Police searching for gunman in Echo Park*

Police on Berkeley Avenue, east of Glendale Boulevard. Photo by Jason Cozens

Photo by Jesse Saucedo

Police have blocked off  northbound traffic on  Glendale Boulevard  near Alvarado Street in Echo Park tonight as officers search for a man who was seen with a gun. The suspect, who was first spotted near Alvarado and Delta Avenue before 9 p.m.,  ran away from officers but dropped the gun, said Sgt. Wayne Guillary with the Northeast Division. Police are now searching for the man with the help of a helicopter, and  a police K-9 unit has also been called in to help find the suspect. No shooting was reported, Guillary said.

“Everything is closed down, and if we leave the block they won’t let us back in apparently,” said one Echo Park resident.

Residents report that a growing number of police squad cars have converged at Glendale and Berkeley and officers in bullet-resistant vests were seen running on Alvarado.

Tonight’s search comes less than 24 hours after police spent at least three hours searching for a gunman in Silver Lake.

*Update:  The search ended at about 1:45 a.m on Thursday without the suspect being apprehended, Guillary said. A second suspect, however, was apprehended earlier in the evening. The incident was not related to a previous shooting or robbery, he said.
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  1. Have been wondering what all that helicopter action in the last hour was about, as well as where it was.

  2. I should have said “is,” the helicopter is still circling.

  3. there was a car accident as well, air bags deployed in an suv, north of berkeley on glendale blvd. you cant go north or south on glendale btwn scott and alvarado, nor access scott from glendale (there were crews there as well, working on something….). crazy mess!

  4. Yeah it’s crazy. I just counted 36 cops right outside my house. They’ve been there for about an hour now but they’re not really doing anything… maybe planning the next move?

  5. Oh here we go. They put on bullet proof vests and just went up the hill on Alvarado…

  6. Yeesh, loud over here by echo park and baxter, sounds pretty darn close.

  7. It’s been pretty loud/right above my place by Mohawk and Montana for the past 10 minutes or so…

  8. To get home, my husband had to loop up around by the reservoir and come back south on Glendale. He told the police he lived up this way and they said, “We’re pursuing a suspect and we can’t let you through for your safety.”

  9. About to be 11:00 the helicopter still around, need some sleep!mann..

  10. Best part of this article? “No shooting was reported, Guillary said.” So why are the police expending so many resources on this instead of protecting us from actual crime?

  11. Ugh… Not gonna be easy falling asleep with this happening on top of me. Any other place we can get more / updated info??

  12. @JOANNA ; so agree with you! ..

  13. I’m puzzled too. It says the suspect dropped the gun, so this is man is now unarmed and there was no shooting. Unless there is something missing here about this guy being wanted or something? otherwise, makes no sense to spend these resources and cause this much disruption!

  14. They’re now broadcasting (very loudly) to the suspect (who is probably LONG gone by now) from the helicopter that they are about to release the police dogs… which means people in the neighborhood have to stay inside and we can’t let our dogs out, etc. until they’re done (who knows when that will be). I had to get a police escort to walk to my car and now they just made my dad come inside… this is insane! There was no report of a crime and it’s been two hours at this point… do they really think they’re going to catch this guy? This is ridiculous.

  15. Police dogs are released…

  16. I’m certain LAPD takes this seriously for good reasons. This is obviously not a simple thief. Perhaps someone they consider dangerous and possibly still armed.

  17. The dogs!.. Ughh they love to do that.. I bet since they can find the guy them self’s

  18. i live on the hill on Alvarado and can’t get home from Glendale or Aaron. cops told me around 10 it will be at least 3 or 4 hours before we are allowed up there and if I were to park and run to my crib that the dogs would come after me hahah please keep me posted Cindy ! I’m waiting at prado hoping to sleep in my bed tonight

  19. what do you mean, “no report of a crime?” you think walking down alvarado toting a gun is legal? how about running from the police when they say “stop?”

  20. Taylor – okay, it was a victimless crime and the guy was said to have thrown the weapon as he ran – this was hours ago – so what are they still doing out there? I guarantee you that in this neighborhood they could find many many MANY other things to be doing. All 30+ of them.

  21. i can only assume/hope they know something we don’t to be using this manpower. He could have been involved in an earlier incident somewhere else, etc..
    then again, it’s lapd, so probably not.

  22. They’re never going to catch the guy now, it’s been 2 hours. I don’t understand why the helicopter is still circling. It’s almost midnight and there’s no way I’m getting to sleep with all this noise. WTF. I wonder how long this is gonna go on for…

  23. O.K., this is getting ridiculous.

  24. please tell us what’s going on right now!

  25. you guys all sound like government hating tea partiers.

  26. Um… I gotta agree with Taylor on this one. If they catch the guy, they can take his prints off the gun and he can get slapped with illegal possession of a firearm. That’s six months to a year at LA County for him and one less gun and gun toting nut off of the street.

  27. Getting? It’s been ridiculous! But yeah I agree.

  28. Cops by me said that there was a robbery and that one of two suspects was caught and that they’re still looking for the other suspect…

  29. I live right behind the post office up the hill and what I see is a helicopter lighting to this house. There is people in their running up and down. I believe there is something else going on.

  30. This guy must have really pissed someone off bc it’s quarter after one and they are STILL circling around for him.

  31. And the helicopters are still around.

  32. They just came into our yard without our permission and brought a dog onto the premises then left our gate wide open. They then started mocking us for our concern while spitting on the ground and telling us to go back inside. These cops need to learn how to act.

  33. So I got the scoop from the Sergeants on the scene… basically two cops had a guy in custody and his friend came up with a gun and pulled it on the cops. They then went for that guy but accidentally let the other guy go! So he’s running around handcuffed and they’re all looking for him and that’s what the whole thing was about. I talked to the Sergeants about their officer’s abhorrent behavior and they tried to not be accountable (is that in their handbook or something?) but said they’d be talking to them about losing the suspect and would add on the shitty way they treated us for asking them why they were in our yard with a dog (who tore up my garden by the way). The guy I talked to on the phone apologized over and over for their behavior (he was some sort of supervisor) but the guys on the scene just tried to explain it away.
    Anyway, five hours and 30 cops later and they didn’t find the guy.
    So there it is. They bungled an arrest then wasted five hours on a guy who was NOT armed, degraded us for asking them questions, then left. Good times!

  34. Same thing happened a few blocks away on Allison Ave just a few weeks ago… except the cops came back for 3-4 nights in a row. Good luck to all you guys & gals just across the way.

    Find it hilarious they lost a suspect, something right out of Seinfeld.

  35. Sounds like they caught a sissy! Aka crazy! That’s one less drive-by they’ll be doiing on people with kids or girls! The C should stand for Cowards! Scum of the earth I tell you!

  36. Actually, isn’t “toting” a gun on Alvarado still legal? Second Amendment and all. Although pointing at a cop is a bad idea. Wonder if there’d be a 4-hour chase if he’d pointed it at a civilian.

  37. My family and I were kept out of our home. 2 police cars were parked directly outside our door yet no one would assist us getting our 1 year old daughter inside. We were lucky enough to find refuge with family for the night.
    The way this was handled was simply absurd

  38. I’m sorry for the people who got stuck outside there homes, however. This neighborhood has always been like this. So try not to act so surprised that the local crime is affecting your peace.

  39. Its less about the crime in the neighborhood and more about the fact that there was no effort to accommodate the law abiding citizens who were put out by this. There were plenty of officers directly outside my front door and no one was allowed to “leave their post” to walk us in.

    It’s people like my family and neighbors who are making this a safer place to live. The smart thing to do would be not to push us out.

  40. I always cringe when you (Eastsider) make these posts in order to be helpful and then everyone dog piles, and then calls out a Hispter. There’s a formula here, I sure.

    40 comments = 10 legitimate complaints + 28 whiners/dogpilers + 2 hispter/latino insults.

    Then a kindly post by our local sergeant who explains the situation and the a few thanks yous and of course more gripes.


    frustrated by the predictability


    Except for the Hipster part, Cheeseburger may have it right. Having cops on your street and in your yard; having copters overhead disturbing your sleep; and a police dog tearing up your garden (really?) certainly makes for inconvenience . . . but having a criminal hiding out in your house or yard and hitting you in the head with your own baseball bat (for example), might be a bit of a bummer, too! But, hey, that probably only happens to other people, right?
    As for the cops being rude and/or spitting on the ground in front of you, bad manners for sure . . . but if they weren’t there, maybe the guy they were chasing would have been really rude . . . alongside your head!

  42. Opinionated old lady is A CLASSIC fascist. Go back to Italy.

  43. Opinionated Old Lady: I really can’t deal with that kind of logic to be honest (and yes, they dug my garden up because you know, the guy might have been hiding under my pepper plant – which is less than a foot tall by the way). It’s scary when you’ll accept bad behavior from the people you are PAYING to protect you simply because the bad guy would have been worse. That’s the kind of thinking that allows our rights to be taken away, and that’s not okay. Also, we have three large dogs who were in our securely fenced yard until they told us to put them inside, they were shining their light in our yard literally every 30 seconds for three hours, AND we were about 30 feet from where the 30 cops were posted up during this whole stupid thing, so the idea that the bad guy was in our yard is pretty far fetched.

    Also, the guy they were chasing, again, was NOT armed and in fact had (has?) his hands cuffed behind his back. They lied when they said the suspect was armed in order to scare people into doing what they said when the reality was that they bungled an arrest and their pride got the better of them (even their Sergeants said they were embarrassed by this whole thing and that’s why they were looking so hard for the guy).

  44. This is life in the big city. Don’t like it? The suburbs await you!

  45. Once more for clarification: The Sergeant himself told me they were NOT CHASING AN ARMED SUSPECT. They had already caught the armed suspect. They were looking for an UNARMED, HANDCUFFED SUSPECT WHO GOT AWAY.

    So all these arguments about the armed guy are based on lies told by the police in the beginning.

  46. Echo park has crowned its new new hide-and-go-seek champion.

  47. How dare those cops chase a man who had a gun. That man should be allowed to shoot you all.

  48. How incredible (again).

    I hope that for the sake of your convenience and peace the LAPD stay away from disrupting your ‘hood with stupid things like fighting crime, or ‘reports’ or crime.

    Yeah, LAPD is 100% welcome to take calls to my ‘hood and I will never whine about them doing their job which is to protect US! Not THEM! LAPD runs toward gunshots (or people w/guns), we run away. What do you expect them to do??? They’re damned if they do, they’re damned if they don’t. Unbelievable.

    All you whiners, if really serious about this, should bring the issue up at your local neighborhood council. See how well that goes over, lol.

  49. Agreed fleaman, thanks for speaking up.

  50. It’s amazing how little reading comprehension some of you have. The guy didn’t have a gun. What don’t you all understand about that? He should be able to SHOOT people because they didn’t like the way the LAPD handled the situation (yet again)? What a hateful and stupid thing to say. You ought to be ashamed of your self, you hateful fool.

  51. TK – the guy DID NOT HAVE A GUN. How many times do you need to hear that? Go ahead and call the station if you don’t believe me (unless you just like saying awful things like that). They were pride chasing, not chasing because he was dangerous. The guy had his hands cuffed behind his back! Ridiculous.

  52. So if I’m a bad guy, as long as I don’t have a gun, but I run from the LAPD (which of course don’t KNOW you have a gun or not until you’re apprehended and SEARCHED), and LAPD doesn’t know what you did yet (that’s what friggin investigations are for, lol), LAPD should just ‘let it go’ if it’s in your ‘hood? Because, again, it’s all about me, Me, ME, and MY convenience.

    God help you when you really do need the LAPD and the guy doing you harm has NO gun and the rest of your neighbors are just like ‘YOU’, they don’t give a f*&ck, they’re all about me Me ME and ‘My’ convenience also! So they bitch to the council/LAPD to stay away unless it’s a ‘Real’ ‘known’ ‘crime’ with a ‘gun’!!

    Yet if ANY of the whiners here looked out their window and saw a guy break THEIR car window glass, ransacked/try to steal their car, guess what? They’re calling LAPD! And when LAPD shows up and the guy runs (w/o any ‘visible’ gun), LAPD shouldn’t bother chasing or putting a perimeter up, right? Just let it go, right? ‘cos he’ll be right back breaking into your car again…only after you had just replaced your door window, lol.

    Yeah, love all the armchair LAPD critics. No Clue.

  53. Luckily the LAPD isn’t so vain (as the rest of the whiners) to see this blog and say; ‘f&*ck that ‘hood, we’ll prioritize our calls to other areas first, people in that ‘hood don’t appreciate our efforts.

    I say ‘luckily’ for the sake of the rest of the people in your hood that DO appreciate LAPD’s efforts.

  54. Flea man,

    The LAPD had not only already searched him, but handcuffed him too! So they knew that not only did he not have a gun (the Sergeant TOLD ME THIS STRAIGHT UP) but they knew he didn’t even have use of his hands and they still did all this. The guy pretty much told me it was a pride thing. Sorry if you don’t like hearing that, but your arguments are based on a situation that didn’t even happen. Fact check before you start hurling insults and standing on your soapbox please.

  55. @Fleaman…did you consider how many of the people in other parts of the area who at the same time “looked out their window and saw a guy break THEIR car window glass, ransacked/try to steal their car” and just as you suggested called LAPD but got no response because LAPD had diverted most/all of their resources so disproportionately to this? I think the controversy is about the overreach not the response.

  56. Ok SL-er and Cindy, you’re solution is to let a handcuffed suspect ‘free’ if they can’t find him in a timely matter?

    Ever consider why a guy, who’s handcuffed, might run?

    I don’t get it. If a handcuffed guy can evade LAPD within a certain time period (say and hour), he’s free? ;; “Well guys, it’s been an hr and we can’t find him, he may still be in SL-er’s and Cindy’s ‘hood, but we can’t disturb them anymore, so lets go and be on-call/ready for that car break in call we might get.”

    Nice message to send to all the bad guys. Just run and hopefully if it’s late and the neighbors need to sleep, “I’ll probably get away!!”


  57. @Cindy> Please tell me EXACTLY what LAPD should have done, timeline wise, after they unfortunately let a handcuffed suspect out of their custody?

    I mean, you’re on your soapbox too, right? So lay it out specifically other than just generally whining about it. Then I can at least respect that you put some thought into it beyond what appears to be ‘ME’ type thinking.


    CINDY: Apologies for my somewhat snide remarks. I don’t have any fresh peppers but I do have a California Chili plant I could share.
    BIG MAN: (First off, I’ll definitely take your word for that!) On your admonition calling me a Facist and telling me to “go back to Italy,” sorry . . . I’ve been accused of being a Liberal Democrat but the closest I’ve been to Italy is having lunch at Little Joe’s in Chinatown (probably before you were born). But, hey, it looks like you needed to find someone to vent your spleen on, so I’m pleased to accidently have done a public service.

  59. @Fleaman….nowhere did either Cindy or I advocate setting a handcuffed suspect free. The question was of the (dis)proportion of the response.

    While you are keen on “nice messages to send the bad guys” let’s try a message using your ‘no amount of force/time spent is too much’ logic…. “hey bad guys, if you create a big enough diversion, the LAPD will way over react and divert all their resources to that spot and stay distracted there for hours and that will leave huge swaths of the city unprotected and ripe for our real goal”.

    BTW – did you even notice in the main post that even with all this huge response (which you appear to be advocating as not too much) that the guy got away anyway? Maybe a smaller more strategic response would have had a better outcome than creating large scale neighborhood chaos in which he was evidently able to escape – and a whole neighborhood might have been allowed to go home and/or sleep.

    Dumb is right.

  60. @SL-er, Then I’ll ask you the same exact question I posed to Cindy, who has yet to respond (maybe never), what exactly should have LAPD done response wise? How my cars, officers? How much of a perimeter? And for how long? Since you’re complaining about an “(dis)proportion of response”, then lay out what would have been ‘proportionate’?

    Oh, and how in the hell should I respond (or LAPD for that matter) to your response of “the guy got away anyway”?? Really? Are you kidding me? Like the LAPD can predict the future and not even bother with searching?? Or perhaps, they just intact a policy of not even searching if the odds are high that they may not find the guy, so why bother? Finding a guy in handcuffs should be easy, even if they failed.

    Oh, and please list the exact specifics of ‘WHY’ this was such a “(dis)proportion of response”, since you must be privy to the details of who the suspect was, he’s criminal record and any other crimes he may or may not have been suspected of being connected to by the LAPD? So far all you know is what the LAPD is releasing to the public, you have no idea who this ‘perp’ might of been, or do you?

    Finally, I’ll give you this scenario> Guy comes up and Mugs you SL-er or your closest family member (beats you over the head with a bottle, etc.), steals some of your personal items and runs. LAPD is called, description is sent out and a squad car observes someone matching the description nearby, detains them (for the investigation) and by goof (of the LAPD), the guy in handcuffs runs (since he has personal items of yours that can i.d. him for the mugging crime, yet lapd don’t know this yet). Tell me, what response should LAPD have to this? Please be specific.

  61. And let me get this straight SL-er, you’re upset because LAPD’s over-response inconvenienced you, correct?

    Please, specifically itemize how you were inconvenienced so that we can all judge whether this is just an all about ‘Me’ complaint, or whether you actually have some real merit to your inconvenience vs. LAPD doing their job (even if they are over-doing it)?

  62. WAs this the doing of the “Echo Parque” gang members again?..these guys are overwhelming you see them on the street and know there up to no good walking around on glendale blvd with hoodie sweatshirts and there hand on their waist”the cops are doing the best they can to apprehend these suspects and its well appreciated bfore they just end up hurting one of there rival gang members’ or just an innocent bystander. thank you LAPD

  63. That was my speculation but my post was removed, lets not point fingers eh, heads in the sand time.

  64. So Sergeant Arellano came by tonight (just now) and apologized for the bad actions of his officers. He also replaced some of the property they ruined last night. He explained that some of his officers can have bad attitudes but he doesn’t want us to think that’s how they all are. It was really cool of him to come by and offer the olive branch (as he put it). His men were still jerks, but at least those in charge have the balls to admit when they’re wrong.

    Fleaman – sorry but your questions are so ridiculous I can’t even answer them. You’re clearly missing the point and I’m not interested in arguing with someone who can’t even comprehend basic ideas. Sorry.

  65. Just shows the inexperience in the new gang unit.

  66. “…One suspect apprehended, one suspect evades capture.”

    Honesty check, is your posting glass half-empty (one evades capture) or half-full (one apprehended)?

  67. Fleaman, you’re a troll.. And your questions are loaded, ridiculous and not constructive. I go to a lot of city council meetings and I know Cindy does too. Have I seen you there before? just checking..

  68. @Cindy> My posts were about people being inconvenienced with sleep, etc., due to a LAPD perimeter search, etc. I agree with you about your yard/property and disrepute from Officers, that is not what I was questioning. I’m glad you clarified what happened. Perhaps I overlooked that in a previous post. But I can assume that you wouldn’t want the LAPD to ‘Not’ search/perimeter when they lose someone they have in custody, etc.? Even if that means peoples sleep might be disrupted??

    @Macho Mouse> Same question applies.

  69. Fleaman = troll

  70. I like how all the posters calling me a ‘troll’ (which btw, are probably the same poster(s) signing in with different names—something i wouldn’t do of course, since that would make me a troll, lol), aren’t able to answer my simple question(s)? All they have done so far, is to call me names and not debate or attempt to answer my simple question(s)? THAT sounds like the classic description of a ‘troll’.

    Other than what happened on Cindy’s property (which I agree with her about, LAPD shouldn’t disrespect her or her property), it seems that everyone who’s complaining about their sleep disruption haven’t clarified what the conditions would be for LAPD to ‘pack in the towel’ so to speak regarding the search that night. It’s easy to complain, and actually, that’s fine, but to infer the LAPD was doing this out of ‘pride’ and not for the safety of the community is a rather insinuating accusation, and if true, should be brought up at a city council meeting as Macho Mouse and Cindy claim to attend.

    So, I’m not gonna respond to any more posts that just call me a ‘troll’ w/o being constructive to the actual questions posed. AND, to put the $$$ where the mouth is; if Macho Mouse and/or Cindy are willing to bring up this specific event (about a ‘over response’) at a city council meeting, which of course they can, then tell me the date and I’ll be there.

    And Cindy, I honestly can’t remember if you were one of the posters complaining about the ‘over response’ due to your property damage or if it was due to the length of the search? Again, I agree with you about your property, I was only questioning the posts from people who were complaining about the length of the search, if you weren’t complaining about that, then I apologize.

    And BTW, last night I got home at 4am due to being indirectly inconvenienced by a LAPD perimeter search in Hollywood (highland/franklin). I was with a friend who could not get to her apt as it was behind the perimeter for 3-4+ hrs by that point. I sat with her on the curb (along w/many others who couldn’t get home), until we gave up and took a taxi back to my place. Surprisingly, even though these people were on the corner for many hrs, and while upset they couldn’t get home (couple guys were freezing in shorts), they weren’t blaming the LAPD for it. And while it’s of course not the exact situation as this thread, I was surprised that at least in face to face person, no one was blaming the LAPD for doing their Job.

  71. Yes those Echo park gangmembers are dangerous me and husband allways see that guys last year we saw them on la veta writting on are nice walls there was like 5 guys I still got the picture of what they wrote like exp gang only lame killers I wonder what they mean by that and there was 4 four names snapper,crimes,Blacky,and Felon we called the police and rampart came knocking in are door these guys steal cars shoot innocent people we as a comunity need to stop this !

  72. echo park friendly

    Sum of the ECHO PARK members are not bad people they are nice they just chose to live that life the names u wrote whyt I got to meet them they are brigth person they take care of this are or else u would have black people walking around making things gethod , we all do bad things

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