Pigeons may want to avoid the York Boulevard Starbucks

Photo by Kristina Garcia

Who knew birds of prey had a thing for Starbucks? Kristina Garcia snapped a photo Monday afternoon of what she thought was a falcon hopping around the sidewalk and bushes outside the Starbucks on York Boulevard in Eagle Rock.  Said Garcia:

I‘ve never seen one on the ground in the city before so it seemed like a rare event.  At first I was worried he might be injured, but he flew up onto a wire after a couple of minutes.  Maybe he was hunting little birds in the brush?

Jeff Chapman, director of the Audubon Center at Debs Park, said the bird was probably looking for something to eat but it is not a falcon:

Pretty sure this is a Cooper’s Hawk …we do see them on the ground, and they are doing really well in urban areas.  They do eat other birds, so probably hunting.
Or maybe it just got tired of waiting in line for a latte.


  1. I live in the hills of Mt. Washington down a ways from York and we are lucky to have cool birds of prey flying around from time to time. I love the sound the hawks make.
    PS. Echo Park is not the Eastside since it is west of both the river and the 110.

  2. Brian – who said anything about Echo Park? if you meant Eagle Rock, then i think ‘most’ consider it the Eastside as it’s east of the 5. – or maybe they use the 110/101 intersection as the point — not the full 110.

    • Yes, Eagle Rock is the Eastside. I’m referring to the name on the banner of the site, “scenes, sightings & stories from Echo Park and beyond” sorry for any confusion. 🙂

  3. Is saw one in EP last weekend. The line for the East Side is La Brea

  4. Cooper’s hawks have a distinct call, a series of short high-pitched nasal-like notes that almost sounds like a laugh.

    Here’s a shot of one I got a few years ago feasting upon what was left of a pigeon it had caught.

  5. Oh lord, not the eastside debate again!

  6. Oh yeah, ‘eastside’ debate!

    My rule of thumb (and I’m being VERY generous here) is Western ave. When I hit Western I ‘West-turn-around’ back to Silverlake 😉

    @Brian: Where do you think the ‘Westside’ starts?

  7. Oh, and I kinda think of east of 110 more like ‘East LA’ as opposed to just ‘eastside’.

    To me ‘eastside’ is the eastern part after the ‘westside’, and if one is to make the 110 the boarder, then that would make SL/EP/LF the ‘westside’ and that is just wrong on so many levels.

  8. Thought it was interesting in watching the “Chavez Ravine” documentary on Netflix the other night about the destruction of the latino neighborhood that was located where Dodger Stadium is now, that the former residents of the Chavez Ravine referred to themselves as “Eastsiders.”

    And that’s Elysian Park, west of the river.

  9. Why is it so important that echo park and silver lake be included in the eastside?

  10. Cartographically speaking, Hoover Street was the boundary of the original city limits as incorporated in 1850, and so historically speaking everything between Hoover and the Plaza where the city was founded in 1781 is the original Westside (hence neighborhoods like Westlake). Sadly, history doesn’t mean much — at least not to very many of us living in such a shifting landscape that’s been torn down and rebuilt and renamed and expanded ever outward to accommodate more people from other parts of the country who also don’t care about our history. So it is that people will adamantly affirm that their version of the “eastside” is where their version of the “westside” ends. Be it Vermont, Western, La Brea, La Cienega, or the 405, it seems to me there will be people who don’t know or don’t care that won’t stop its westward expansion of until the eastside finally reaches the low tide line at the beach.

  11. I wonder if the hawk gives a sh*t where the border is?

  12. No doubt that pigeon was there to hunt rats like the one I saw scurrying DOWN the wall of the building immediately east of Starbucks. Which fairly well put me off that Starbucks for awhile, and is no doubt also the reason why that overflowing garbage can is no longer there by the drive-through lane.

    • If Cynthia thinks that Cooper’s hawk is a pigeon than I’m betting the scurrying rat she witnessed was a salamander.

  13. I work just down the street from the Starbucks and the hawks are making the crows really mad. They sre often at battle in the sky The corvids really gang up on the hawk I too am happy to se the birds of prey thriving…

  14. Its Not Trafalgar Square, but Echo Park was always a Nice Place to Feed the Pigeons and Talk to God.
    Poor Doves. Europeans eat them as readily as Fried Chicken. There`s still an Old Pioneer Chicken over on Soto I hear. Was raised on Pioneer Chicken and Picnics in Echo Park. Never been to Paris. Dont Really Care.

  15. I live in Mt. Washington and every time I look out the window I see these hawks. They’re pretty damn common aren’t they?

    There’s even a band called I SEE HAWKS IN LA.

    In closing, is it mean to say: HEY NICE JOB ON SEEING A BIRD Y’ALL

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