Glassell Park residents want to take a whack at a Verizon monopine

A group of Glassell Park residents are once going to try and block Verizon Wireless from erecting a 70-foot high cell phone tower along side the northbound 2 Freeway near the San Fernando Road exit . The residents are not opposed to building a tower. What they object to is that the tower would be disguised as a  monopine–  a fake pine tree .  Instead of a fake tree, the residents, lead by Andrew Montealegre, have called for more creative solutions, including a tower topped with abstract angels or shaped like glass tubes – similar to those at LAX – that would welcome motorists to Glassell Park. Anything but a fake pine tree.  A video created in support of monopine alternative said having the tower double as a gateway sign for Glassell Park could help raise the neighborhood’s visibility and image.

But Verizon rejected the citizens’ ideas last fall. Fake tree opponents, however, have not given up.  They are appealing an earlier approval of the tower at Wednesday’s meeting of the East Los Angeles Area Planning Commission. “We are appealing the approval of a fake pine tree design and would like an LAX type cylinder or a bell/clock tower with the name Glassell Park on it,” Montealegre said.

The public hearing over the Glassell Park monopine is scheduled for at 4:30 pm at the Ramona Hall Community Center, 4580 Figueroa Street, Highland Park.

Drawings courtesy Andrew Montealegre.


  1. You have got to be kidding me. I can’t believe Verizon is trying to put up one of those tacky fake trees in Glassell Park. Ugh.

  2. All of the fake tress should go. Can’t the cell towers be made of anything else that resembles something artistically appealing? Those glass tubes seem like an easy fix. Especially since most neighborhoods don’t even want these towers to begin with. At least the neighbors are only arguing the tree thing.

  3. People find the most ridiculous things to argue about. How about a pole with a giant Tom Bradley head on it… maybe Sam Yorty? How about insisting that they give us a park to go with the cell tower? Make that a dog park, a place that we can take our dogs to urinate and defecate, where we wont be responsible for cleaning it up. Maybe block off a San Fernando Road and paint polka dots for a cost of $25,000. And I want a back rub too!

  4. I like the fake trees. They look like a sculpture of a tree. Glass tubes are going to break and blind passing motorists as the sun sets.

  5. I hope you win the fight. Verizon can be really pushy about their antennae. If it was with some other pines it might get hidden.
    Can’t they move it to Ribet where there are some other trees.
    Good Luck

  6. A tower is a tower. If you dont want one, fine, just STFU about poor cell service.

  7. I have to say that the fake pine tree looks a lot better than the other drawings.

  8. I’d take a fake pine tree over those terrible “artists renderings” anyday.

  9. I vote for Mission revival style clock tower please!

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