Fire captain arrested in Highland Park heroin sting

A Los Angeles Fire Department captain was arrested one block away from a Highland Park fire station after he allegedly purchased heroin from undercover police officers. Capt. Matthew Phillipsen, who was arrested Wednesday afternoon near Avenue 61 and Figueroa Street, purchased seven balloons of simulated heroin from officers, according to the LAPD.  The LAPD did not say where Phillipsen is currently stationed but The Voice Newspaper said he had previously worked at Fire Station 47 in El Sereno.  The arrest took place near Fire Station 12 on Figueroa Street.

Phillipsen was booked on intention to purchase heroin and placed on $10,000 bail.

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  1. I take no pleasure in this. This man’s life is ruined because of an addiction. But it pisses me off that people are buying heroin on Fig in Highland Park. Two reasons to medicalize drug addiction (which can be done without legalizing drugs).

  2. He will be ok.. He will get a slap in the hand and retire with a good pension, he was a captain so must be a great salary. Martin your pissed because he bought it on fig, but not pissed because someone is selling it on fig.. Lol

  3. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzyyyy Chrrreeezzzyyyyyyy i have found thee here.
    and yes, Martin, think of the why not the who.

  4. Highland park is and has been a high traffic drug/gang area, its been like that for decades that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Busting a fire capt for heroin does surprise me. When it comes to trust in public saftey firefighters are held in the highest regard, we let them into our home, we rely on them to save us during disasters, and call on them when we’re at our worst. FD’s can’t afford to have the public mistrusting them, they’ll probably going to throw the book at him his career is done.

  5. There is a mile-long line of qualified applicants who aren’t addicted to heroin. I hope the man gets clean, but I don’t want to pay his bloated salary and retirement in the meantime. The public should at least be able to expect that those who respond to our emergencies aren’t strung out on smack.

  6. Jeez, sorry Jesus. Lol. I guess I was referring to drug trafficking on Fig in Highland Park and synecdochally referring to that as someone buying the stuff. I could just as easily have written “selling” the stuff. My point is that, having lived in HP for nearly 20 years, I’m still disappointed that this kind of criminal enterprise takes place here. I don’t romanticize crime too much; I would like the neighborhood to be a place where the kids can be safe from anti-social elements like drug traffickers.

  7. Truly tragic – btw, extra points for “synedochally”…

  8. addiction is a disease. it does not discriminate. from fire captains to plumbers, judges to housewives, rich to poor, any race, any religion. hopefully this is his wake up call to get on the road to recovery. former addicts and alcoholics are some of the best people i’ve ever known.

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