Echo Park Laundry Cycle: Wash, rinse, dance – repeat

Lucy’s Laundrymart in Echo Park, which once hosted some stand-up comedy acts, is once again in the spotlight in this video titled “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching.”  The customers and staff don’t seem to pay much mind as the dancer – identified as actress Angela Trimbur – spins, gyrates and skips between the machines.


  1. This never happens when I do laundry.

  2. Well, then you need to dance more, Quitter! 😀

  3. This made me smile.

  4. …but the backup dancers need some more rehearsal

  5. just another day at Lucy’s 🙂

  6. Can we do a flash mob at Lucy’s?

  7. no, you can’t

  8. ha ha nice dance moves yo, but all i’m sayin is, she can get away with it cuz she a hipster. if this gurl wud’ve been african american or latina, the po po would’ve problaby arrested her *ss

  9. Nah,Contra Versy, I doubt it. If she were male, maybe so, but women – of any race – aren’t scrutinized as closely as men are when they do creative (or weird) stuff in public. Anyway, she looks Latina – she might not be, but she does look a bit Latina to me.

  10. hmm, imma go bust a move there and c wat happens. post my bail bro. lemme just go smoke 1 first

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