Police seeking answers and suspects in Atwater shootings

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Police are asking for the public’s help as they try to sort out a pair of Saturday night shootings in Atwater Village – including one at a party thrown by high school-age students – that left three men injured.  All three victims – believed to be gang members – survived the shootings but police are looking for more information to help identify potential suspects, said a police officer involved with the investigation.  The shootings – on the 4100 block of Chevy Chase Drive and the 3300 block of La Clede Avenue  – both took place at about the same time but it’s still not clear if they were related.  “We don’t know the circumstances,” said the officer.

In the first shooting, a known Atwater Village gang member in his early 20s was shot by members of a rival gang as he rode a bike on Chevy Chase Drive at about 11:40 p.m.  In the second shooting, which took place at about the same time, two gang members from the East Hollywood were shot during a party thrown by high school students, said the officer, who declined to be identified. The victims might have gotten into a fight after crashing the party, according to the officer.  “The kids [throwing the party] did not know the victims.”

Anyone with information about the shootings are asked to contact the Northeast Division gang unit at 323-344-5701 or submit information anonymously.


  1. Just a couple of holiday-season Saturday night drive-bys.

    There is no need for public alarm.

    Its only the homies celebrating a record year of fake concern,

    fake compassion,

    and fake investigations

    from their favorite folks on the City payroll

    the northeast station Defectives.

  2. To Foghorn Leghorn: Those City payroll Defectives keep your streets safe and put their lives on the line.

  3. Can’t they just put all of these “known ” gang members in a gym together and let them finish each other off? LA would be such a better place without these vermin.

  4. The harsh terminology chosen is not directed towards anybody serving on uniformed patrol.

    Rest assured its not comfortable having to call out a select group of grown men with senior ranking who carry the badge under their coat and tie.

    I don’t see them putting their lives on the line and I wouldn’t expect them to.
    I do expect them to practice a thorough and comprehensive methodology of information collection,organization and integration – with the ultimate goal of determining the truth.

    It is very convenient to grab on to a theory of homicide which may be highly improbable, if not impossible – as long as it also becomes an excuse for skipping the usual legwork.

    A most emeritus Defective of northeast was recently quoted in a local newspaper report. Speaking of the man currently held in jail and the case against him for the murder of a young man who worked as a restaurant waiter and pizza delivery person on Aug 7, 2011 – “the LAPD is in a holding pattern.”

    Let’s be more specific, since the Defective carries this case in his work assignment – “I, with 30 years in the department, have been in a holding pattern since the moment i set foot upon the scene of this young mans demise. But don’t worry folks – i don’t forget to cash my paycheck every month.”

    Does this assignment and the inexplicably, stupefyingly bungled assignment as primary investigator on the Bryan Stow assault case merely represent the management helping granpa earn enough work credits to make full pension before Easter?

    Fine enough. Then put your Defectives on stolen bicycle detail, not homicide.

  5. “the police and a community coming together as one” said a city councilman at the press conference called announcing an arrest in the pizza delivery guy’s murder on Silver Lake blvd.

    Wrong. The councilman must have thought he was at a different news conference announcing a different homicide arrest.

    Coming together? There was no coming together.

    The northeast Defective was quoted in a recent newspaper article “we stand ready to check out any potential alibis”.


    How about conducting a real investigation in order to gather evidence to convict the man accused of the murder and held for trial?

    Whose job is that?

    The firm of Fully, Burned-out and Career Defectives are pros.

    At Faking It.

    Their notebooks on this investigation are empty. or filled with doodles.

    Am I wrong?

    Have the detectives obtained search warrants for cell phone records from everyone at the pizza store the night of the murder? looking especially for any texts sent or received within an hour of the shooting?

    Have the detectives pulled the video from the 24 hour covenience store located 1/2 mile from the shooting and tried to identify and contact anyone seen as a potential witness?

    Have the detectives determined an estimate of the amount of cash the victim would have been carrying that evening from tips at his two jobs? to see if he might have been robbed after he was shot?

    Have the detectives attempted to contact by phone call or by letter each residence along Berkeley to Silver Lake Blvd to ask: “Do you have a home security video camera monitoring the street in front of your home that might help us confirm or dispute the witness story of the victims pick-up followed by the assailants Honda sedan at 4:50 – 5:00am on 08/07/02011?

    Have the Defectives performed any of these rudimentary and basic components of this homicide investigation?

    Three days ago, a 27 year old man was critically injured in a residential fire on Berkeley Avenue at Silver Lake Blvd. The address is located on the route given for the August 7 homicide. The address is strategically located in that it may have provided a potential witness or home security camera the crucial angle to view events material to the vehicles or the actual shooting itself.

    So what?

    If LAFD fire investigators still have any possible doubts about the origin of this fire then –
    we need a complete audit of all citizen/witness contact to the Vasquez Loma homicide investigation.

    our councilmembers and our station captains and our grieving family members may feel consoled by smooth strokes of fake concern and fake compassion scented with Brylcream

    but don’t give them a fake investigation,
    have the decency to step aside and let the new detectives work it
    and try to clear it solid. before anyone else gets hurt.
    por favor.

  6. A reader seems to confuse the shootings documented in this article. The Vasquez Loma shooting of 8/7/2011, a homicide, has a suspect in custody. I am not a homicide investigator, however, I was involved in numerous follow-up investigations on the case. The victim/suspect’s route did not pass the 7-11 at Silver Lake and Effie, but the video was checked regardless. Every lead was tracked down. Because the case is ongoing — I believe awaiting a trial, which can take months for the courts to calendar — I cannot reveal too many details. I do believe the guilty party is in custody, however.

    I was the primary investigator at the house fire at 2933 Berkeley. We recovered nearly 40 pounds of marijuana and hash oil from the residence. LAFD Arson investigators recovered 96 butane canisters. We think we know the cause of the fire…

    Back to the article, the victims at the 2 locations belonged to different gangs. The LAPD is still investigating the shootings and requests information from any member of the public who may have witnessed either shooting.

  7. To Northeast:

    Thank you immensely for taking your time to submit a clear and very informative comment addressing these recent events.

    However. the sequence of events of the Vasquez Loma shooting were changing slightly in each news report and still may not be nailed down. The timing of press releases and apprehension of the suspect appears unusual.

    Here is a big question: has anybody attempted a simple reenactment of the narrative of the shooting events?

    Because I believe a simple reenactment will show a low probability of events occuring exactly as described.

    The man in jail awaiting trial may be guilty – but do you think that he was the driver and the shooter?

    Maybe the detectives actions and statements were misinterpreted by the critical commenter as indicating lack of competence or dedication.

    The detectives behavior in this case resembles work which may not be entirely up to the standard of their oath. Specifically – manipulation.

    Manipulation of the investigation away from the passenger. Therefore, manipulation of the investigation away from any associates of the passenger other than the man currently in custody.

    Road-rage is not a good fit to explain motive here. A stupid and dangerous little plot involving some knowledge by more than the two people in suspect”s car is a much more becoming categorization.

    The plan may have been simply to rob or just scare the victim. Unfortunately, it then turned into a homicide with a lying-in-wait component.

    If there was a manipulation of the investigation – extremely undesirable results are forthcoming.

    Even if the accused is guilty of a terrible crime – the case against him will begin to break down eventually. Probably with the witness testimony.

    If there was manipulation of the investigation – then its most likely the result of efforts to satisfy an off-the-record special request from somebody in a position to make such type of request. The request would have the purpose of protecting some individual associate of the victim from enduring the consequences of actual or perceived involvement in criminal conduct.

    Hopefully that is not the case here.
    Because that sort of thing eventually collapses leaving serious collateral damage.

    The damages include severe loss of credibility to the entire Dept, but most specifically to the station and the station leadership. That creates a loss of trust which has an immeasurable toll on the cooperation needed to solve future crimes in the district.

    The damages also include ending the careers of everyone who participated or even knew and remained silent.

    I certainly hope manipulation is not the case here. If it is, then it needs to be looked at like the butane canisters.

    Move it out and pay todays price, toxic as it may be.

    The longer it accumulates, the more volatile and explosive it will become.

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