Boyle Heights’ haunted hospital to be turned into senior housing

Photo by PhotoJenInc/Flickr

The former Linda Vista Hospital in Boyle Heights closed more than 20 years ago but it has been far from vacant. The hospital overlooking Hollenbeck Park has proven to be a popular spot for TV and movie shoots as well as believers in the paranormal, who have promoted the nearly century-old hospital as one of L.A.’s most haunted places.  But the hospital’s days of hosting movie shoots and paranormal investigations is quickly coming to and end after the entire hospital property on the 600 block of St. Louis Street has been purchased by an affordable housing developer, which plans to build about 100 units of senior housing and medical offices within the landmark structure.  Construction work on the first phase of the approximately  $37 million project is scheduled to begin early next year, said Maurice Ramirez, executive vice president for AMCAL, an affordable housing developer.

“With the shortage of housing and affordable housing, this is a good fit with what can be done with the building,” Ramirez said.

AMCAL purchased the property a few years after a previous developer announced plans to convert the hospital, a national historic landmark, into market-rate condos. But those plans fell apart with the economy.

Ramirez said the firm plans to renovate the two major buildings on the site – the main hospital building and a former nurses’ residence – that have been recognized as historic landmarks. The first phase of construction would begin in February on the nurses building,which will be converted into 24 apartments for seniors on limited incomes. The, second, more ambitious part of the project would include building 74 apartments  in the upper floors of the main hospital and ground floor medical offices. AMCAL still needs to find funds to convert the main hospital but he said work could begin at the end of 2012.


  1. Just biking by the place at night gave me the heebeejeebees. Still, I’ll kind of miss it when it’s gone.

  2. The so. cal. paranormal community at LARGE

    Glad to see that the hospital will now fall in to the hands of a organization with a useful cause and aim for the welfare of people and serving the community as opposed to sole profit and misguidance in the paranormal community.

  3. Very good! I’m hoping this means Ghost Adventures won’t be back!

  4. “Okay Grandma. This is where you’ll be living now…FOR ETERNITY”

  5. It’s a shame to see this unique historic landmark become renovated into senior housing. Linda Vista Community Hospital has an outstanding resume of history attached to it. I will hate to see it go, although I dont know how the senior’s are going to feel about being accompanied by angry spirits after the renovation is complete. The hauntings at Linda Vista are sincerely real, i’ve encountered a spirit their myself along with some of my family members. We decided to talk our way into the insane asylum where the mental patients were stationed. I’ve been touched and also heard voices& screams of a woman and baby. My cousin and I felt and heard someone walk right by me and him, as we turned to see who was there,we saw no signs of anyone playing a hoax. We automatically new that we weren’t alone so we quickly ran into one of the patients room with the rest of our group. These ghostly spirits are stuck at Linda Vista for reasons we will never know for sure, but one thing I do know is they want to be left alone in ther last resting place called home. Therefore I stand by not renovating this historical landmark:) Do the right thing!

  6. I’d love to check this place out and take some photos before they renovate/demolish it. Here’s hoping it’s not too late.

  7. I am not sure how safe it would be for any people to live there if there are a lot of spirits hanging around. The residents might have a heart attack if they see an apparition or are scared to death by any lingering spirits. I wouldn’t want to live there.

  8. you peolpe are crazy, this hospital is one of the most intrasting parts of boyle hieghts destroying it would be like destroying a peice of the people who live in this neighborhood.

  9. Booooooooooo!
    this should be LEFT AS IS!
    Linda Vista DOES NOT NEED TO BE TURNED INTO SENIOR HOUSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well it is Senior Housing already, I’m living there, on the fourth floor. The building is put to good use. It’s not going to be torn down or anything like that because the building is strong and well made. So what other thing did you have in mind for it? Offices for the paranormal? Mental Health offices, another hospital? What?
      “Old people” are people too, and you’re going to be old too. It’s not nice to say mean things about the aging because everyone is aging.
      You are welcome to come visit me after dark…just kidding…, when nothing happens here, because it’s quiet and safe.

  10. This is just disgusting!!! Turn something that is a true historical site & TRULY HAUNTED location into a place for people already on the verge of death? What the hell is wrong with you people! I realize that most people that are at the level of executives and simple profiteers(entrepreneurs) don’t hold any regard for the paranormal or any of the sort but honestly, take a look at what your true profit margin will be once you have a ton of “old people” dying from what seems like natural causes or worse yet, heart attacks after seeing ghost and possibly evil spirits. I hope that they attach themselves to you & haunt your families!!! Reality check, too many horrific deaths have happened in this world and specifically that place to think its ok to mess around with these things! Haven’t you watched poltergeist??? Leave it alone & let them rest! Tear it down, bless the land & rebuild if you want it that bad! (coming from a fellow entrepreneur but intelligent one)

  11. I guess they figure that old folks with dementia and alzheimer’s won’t complain about the spiritual residue of that place. Or maybe they just don’t need to listen.

  12. took photos here last jan, it was a rainy day so that just made it even better. no ghosts though.

  13. The building will be missed. I personally, don’t want to see the building go. I think it’s the stupidest idea to make it into a senior housing for the poor. If the place is haunted, I’m sure there will be poltergeists/apparitions, etc over at this place. The hospital is part of history. You can’t demolish history cause it will remain with us FOREVER! PLEASE! SAVE THIS BUILDING!!! 🙁

  14. The reality is that once it becomes (affordable) senior housing the ones that will be living there will most likely be that of color…latinos, african american, etc. History repeats itself for the ones that will be living within these walls…patients left and forgotten in an inner city hospital, rejection and possibly torment on the behalf of poorly trained staff and the presence of the non living. The bagage this place carries will not be put to rest simply by adding newly painted walls and modern furniture. You would think that all the money that movie companies made off this place can be used to voice their protection of this place and funds to rescue this landmark.

  15. Okay that would be one scary place to use as a senior housing. There is still human ash in the incinerators in the basement so the place is even a final resting place for several Jane/john doe’s. Its disturbing many of the afterlife remodeling the place.

  16. First of all, there are no such things as ghosts. Some places definitely have a creepy feel, but that’s more to do with bad design than anything else. “Ghosts”, like “God”, are human creations to help people deal with the finality and sorrow of death. As for ghost sightings, people who want to believe can convince themselves they see anything.

    Second, are you people really against affordable senior housing? Really? Why does our fear of death and mortality lead us to treat the elderly so horribly in this country?

  17. You can tear down the building, but that doesnt get rid of the spirits as they will haunt the new residence with more anger and energy than before because the renovations will just make the spirits more angry and dangerous. At least have mediums go through the building to try to move the trapped spirits into the light before people try to live on a very haunted location.

  18. If you believe or not on paranormal, would you like to be an inmate of this place?

  19. i dont think they should renovate and turn into housing for this reason:its haunted!! !was at hollenbeck park just across the street and in the forth or fifth story window i saw a man wearing white looking down towards the street!!!!!i waved to him and he dissappeared!i mean like vanished!!!!it was then that i noticed all the activity of the people taking pictures with and of the hospital!!!!i asked why they where taking pics etc. and was told why!this was a few days ago!!!!the whole reason this place is so haunted is because of the ashes that still remain in the basement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i wonder what would happen if they where removed from the building?and what if and when they demolish this building or renovate it and it lets the spirits loose into the surrounding neighborhoods?by the way i would be willing to move those ashes myself to the proper resting place!!!!i mean how could someone just leave all those remains behind and not make sure they are treated properly!perhaps those remains are the dirty work of an in confident doctor or a guilty one!!!!!but we will never know!!!! im not crazy i did see that doctor in that window!

  20. If the hospital is rebuilt, the spirits will be more restless. Who knows? Seniors who will live in the apartments might die of heart attacks or strokes or who knows what else might kill them. More casualties. My niece and her friends did pass by this hospital months ago when they got lost. Fortunately, they were in a van driven by one of her friends’ mom. They took photos and captured three spirit orbs. I’d like to stop by, but since it’s in Boyle Heights, I fear for my safety AND I don’t want to be accused of trespassing. I think, ghost believer or cynic, this hospital should NOT be altered. Unless….there are ways to help the spirits move on, then let it be done so. I’m a ghost believer btw. It’s saddening that there are troubled spirits – people who passed away in the wrong time and place.

    • I lived across the street (backside) of the hospital of my first 18 years watching the movie crews. Haunted? No. Unless your mind plays games. No spirits there. Hurry and build the home. Looks like ill need it someday. I was always at the park. Awh the good old days.

  21. Does anyone know if mediuims or anyone like this has been at the site prior to the opening of phase one which is the old mental facility ??? Its opening in a couple of weeks.

  22. make sure it’s blessed before you have seniors living there.

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