Three wounded in drive-by shooting outside Eagle Rock bowling alley

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Three men were shot in the parking lot of All Star Lanes Friday night after attending a party in the Eagle Rock bowling alley.  Patch reports that police on Friday night had not identified any suspects in the shooting that took place before 11 p.m.   The three men, one of whom was shot in the back, are reported to be in stable condition, said CBS2.


  1. No wonder I heard the cop cars and helicopters flying around last night. Can we just send these pathetic losers to an island somewhere? Really, shot in the back?

  2. @Pete– I totally agree.

  3. Seeing it as it is.

    I’m guessing this wasn’t a white on white hipster attack?

  4. Wow, this is horrible. All these shootings (like this one and the one last week) remind me of what it was like growing up in Highland Park in the early ’90’s. These lowlifes need to stop ruining the lives of others.
    I frequently go to the All Star Lanes and now it’s not even safe to stay a bit in the parking lot to say good night to friends. It’s terrible.
    I don’t want to have to think twice about doing things in my own community because of fear of getting hurt by some idiot with a gun.

  5. Scary that crime seems to be picking up in the area again. I’ve noticed a larger number of “thugs” out in the area just looking for trouble. Ex. I’ll be in my car driving with the family and individuals in cars give us dirty looks for no reason. I shop at the local markets and angry looking “home boys” attempt to do their stare downs. I’m an adult and don’t engage in these childish practices, but it seems to be the attitude of people looking for trouble.

    As for the incident at the bowling alley, it seems like it may be connected to gangs. I understand that some people can be helped out, but in all honesty, I just don’t see why these scum can’t be removed and sent to war. If they want to act so tough, lets see them in real action.

  6. Seeing it as it is.

    The Highland Park house flippers need to flip more and gentrify the idiots out of the neighborhood.
    It’s amazing that these gangs will act like this with absolutely no fear of the police and the repercussions involved, what does this say about the PD?

  7. Comes with the territory. I HATE cholos, gangs, thugs, taggers, people that have no respect for society, deadbeats, people that complain, etc…

    Gentrify or no gentrify, these mongoloids will always be around.

  8. And then you have numbskulls complaining about gentrification. They are complicit.

  9. @seeing it as it is: so that we can make it someone else’s problem? that seems to be the wrong way to go about it…

  10. Maybe if the police in Eagle Rock spent less time cracking down on “happy-ending” massage parlors, they could focus a bit more of their attention on gangs. (I was going to mention that police should lay off the marijuana dispensaries as well, but it seems those businesses often attract a rough crowd and are a target of robbers.)

  11. Please………. It’s Highland Park not Pasadena. $500-750 Thousand for a house doesn’t mean your not a few blocks away from a Ghetto.

  12. @Echo Park “67 Read the Headline again. This shooting was in Eagle Rock on Eagle Rock Blvd.

  13. Echo park 67 this was in eagle rock .

    I agree above about gentrification. This is why i’m a supporter of it . NELA has tons to offer and is a great place to live. Only a small percentage like these clowns give it a bad reputation. They add no value to the community whatsoever.

    There are still parts of eagle rock that are sketchy. Highland Park is getting better. Gentrification cant come soon enough for highland park. Give it a few more years and these losers will be pushed out. As long as the flippers are here and people see the potential of NELA I’m confident it will happen.

  14. Yes, gentrification would just make it someone else’s problem. It would also push out a lot of hard-working, peaceful members of the community. And it would homogenize the area and make it a lot more boring — think All Star Lanes going out of business and getting turned into some ugly condos.

    We don’t know what’s behind this shooting, but if you want to reduce violence in general, how about ending the failed war on drugs, enacting some jobs programs like the CCC that we had during the Great Depression, and stopping the mass lay-offs of teachers?

    And seriously… send them to war? That’s just gang behavior on a larger scale.

  15. Samarkand, I agree that we should end the failed war on drugs and support jobs programs and education, but I don’t think increased job opportunities or a lower student-to-teacher ratio in the classroom will reduce gang activity. There’s a cultural element to gangs that can’t be ignored; when a young man has a dad or uncle who was in a gang, and when there’s no alternative model of what it means to be a man – aside from the hypermasculine gangster – then gang life will continue to attract young men. Many people glamorize gang members and prison culture (their style of dress, the way they talk, how they handle disputes). Unfortunately, I don’t see that changing any time soon.

  16. Didn’t happen at all star lanes , it happen across the street. FYI gang crime is in its lowest it’s been a long time in Nela, check ur stats peop.

  17. This happened at a house party by the Phillipine village but two guys ran over to the bowling alley they were kids little Phillipino Hoodlums even the police thought it was the original shooting place but it was not…. NO SHOTS FIRED AT ALL STAR LANES.

  18. Probably the work of Nihilists.

  19. Phone’s ringing Dude.

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