CHP pursuit in Silver Lake and Echo Park*

White pickup being chased on Silver Lake Boulevard. More photos by Linda Constant.

The California Highway Patrol is pursuing a vehicle through the streets of Silver Lake and Echo Park right now.  The pursuit of a Chevy pick-up truck began in North Hollywood shortly before 6 p.m, according to ABC7.   The chase coursed through narrow streets near the Silver Lake Reservoir as well as well as busy Glendale and Silver Lake boulevards.

Update at 6:43 p.m.:  The chase has ended with a suspect in custody on the northbound 5 Freeway onramp  near Fletcher Drive. Fletcher Drive has been closed down in both directions.


  1. Circling in Silver Lake,….just waiting for DJ Hipster in a Box to post about this Hipster GTA suspect, lol.

  2. Super creepy out there right now – lock the doors peeps!!

  3. There were 4 helicopters in the sky. Figured something had to be going on.

  4. yawn……………………

  5. Heard this outside my apartment tonight on SL blvd… Glad the cops got this fool before he caused an accident or worse.

  6. For a guy who knew the Neighborhood so well, he sure picked an Ironic spot to get Sacked by the CHP ?
    Riverside Drive has always been known as the Loneliest Ride in Town ~

  7. After all the helicopters & sirens & TV commentary (CH 5 was excellent!), I enjoyed watching that beautiful and classic pit maneuver by the CHP. Nice job!

    • Seriously! Very impressive. And calm and cool and awesome as the truck lurched forward a bit near the end.

      • yeah , not as calm and cool as telling everyone…….” Super creepy out there right now – lock the doors peeps!!”

        You cant call yourself an “epgirl” and be creeped out by the
        neighborhood you live in.

        Echo Park , love it or leave it.

        Signed , real epgirl , since 1966 !

        • Wow. Thank you for the schooling. I am not ‘creeped out by the neighborhood I live in’. I said it was creepy out there. Because there were – at that moment – 7 helicopters hovering very low that night over the lake and aiming lights at one point directly onto our place. So we opted to head back inside. Just in case. It was pretty creepy, especially when it was unknown what the chase was about.

          It’s always better to be safe than sorry. I don’t get the ‘love it or leave it’ attitude that flies on this blog when crime is an issue. In fact, I have been loving Echo Park since 1996 and never once has the choice to leave it been an option.
          I can love Echo Park, have an opinion about public safety, choose to keep myself safe, exercise street smarts and common sense, without the need to swagger and insult others by boasting how tough I am.

          Signed, Never leaving, EPGirl.

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