Man killed in Cypress Park shooting*

Police are looking for suspects in the fatal Tuesday night shooting  of a 22-year-old man in Cypress Park  in the 2900 block of Elm Street. Albert Magdaleno suffered multiple gunshot wounds during the shooting that was reported shortly before 10 p.m., said an LAPD spokesman. The victim died from his injuries at a hospital.  Police are still trying to determine a motive for the homicide.

A vehicle drove to the victim’s location. The passenger exited the vehicle and fired multiple rounds at the victim, then got back in the vehicle and fled.

* Update:  The shooter emerged from a vehicle and fired multiple shots at the victim before returning to the vehicle that sped away, according to the Northeast Division Facebook page. Police ask that anyone with information about the shooting call  (323) 344-5701 or submit information online.


  1. We heard the shots but weren’t positive they were gunshots until I read this.

  2. I live 3 blocks over and sad that shots are fired constantly echoing the neighborhood.

    Senseless BS.

  3. Well, what could be the motive? Let me think….
    When will they stop this non sense???

  4. I live less than half a block away….disconcerting to have a homicide so close to home. Gang related?

  5. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t gang related, Samantha. Also for future reference, when you hear that loud crack that echoes, that’s a bullet. When you just hear pops, that’s probably fireworks or filming.

  6. That was my good friend that got killed also my buddy’s son. I was in shock when I herd about it today very sad for his whole family. Rest In Peace my bro.

  7. typical Cypress Park homie.. what you morons expect Gang infestation, You shouldn’t be shocked it’s the hood. skr you know nada bout bullets chavala stop acting like you know. the Avenues still run Cypress Park learn it , live it .. ese

    • Sunny ain’t so sunny.

    • Just read about you and your hommie DJ hip gangsta in the LAPD NE report. What I wanna know is whether you were the ‘wheelman’ or the shooter? >>>

      “Northeast Area LAPD
      File under the “No Honor Among Thieves” category: Over the rainy weekend two gang members ventured out to carjack someone at gunpoint. The intended victim ran away from the gunman while the gunman’s partner stayed behind to steal the car. Apparently, when the victim was nowhere to be found, the gunman returned to the car and saw that it was starting to pull away from the curb. Thinking the victim had returned to his own car and was still trying to escape, the gunman immediately opened fire … STRIKING HIS OWN PARTNER-IN-CRIME (who was still behind the wheel). The Northeast Gang Unit handled the lengthy investigation and was able to arrest the “wheelman” at a nearby hospital.”


    • Son, I was damn near born with a rifle in my hand. There is a sonic difference between gunpowder going off and gunpowder going off with a piece of metal ripping through the air.

    • The aves gang are just a bunch of scared little rats with spray cans and their parents gun. They don’t rule anything. The second they commit a crime like this, they run with their tale tucked under protecting their tiny little balls.

      The next time I see the aves, I’ll just call the cops and watch them scurry away like the scared little rats they are…ese.

  8. Wait…here is an updated photo of the real avenues gang watching over the mean streets of Cypress Park:


  9. Funny Pictures. Hahaha

  10. R.I.P. Oso a great friend hope they catch da murder

  11. Lil Oso was a big rata!!!

  12. To CP : you cant say they have no creativity

  13. Albert was a good friend of mine.I just found out he passed away…he and I went to school together hung out outside school…he was truly one if a kind.it’s very heartbreaking to know he’s gone…but Im sure we’ll meet up in heaven one day.My deepest condolences go out to his family and his child. I pray for justice for albert. Rest in paradise albert m. aka oso

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