Silver Lake homeless woman finally finds a place to call home

Former homeless Silver Lake woman in her new apartment./PATH

Last October volunteers fanned out across the underpasses, empty lots and alleys of Silver Lake to find out more details about the neighborhood’s street people and identity the most vulnerable. Jean, one of the nearly 150 Silver Lake homeless persons who were interviewed, was one of the fortunate ones who has moved off the street and into a one-room apartment operated by the People Assisting The Homeless,  a nonprofit group known as PATH, which sponsored the Silver Lake survey. Jean, a jobless fleet vehicle technician in her 50s, had been living in her car with her dog, Lola, for nearly a year after she ran out of money to pay her rent.  Jean and her Terrier mix now reside at La Kretz Villas west of Silver Lake.  Jean describes what happened after she found about her new home:

“I got the keys, and I just broke down,” she said. “I had given up. It still hasn’t really sunk in. Once I cook a meal here, then it will really be home.”

Jean is one of 13 other former Silver Lake homeless residents now living at La Kretz Villas; another 17 are staying in temporary housing, said Jeremy Sidell with PATH. “There are 40 more clients that are pending, meaning they’re in the pipeline to be housed and waiting on paperwork.”


  1. West of Silver Lake.

  2. Wow! that is really great that there is a place like La Kretz Villas that is helping this unfortunate people and like her there are more that needs our help, thank you again to La kretz Villas, keep up the great work.

  3. PLEASE let us know if the woman living outside of Ralph’s on Glendale @ the bus stop will be housed under this operation. Hers is an especially heartbreaking circumstance given her age. I don’t know her story but I do hope she has a safe and warm place to live soon.

  4. what about the woman that was pulled off street in Echo parch near new PETA building? I was leaving work tonight and saw her back on street sleeping next to the K9 loft…makes me so sad and its so cold tonight. I tried to give her coffee but she was talking to the wall and would not look at me so i left it there for her to drink…

  5. she hates coffee. i tried

  6. Thanks to Eastsider for continuing to report on PATH’s efforts after the Silver Lake survey. Is anyone in the community hosting events or activities in coalition with PATH as a follow up to the survey?

  7. @ Johnny :Henry hawk
    Where you guys aware they set up a memorial, flowers for her, I guess people thought she passed away and then there she was again. I;m glad she is still around, it broke my heart when I thought she passed on.

  8. @ Johnny, Henry, Sarah, and Robin,

    Are you referring to Angie, who’s been living on the sidewalk of Sunset near Rosemont Ave? Like Robin, I was worried when I saw the flowers — I thought that she had died and that our community had failed her. But then someone taped a sign above the flowers saying that Angie was fine and had been moved to transitional housing in Silver Lake, I think by something called goalfoundation.

    If she’s back on the street, then that didn’t work out — I wonder what happened. Maybe PATH can help her? (Unless it was PATH who tried in the first place.)

  9. If (at least) one organization has already found her transitional housing, and it didn’t work out, then perhaps she is not ready to accept help – or accept whatever conditions come with that help. I know it’s unpleasant to see other humans suffering, but in order for any solution to “take,” the person has to want it. If she’s mentally ill but refuses to take her medication, or if she refuses to “self-medicate” with drugs or alcohol, or if she isn’t willing to follow the rules the transitional-housing providers have required, perhaps she isn’t ready to get off the streets. (For the record, I don’t know this woman’s personal situation; I’m making a general point.)

  10. An update for those posting comments. My name is Robin. Dennis and I are founders of G.O.A.L. Foundation Los Angeles. We rescue challenged homeless women in the Echo park Silverlake area. After a term of outreach we built a relationship with Angie. and managed to encourage her to try medication for her mental illness and stay in boarding care (PATH) while starting the long application for ID’s and necessary paperwork for a more permanent housing opportunity. Sadly after a lot of intensive care and love she opted to walk away from this and returned to her regular spot on Sunset Blvd. As stated in a comment above, the saddest part of mental health is when a patient doesn’t understand what is best for them. Angie has been homeless for a very long time and is not used to being inside with a few simple rules and structure. We continue to reach out to her in the hopes she will return. Some may remember ‘Baby’ Kate who was living at 7 eleven. We are happy to say she is doing very well in Boarding care with no wishes to return to the street. And for those who remember a girl ‘Rose’ / Willamina who live at the Metro 92 bus stop at Park and Glendale Ave, we are so happy to report that she is fully recovered and living with her Mum in Maine. For more information please contact us at goalfoundationla@gmail.com
    Very best Robin and Dennis.

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