One man injured in Echo Park drive-by shooting *

A male gang member has been shot near Echo Park Avenue and Fargo Street in Echo Park, according to preliminary police reports.  Sgt. Lisa Phillips with the Northeast Division said the victim suffered a gun shot to the stomach.  No further information was available on the shooting that took place shortly before 1 a.m. when five shots were heard fired, according to one resident.

* Update @1:42 a.m.: Police were reported in pursuit of a vehicle near Allison Avenue and Laveta Terrace in Angeleno Heights. Officers were later reported to be searching for an object thrown from the vehicle. It’s not clear if the pursuit and shooting at Fargo and Echo Park are connected.

* Update @ 7:58 a.m.:  Two suspects were arrested in connection with the pursuit but police are still trying to determine if they were involved in the Fargo Street shooting, said Lt. Mike Menza with the Northeast Division.  The suspect in the shooting was in stable condition. The pursuit, which residents said ended near Echo Park Lake,  began after the motorist was seen driving recklessly. In addition, a motorist not connected with the pursuit crashed into one of the LAPD squad cars that was parked near the end of the chase. The motorist was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, Menza said.


  1. Also a pursuit of some kind down Echo Park Ave. Screeching tires and a few siren blips about 20mins after the ambulance left. Shortly after 2, 7 very deliberate sounding shots fired south of here.

  2. I counted 12 shots, evenly spaced, reported them to the police.

  3. Yes the person the police chased down the Laguna Ave Staircase was indeed the one of the people from the white car at the top. They did catch him, and They did recover the gun. However while the investigation was going on, someone ran into a patrol car. LOL keeping the LAPD on the toes that’s for damn sure.

  4. I was also wondering who pays for the broken fence, LAPD officers broke it while chasing the suspect.

  5. good old Fargo street.

  6. cheeseburger,

    The City will reimburse the owner of the property. Claim forms are left with the property owner, or if they’re not home, a business card is left by a supervisor requesting they call for instructions.

    (213) 484-3400

  7. I heard the same 12 shots around 2:00am in front of my apartment. Sounded very rapid but calculated. They actually woke me up. Sounds like somebody went through an entire 12 round magazine and just ran out of ammunition. Sounded like a smaller caliber pistol– 9mm or a .380. Kind of a bad sign when you have to purposely sleep away from your window should something unwanted come through the window. What happened Lt. Buhrmester? Make it stop.

  8. Seeing it as it is.


    Make it stop? As soon as anyone mentions the ethnicity and legal status of these animals the lefties jump in and berate anyone that dares speak the truth.
    This won’t stop because pandering and guilty white folk won’t allow it, just wait until the child, partner or friend of one these lefties get’s shot in the cross fire by one of these thugs and then their mind set may change.

  9. Seeing it as it is.

    FYI, anyone looking for cheap real estate, I hear property around Echo Park Ave and Fargo will be cheap real soon.

  10. Seeing it as it is.

    @Beauregard. Not for long if the animals continue to act at will.

  11. Please correct the title of the article to read: “One GANGMEMBER injured in Echo Park drive-by shooting” Gang members are closer to animals than men.

  12. @Beauregard- its called division not dept, FYI it will be northeast division.

  13. Seeing it as it is.

    North East needs to park a Mobile Operations vehicle on this block 24/7 to send out a message that these people will not eradicate the quality of life for the majority.
    When was the last time anyone saw kids playing on our streets, and I’m not talking about a 13 year old Hispanic boy with a 45.

  14. Fargo has throughout the years been a hot spot for shootings. With that said so hasn’t Echo Park ——for many years. Between the obnoxious loud drunk hipsters (which is every thursday-sunday) in the neighborhood and the occasional gun fire rents have not budged.Prices will not go down in echo park this event is not new.

    Now comparing gang members to animals isn’t fair. Violence is a human condition.

  15. I was visiting my friend who lives around the corner from Fargo st., when the shooting took place, I was outside smoking a ciggarette, then I heard all the gunshots and saw a black Cadillac Escalade speeding away, I think those were the culprits…

    • Wonder if it is the same big black SUV that has been seen at several shootings over the past 2 years?

      • GEE, you mean the same black Caddy Escalade that was involved in the shooting in front of my house?

        Ridicuous. I could spot those idiots a mile away. I say harass them all day every day. They always have weed on them. Arrest them again and again and again maybe they’ll get sick of it and MOVE AWAY.

  16. too bad he survived. i feel a tiny bit safer when at least one gets put down. now he has a souvenir and bragging rights. and he’s probably a little pissed now and going to seek retribution which means more gun fire. big frowny face

  17. As an animal, I am offended by the comparison.

  18. Really park a mobile station .. Lol.. Wow that’s too funny, there more important things to do than park a mobile station there. Btw no money to pay the officers overtime

    • Seeing it as it is.

      If they have the money for cops to hide behind trees on Hyperion and Griffith Park Blvd ticketing this neighborhoods core tax base for Cali stops and speeding then the same cops can sit in a mobile unit and be a permanent presence in a bad neighborhood.

  19. gentrification is RUINING this neighborhood!!!!!!

  20. Seriously. Lieutenant Buhrmester. What happened?

  21. I live on the Preston Ave, the street that runs parallel to Echo Park at the top of the Fargo stairs. Because it’s a dead end, every kid in the neighborhood plays on our street. Bikes and scooters and balls all over the place. I know everyone on the block, and we look out for each other – and each other’s children. Yes, a bunch of gang members live on Fargo. Yes, they sometimes shoot each other, with increasing frequency it seems. Northeast has been patrolling the block more attentively in the last few months. I’ve had officers and K9 units searching my yard twice already just this year. Sorta feels like they are a permanent presence on the block sometimes. They try to be nice, but sometimes they yell at us, and trample our vegetable gardens. The whole thing is pain in the ass. It’s a crappy situation. I wish the troublemakers who live on Fargo would figure out that there are enough people looking to score for everyone to get a piece of the action, or whatever the hell they’re shooting each other over. Nobody is going to ever win. But I still feel lucky to live in Echo Park.
    If y’all don’t like the rent and the ‘hipsters’ with your gun totin’ 13 year olds, go away. And seriously… calling gangsters animals? “Too bad he survived”? I desperately want to believe those remarks are tongue in cheek. Because if not, that’s even scarier.

    • To be clear, I said “calling gang members animals is an insult to animals”.

      There is only one animal known (besides humans) that will kill for sport. Any other time it is for food and I don’t see gang members eating each other.

      Well, maybe just a matter of time…

  22. Is it me or these guys from the park are always getting caugh up. It seems there somebodys punching bag.


  24. U know i never respond to anything on this webesite, i just read all the coments made when something happens and have been doing this for a number of years, and what my research consistantly shows is how often i read that people who are blogging on these incidents always name call, spread hatred, and much more just to many to list, but the one that gets
    Me is WISHING THE PERSON HAD BEEN MURDERD. Those of u who hide in the dark and spread ur hatred to these people are no better than those who hang out in public. Remember carma has a way of finding u, my lord and savior jesus christ sees what’s in everyones heart and no matter how good u feel after saying those hateful things in the comfort of ur home god knows ur true intentions and whats in ur heart. So smile.

  25. sh.t the fu.k up bi.ch it just my opinion

  26. Im not going to waste one ounce of energy responding to og 213 la……

    As for henry hawk, if uur not a bible reader i invite u to start reading it, Jesus is our creator and as it is written if the lord doesnt like whats going on HE will change things. Hence karma….

    • Please jesus, can you park a mobile station on echo park ave?



    • Yeah, and the earth was created 6,000 years ago. A man that lived to be 800 years old put two of every animal on a boat…

      At least there are fewer deaths from to gangs than the wars and crusades of “your lord and savior”

  27. OBS is a weak 3 man gang lol

    • Wes Los,

      I would argue that ALL gangs are weak. The very fact that you have to be a part of a “gang” to find strength would point to your weakness…

  28. F**k Ur JEsus Sh**t Bcuz I Belive In The devil …… Obs could be a 3 man gang but there krazier than echo parks and the echo park are just crack babies living in dead Ends…..hahahahahahhahaah lamess

  29. @og 213 la You must be from that weak obs gang lol “osiri boys” what kind of name is that? These obs dudes aint nothing but Online BangerS. Yxster,Brown,and Shyboy. Weak 3 Man Gang Lol Truth hurts huh?

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  32. just my opinion

    @ west los, no matter what gang ur from u shouldnt be proud of it, cause when its all said and done ur not ur own man, ur controled by the mob and when ur time comes u will be handled by ur own homeboys. Thats the way it will alwayz be. Ur not special, bottom line its a dead end..



  35. Its funny how the last time I hit county, people said ep them foos come here saying their deep but no 1 believes them lol….they even said them foos were not around in the 90’s but you claim popularity lol. As for OBS all you could say is that its a 3 man gang, you cant say their bitches their rankers cause you know truth that hurts.

    • you can say that obs are a 3 man gang but look wut happen we have not even see the mecas do something to us back bi*th

  36. Whats up with this dry snitching from the park. Putting names on blast what a foo. Its funny how you claim OBS is not known when you know the truth. How many times has the “O” been on the news? Exactly you should go out more often lame mek. Word gets around.

  37. You Online Bangers are at it again lol lame ass orchatas! Keep Running your mouths cause that’s all u bitches do! EPLS

  38. Hey we got shit to brag about and the park exactly just victim storys to talk about lol…too bad he survive even the hipsters see you guys like lame victims and they also wished he didnt make it lol…no love from your own side.

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  44. oscar de la hoya

    hey man come on ?? wasup with all this gang talk why is eastsider letting this happen?

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