Boyle Heights apartment tower to offer city and cemetery views

With a few notable exceptions, including the Sears store at Soto Street and Olympic Boulevard and the old General Hospital on State Street, the skyline of Boyle Heights is short on tall buildings. But at the northwest corner of First and Evergreen Streets, an affordable housing developer is planning to build one of  Boyle Heights’ tallest structures, a five-story apartment building that will rise about 60 feet into the air. The proposed 53-unit Sol y Luna Family affordable apartments would replace some small commercial buildings and a truck yard and loom above its immediate neighbors, including the historic Evergreen Cemetery across the street. The apartment building will rise well above Evergreen’s tombstones and could benefit the neighborhood around the cemetery, according to a report by the Community Redevelopment Agency:

This development will revitalize a deteriorated and blighted site of Boyle Heights located in a very visible and prominent located [CQ] across from Evergreen Cemetery.

The developer, East L.A. Community Corp., which is transforming the former Boyle Hotel into affordable housing, is in the process of securing necessary city approvals for the building, which would include 80 spaces of underground parking and more than 6,000-square-feet of commercial space.  The city’s Planning Department staff recently determined that the project would not require a full environmental impact report. That determination, called a mitigated negative declaration, is open to public review and comment through March 14.


  1. It’s thankfully rare to read a press release with “revitalize” and “cemetery” in the same sentence.

  2. Respond to me. Why this projecct is not going to have a full EIR. This project is just across the First St. School. and a very busy street and a very busy Food 4 less market. Traffic is a mess and the hight? Can some one respond Why ELCC is not going to follow what others must do?……Its time to ELCC to move out…..

  3. Find this interesting, most of my fam lies there at Evergreen. On NW side, away from big names like Lankershim and Van Nuys.

  4. In looking at the map (link Eastsider provided) it seems the school and market mentioned are a block and a half (or two) away.
    The trucking company could already be contributing to traffic congestion in the area (I don’t live there, so I don’t know the logistics) and I think the underground parking mentioned would be a factor in the EIR decision as well.
    There is direct bus service on the corner and on East Cesar Chavez and East 4th street which would be a plus for those who either don’t want to or can’t drive.
    I think there are those who would find the view of the open space [even if it is a cemetery] a real plus.
    I know from experience that a trucking company (using diesel trucks) often leaves them running which adds to the air pollution and the absence of that would be a benefit to the community.
    I have nothing to do with anyone involved in this project, I just think that rather than immediately criticize the project, try to consider some of the things the Planning Department looked at.

    • @ gabriele You said you do not live in Boyle Heihts, So you have not idea all the problems we have. Having more people and less city servicies is not good for anyone. I do support to have houses and condominius to help our people own it. We do need open space but I have not heard anyone to request it. We need good groceries stores and restaurants to have jobs and more City Taxes. The outsiders have not idea all the problems cd14has.

  5. alsocd14resident

    I think it’s great that the area is going to be more lively. So many folks run around the cemetery, including myself, I’m glad to know that there’s gonna be more that just empty lots and walls. A big plus is that from what i can tell elacc houses families that are the in need of safe affordable places to live. I hope this project provides just that. In this economy, people facing hard times need all the help they can get.

  6. Boyle Heights Roots

    Although that area has been plagued by many years of drugs and many bars in the past, The city has done a great job at closing down all those businesses that were once a haven for drugs, and a lot of drunk driving. In the past I saw horrible car accidents at least 3 times a month and since all those establishments have been closed it has dropped considerably.

    I have a concern over underground parking considering the Metro is on 1st st.

    Also having a 5 story complex would not be the most appealing project. Preferably would be a 2 maybe even 3 story building but 5.. that seems like they are overdoing it. I would actually be against such a complex.

  7. I live by first and evergreen, for apartment complex , that would just be so ghetto. Why not open starbuck, yoguart land, things for the community. Apartmenent building just bring in more trouble…

  8. inola valenzuela

    when are you going to have the applications ready so we can apply

  9. Please let me know when the applications are available and where to look for it.

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