Will the third name be the charm for this Echo Park condo project?

The 36-unit townhouse development at the northwest corner of Echo Park and Delta avenues – a.k.a. Chicken Corner – has gone through at least three ownership and name changes since it was first proposed more than five years ago. The first name was the rather straightforward Echo Park Townhomes when it was controlled by Lennar Homes and Civic Enterprise. “We felt the neighborhood and Chicken Corner spoke for themselves and didn’t want to force a name,” said Mott Smith of Civic Enterprise.

After Lennar sold off the unbuilt project to Angelus Development, the Echo Park Townhomes became known as The Durbin, a name that left many puzzled as to its meaning. After Angelus lost the development to the bank, the most recent owner, Texas home builder D.R. Horton, has renamed the project yet again. It’s now called 36 on Echo.

The first units in the newly renamed development are scheduled to be available next spring, said Jonathan R. Smith Senior Vice President at Horton. Meanwhile,  some residents have another name for the project: noisy. Smith said he would look into complaints from some neighbors who said construction work was beginning before 7 a.m. on weekdays.

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  1. They most DEFINITELY start before 7am which is against the LAW! We’ve gone down and asked them to stop and reminded them of the ordinance a couple of times and they ignored us and said they were doing their jobs. Not a good way to start with the neighborhood AT ALL

  2. How about “Crap”?

  3. i’m still referring to it as “a pile of garbage in a pit on echo” until they prove me wrong.

  4. Though I like the directness of Crap in Echo Park, my own sensibilities lean towards something like “The Anathema.”

  5. I would vote for Mierda Vista Estates. Sounds classy.

  6. Chavez Revenge.

  7. I think by Spring, there will be nothing but condos in Echo Park. So why not call it what it is, “The Inevitable at Echo Park”

  8. I was going to say let’s just call it “Ugly,” but after reading the other comments I’m casting my vote for Mierda Vista Estates. Seems like someone could do new development without it being by definition crappy-looking.

  9. The whole “break up the out-of scale building into different colored bays with jaunty rooflines” thing is so lame. it looks cheap. i was hoping someone with a clue would buy it and at least be smart enough to update it to meet the market’s taste. Do these people do any market research? a decent architect could make them so much more profit and quickly with something that looks current. .. but they will have a hard time finding someone who wants a condo that looks like pasadena who also wants to live in echo park. . . those are two different people

  10. These new construction projects are so shoddily built one Gangsta bullet would travel through the walls of all 36 units.

  11. Yep, this has always looked like the cover of a ULI textbook.

  12. Las Cagadas at Culo Valley

  13. Las Pollas Ranch

  14. The Chingate Way Townhouses

  15. Is “next spring” 2012 or 2013…hoping it’s 2013. And what about parking?!


    You can dress it up in Spanish but you are right . . . it is still Chicken Shit Corner.

  17. Back when the Morton Ave “senior housing project ” was being planned they invited the neighbors for design comments. My observations were that most of the Echo Park/Elysian Heights community had to look down on it from different directions, not just drive by, and the big block roof with exposed AC units was minimized. Here at least they ARE trying to break it up, maybe a little too much but it could be a whole lot worse. Gone are the days of a community of craftsman homes and a few spanish style in the hills and valleys of Edendale, but Echo Park has become stuccoed long enough… If something has to be built, I’d rather this than a box of 50 boxes. Now let’s start talking about how many onsite parking spaces are going to exist per 35 units and to imagine how Barlow’s site is going to become out of place.

  18. Sorry… 36. But if you would rather have what 15 Group are planning at Coffee Table, I’m moving.

  19. I have no clue what your point was.

  20. My point about Ex-Coffee Table development is that it is a box of crap design from Miami… My point of 36 on Echo is that I am glad I don’t live on Rowena and that this has some character to it and an interesting roof breakup so I don’t look down at HVAC units exposed as my view, like the original design of the Morton Ave. development was as planned. My point was that has the local population been invited to the design process like we used to in this community… I haven’t. Get a clue dude.


  22. If they continue working before 7am, call the Noise Enforcement Team at 213-996-1250.

    From http://www.lapdonline.org/contact_us/content_basic_view/9663#2c

    What are the regulations regarding construction-related noise?
    The regulations regarding construction-related noise prohibit a person, between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. of the following day, from performing any construction or repair work of any kind. However, there are exceptions to this ordinance contained in three different subsections. For clarification, contact the Noise Enforcement Team at 213-996-1250
    The Noise Enforcement Team (NET) is responsible for the investigation of complaints of ongoing and aggravated noise which require monitoring with sound level meters or which are of a habitual nature. Two common examples are a garage or residence being used as a rehearsal hall or local bars where music or amplified sound disturbs those residing or working in the area. You can contact the Noise Enforcement Team at 213-996-1250.

  23. Has anyone heard anything about whether there will be a parking area with this development? Cause if not, the people moving in are screwed as well as those who live next to it.

  24. I pray the new owner is vigilant about keeping the area surrounding the property clean at least. This construction already destroyed the street in front of it when they dug the sewer.
    The original development that failed was locked in by community vote to provide 2 parking spaces per unit even if the extra construction wasn’t subsidized. Is this still the case?
    Also, I hope this construction is mixed use so at least the neighborhood could get a little new creative independent businesses out of it.

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