Eastside Property: Check your brakes before visiting this Echo Park home

bank-owned, Echo Park home that just went up for sale on Fargo Street comes on a large hillside lot with a view of the Hollywood sign. But perhaps the more eye-popping view is what awaits the owners every time they pull out of the drive way and head down on what is one of the city’s steepest streets.  In fact, Fargo Street is so steep that it hosts an annual bike endurance contest called the Fargo Street Hill Climb.  Of course, there’s also the weekly endurance test facing the city’s sanitation trucks. The real estate listing prepares the buyer for the home’s ski-slope like setting:

Remodeled hilltop house with view of Hollywood sign on super quiet (and super steep) street

Perhaps the bank can include new car brake pads with its $399,900 asking price.


  1. Today the City wouldn’t allow properties to be built on a street of that grade (33% grade I believe?). Fargo along with Baxter and others were developed before the city outlawed developing on grades this steep. Since the 50’s it’s been limited to grades of about 15% or less.

    I have a friend who bought a nice house on those streets a couple of years ago and one thing that seems to be a perk is that thieves tend to avoid houses on grades this steep!

  2. I had a listing across the street years ago and chugged up the hill in my car to do a brokers open. The street was so steep that when I got inside, the pizza I brought was stuck to the top of the box!

  3. Planning Lady:
    Care to comment on the grade? Those that reside on steep hillsides with substandard streets would like to know.

  4. That house is a whole lotta “meh”. The listing says it was built in 1908 but almost all of the historical character has been removed from the house. Sad face.

  5. love the neighborhood. lots of parking. big lot. but that’s a whole lot of ugly on the insides.

  6. I’ve failed on several Fargo Street Hill Climb events to bike to the top, my best being about three-quarters up zig-zagging slooooowly before losing all momentum and balance and having to put a foot down. One of these years, Fargo. One. of. these. years!

  7. The only other semi-local street that rivals Fargo and Baxter in terms of steepness is Eldred, off of Avenue 50 in Highland Park. I read about Eldred Street in an L.A. Times article years ago (see the link below), and it’s definitely steep. To make matters worse, it’s a dead-end street, so at some point drivers are forced to make a three-point u-turn. I felt my car was going to tip over when I turned around. According to the article, there’s also a street in San Pedro that has a similar grade. San Francisco’s Lombard Street’s got nothing on us!


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