Shooting season in Lincoln Heights

Photo by Arty Maharajh

Arty Maharajh of Glendale did a double take this morning as he was driving past Main and Johnston streets in Lincoln Heights when he came across what looked like a crime scene. Nope. Just a very realistic Hollywood scene – complete with bloody victim, yellow tape, officers and squad cars – created for a TV shoot. Workers at the nearby tortilleria said it was for the TV show “Southland.”  Maharajh was not initially sure what was going on until he spotted some film crew workers nearby. “I am almost positive no one gets that shot up that early in the morning,” Maharajh said. Apparently crime in Glendale takes place later in the day.


  1. man, i’d love to be a dead body on that show…

  2. I would not want to drive past that while taking my kids to school. can’t they afford a studio somewhere for that stuff?

  3. I was about to be enraged until I read through to the movie shoot part…Phew! Back to business as usual =)

  4. I passed a similar scene a day or two ago in Mid City. I’ve been in LA since 1985 and have witnessed hundreds of film shoots through out the city. The rent a cop on this particular shoot was standing at the middle of an intersection with no signs or anything, and I see a crazy homeless woman with a shopping cart in the middle of the intersection. The cop screams at me to get out of his lane. I mean in my face screaming. I come to a complete stop and just stare at the crazy asshole. I look to my left and see the long row of film crew trucks on a side street. You can’t tell what the hell is going on. Who’s the real cop, who’s the actor. They’re just filming it all. I’m surprised no one was hurt. They really didn’t have a clue what they were doing, shooting all of this during rush hour. I was so pissed off, but, composed myself, and drove away. I didn’t think I’d ever find out what or who was behind it. From the looks of this picture, SOUTHLAND it is. What a bunch of jerks. Hire cops who know what they’re doing. The guy I had a run in with is going to get someone killed.

  5. “Southland” is such an awesome show. Caught the Season 4 premiere last night, and it just goes right into the action and doesn’t let up. Great location shots too.

  6. Left my Heart in Echo Park

    (Alittle secret next time they want to punk you around.) Those rentacops are retired COPS with no authority whatsoever. They were filming in my hood one day and they went past the posted time, I parked my car where they had the towaway and was instructed to move my car, I told the security (retired cop) no, “The posted sign says you only have permission until midnight, unless you have an extended permit.” I told him, I’m not moving and went into my house. He turned to my husband and asked him nicely if he would please move my car so production could shut down. My husband told him he would move it this one time but that next time production had to follow the permit hours. Just a

  7. Rent-a-cop? NO authority? Got new for ya, sweetcheeks… These are REAL cops. Sometimes retired, sometimes moonlighting with permission. You got lucky that this cop didn’t call for a traffic control officer to tow your hooptie to Viertels. Shutting down production doesn’t matter if signs are still posted and you park in a tow-away within the hours whether the signs are there or not. Ripping them down doesn’t matter, you still get towed. OH, easy way to tell a rent a cop… on their motorcycles, if they display blue taillights, they’re real cops. Even the retired ones. Have some respect, homie!

    • Hey grandpa, you might want to hit the “reply” button if you are replying to a particular poster. Just a heads up, dear heart.

  8. Filming and using LA as a backdrop is as old as motion pictures/tv itself (edendale) get over yourselves people. This city was built and is know for this industry. If you don’t like it, move on to another state or stop your tired moaning.

  9. wow that will be scary to look at early in the morning! 🙂

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