favor and think before you speak. You don’t know me so don’t act as if you do.

  31. Along with a lot of cars on that street – sounds like there were also a lot of haters. So I understand why they would be happy. I hope this makes you a happier person (free sucker and ms. Silverlake). God bless you.

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