Police searching for parolee in Echo Park*

Police units in Echo Park  are searching for a parolee at-large near Fairbanks Place and Scott Avenue, according to early reports.  Officers are in the process of closing off nearby streets as a helicopter hovers overhead.  The search began at about 11:30 p.m. following a police foot pursuit of a suspect wanted by the gang unit, said Sgt. Wayne Guillary with the Northeast Division. He said there had been no reports of a shooting related to incident.

* Update on Sunday, Dec. 25:  Officers at the Northeast Division on Sunday morning, Dec. 25 had no details about when the search ended or if the suspect was apprehended.


  1. Yep, was enjoying listening to all the neighborhood parties in progress, but now all I can hear is the helicopter. What a way to ruin Christmas Eve!

    • just crank up the music and complain to the LAPD for ruining another nite of peace and quiet. not to mention all those wasted tax dollars trying to prove a point.

  2. Once again they failed!!!! That’s my dawg!!!!! You aint catching no crackhead

  3. Can hear the chopper. Now just heard a few gunshots? This seems to be coming an Echo Park Christmas tradition.

  4. Go get him LAPD, it does not ruin Christmas a banger in jail is a good day and @ lopez if he’s “your dawg” I hope LAPD finds you URL and questions you on harboring a fugitive. Echo Park is no longer a banger hood.. Bye bye EXP and ALL gangs. You are worthless.

  5. Jesus fucking Christ– it’s been two fucking hours. Whoever you were chasing, he’s gone. You failed. Go land the god damn chopper and let the neighborhood fucking sleep.

  6. @ Ck relax that’s how it seems rite now, if anything this gang has been here befor you! And its still here!!! If u only new these how corrupt thses “LAPD” cats are!! Sso Relax!!

  7. @ Ck and these so called ” gangsters” you noe there still human!! Still people that live there lives , Not worthless like u say!! They stand up for wut the belive un like others!!!! Booo!! You ck!!!

    • Worthwhile lives would do something other than be in a street gang, wouldn’t you think? Like maybe make a positive contribution to the world instead of tagging and threatening other people over petty issues (girls, territory, drugs, etc)?

      • Excuse me, did you forget the dirty cops at RAMPART! How about our good old President Obama, hanging with a bunch of his thugs in Chicago, please you lucky that you can walk the streets of Sunset and Echo Park!

    • no human is worthless. let’s show some love for humankind on christmas! it’s this kind of disregard for human life that infects a community.

      on a more political note, it’s no secret that LAPD is corrupt, and uses more force (and tax dollars, and air units) than necessary.

      reader’s should think more critically about news stories. there’s always more going on than the media reports.

  8. This is kind of a rediculous report. The police are not searching for a parolee at large! It is neither a crime nor a parole offense to be a parolee! They are searching for a suspect in a crime. OK, so WHAT IS THE CRIME, what happened — that’s the story here, not that the police are after someone for being on parole?

  9. In any event, it was not a silent night.

  10. can we please get an update eastsider? what happened?? if my tax dollars are paying for the chopper’s gas, i’m entitled to know what happened. merry xmas.

  11. ck is a white troll

  12. It’s interesting to read how many apologists the criminals and gang members have working for them. It makes me wonder if they have pooled their ill-gotten gains and hired a public-relations firm.

    I have noticed that the defenses for criminal gangs usually fall into one or all of the following categories: 1. Gang members have lived in this neighborhood for a long time (i.e., they are an integral part of the community); 2. Gang members and criminals are just people, too (i.e., their activities are just as valid as those of every other community member); 3. People who criticize gang members are gentrifiers and cultural invaders who seek to homogenize the area and remove its “flavor;” 4. Only God can judge others. All I can say is that it must be cool to have such a devoted fan club. I wish we law-abiding folks had such devoted followers.

    • @James: Good points, all.

      Gangs not an integral part of any community, rather, they help destroy it. Talk all you want about “hipster” and yuppy gentrifiers, but violent gang members do the most damage to everyone.

      As for the whole “don’t judge, only God can” spiel that comes up when someone defends a gang member (usually in all caps and bad grammar), what kind of God condones violent criminal activity, usually for one’s own personal gain? Isn’t it insulting to law-abiding Christians (or whatever religion you are) that gang members and their apologists justify criminal behavior under the cover of religion?

  13. P.S.: I’m surprised the moderator allows someone to post with the screen name “Anitta Kuhm.” Whoever is using that screen name is not a German woman; it’s a guy who is proclaiming his unmet “needs.”

  14. @tom-parolee at large means he’s wanted by the state parole for not checking in or for doing something to violate his parole conditions.

    • Yes, a parole violation, which might be an outright new crime or just a status offense. And we should not have to presume. And we should not have to translate jargon — jargon should not be in the story. The story is not that they are chasing someone on parole, but that they are chasing someone who committed this or that offense. Rest assured, all that police action was not for failing to report to the parole office last week! What offense is this all about — it is just plain negligence to not address that in the story. More presumption: to expend all that police action for simply missing a parole check in last week? I would have to presume not. WHAT HAPPENED to bring on such a massive manhunt?

  15. HAha, all you gang/criminal supporters just make me laugh. First off know your history of EP. It was the first film center on LA, it was known as Red Hill cause of the Left and communists opinions. EP was known for artists, writers and film makers. NOT banger’s who steal cars, break into cars, tag on walls and property they don’t own, deal drugs and do drive by shootings. So if you are a criminal/banger enabler then you are a mental midget. Wish me all the cancer you want, call me any name you can think of, then go send a family member or friend in prison a holiday card cause your road is DEAD END. Merry Christmas…

  16. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

  17. @tom- yes for not checking in to ur parole officer is a felony offense, so the officers will cause all of this just to capture him because the parolee ran because he doesn’t want to be locked up.

  18. Santa Claus delivers presents to local police station patrol??

    Does the parolee-at-large search require a temporary shift holdover?

    Those already scheduled to go off-duty on Christmas day still get to spend the holiday at home with family, Xmas stockings now bulging with an extra 4 hours of double O.T.

  19. @ leghorn- you do know the city hasn’t paid officers cash o.t for the past 2 years and are not going to for 3 more years. They get comp time and forced days off. Doesn’t nobody read a
    Newspaper no more.

    • @ Jesus is here: Is that true? I read the newspaper (online) everyday and even as recently as this past weekend they were reporting that LAPD overtime alone for the OccupyLA raid cost $1.2 million (out of the total 2.3 million). Are you saying that they don’t actually get paid that overtime? (Sorry to go off topic but I find Jesus Is Here’s comment very interesting…)

  20. @rizzo- it was part of the contract agreement, take a pay cut or no cash overtime with comp time and forced days off. It’s been like for 2 1/2 years. For occupy l.a , they called officers that wr on their day off and actually paid them cash, wr the city go the money to pay them nobody
    Knows, but it wasn’t near to that amount. But of course the commanding officers that are on call do get cash overtime like capt prokop from newton division on top of his 100,000 + salary a year..

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