Police investigating Victor Heights shooting*

Police are searching for two men involved in a shooting this afternoon in Victor Heights, located between Echo Park and Chinatown.  The shooting, based on preliminary information, took place before 4 p.m. north of Sunset Boulevard on or near Centennial Street.  An officer at the Central Division said police have responded to calls of shots fired but had no further details about whether anyone was injured.

Updated at 5:15 p.m.:  One man was shot in the leg and is being treated at a hospital, said Sgt. Doug Bowler.  The victim said he was walking down the street when he came under fire. Bowler said it’s not clear whether the shooting is gang related. The shooters remain at large.


  1. Victor Heights is part of Echo Park

  2. Yes, this section is nicknamed by long time neighbors as “Forgotten Edge” section of Echo Park. I was so happy to discover it driving around Elysian above Sunset. We’ve been living peacefully on this hill for the last 4 years and I find it safer and quiet compared to other parts of EP. I hope they find the individuals responsible!

  3. that ain’t echo park.. that’s CHINATOWN.. dont get that twisted

  4. Forget about it, its China town!

  5. It must have been the work of the underground hipsters

  6. Why are you people arguing whether or not this is Victor Heights–I have lived in the neighborhood for 14 years, and that is what it has always been called. Well that and the Forgotten Edge as mentioned earlier–all because there was a robbery in the early nineties that took police hours to respond to because they could not figure out whose jurisdiction the area was in: http://articles.latimes.com/1994-03-27/news/ci-39180_1_echo-park

  7. @Woodengrrl
    Yes, this area is called “Victor Heights” to some but expect arguments about what this section is called due to the fact it overlaps 2 different neighborhood councils (a few streets belong to the “greater echo park elysian neighborhood council”) and that the city deemed the signage border of Echo Park right at Beaudry Ave. at Sunset. Also to add confusion, there have been contradictory reports from resources such as LA Times mapping outlining a few streets east of Beaudry Ave on this hill as “China Town”. After the Italians, there was an influx of Chinese families moving to the neighborhood due to its proximity to China Town therefore there may be the perception that VH is China Town. But China Town has it’s own local Neighborhood Council group that belongs to the historic core (China Town, Little Tokyo, and El Pueblo) Hope this helps:)

  8. Funny. As a resident of Victor Heights just finding out its proper name thanks to this post, I’ve been telling all my friends that I live in “Chinko Park”.

  9. Very disturbing! Any new info on the shooting? Glad to hear the person survived.

    FYI for those of you debating the name….We’ve been living on this hill for quite some time but had to get some permits from the city to do some work on our home. According to the city records, the community plan for this hill is “Silver Lake – Echo Park – Elysian Valley” so the area is technically still “Echo Park” which may explain the EP sign by Beaudry mentioned above. The name Victor Heights may have come from the “tract” area when the homes got built. There are numerous tract areas all over EP like “Golden West Heights” if you live on Quintero st. or Portia st. so I doubt the name of the neighborhood should follow the “tract” name (with the exception of Angelino Heights since that tract got deemed historical)

    @ Matswaltin…..your comment is totally uncalled for.

  10. Eh…I’m just mixing names. If you’re offended, you’re reading into it too far. I love our neighborhood!

  11. @ Matswaltin
    Glad you replied. I think someone Asian may read it the same way I did. Thanks for posting an explanation.

  12. I Wonder Who Got Shot CUz IT Must Be For A Reasonnnnn???


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