PETA throws a party for its new Echo Park HQ

PETA party just getting started.

Valets, greeters and guest lists at the entrance.  A red carpet and TV crews in the lobby. Game show host Bob Barker in a black turtleneck lounging on the roof top deck. This is not your typical Echo Park party. This grand opening celebration was thrown tonight by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for their new  West Coast headquarters in Echo Park.  Barker, who donated $2.5 million to help turn the former Art Deco-style auto showroom on Sunset Boulevard into PETA offices, was on hand as were  other celebrities. But, for anyone living in Echo Park, the star of the show was the rooftop wood deck with a view of  downtown, D.J., bar, vegan appetizers and Bob Barker. Welcome to Echo Park, circa 2012. Click on the link below for more photos.

Bob Barker

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  1. Did they say a prayer for the thousands of rescue pets they have euthanized? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? The people are hipocrits!

    • “Rescue pets” What are you talking about-and just where are these animals going to go and who will pay for them? Should they live out their lives in cages?
      Check out their website and see what they really do.

      • I checked out their website and agree that some animals are in such poor condition that euthanasia is the only option. However, according to many sources, including those cited below, health animal are also being destroyed due to “over population.” When this is proposed for humans, it’s considered genocide.

        • There are far too many feral, unwanted, and/or unhealthy animals to ever find homes. Equating this with human genocide is ridiculous.

          I don’t always agree with their approach, but PETA has saved millions of animal lives and helped make the lives of many others less miserable (i.e farm animals). Also, encouraging people to eat less meat helps the environment, as producing animal protein requires vastly more natural resources than producing plant foods.

          The most vocal critics of PETA are usually those who are somehow making money from animal exploitation.

  2. “PETA advertises itself as the largest animal rights organization in the world, with over three million members and supporters. PETA stages “rescue” operations of abused animals, and can serve a useful purpose, which it is exceedingly adept at publicizing.

    What PETA does not publicize, however, it euthanizes — kills — some 85% of the animals it rescues.”
    The PETA site obviously doesn’t mention negatributes. Google PETA & rescue, euthanasia, etc. This one happens to be from Huffington Post, Canada.

  3. PETA, we may not always agree, but welcome to the neighborhood. The building looks great.

    • Ditto what Kevin posted. It probably wasn’t out of the realm of possibility to image what might be there if PETA hadn’t taken ownership of the building: a Walmart grocery store maybe, or perhaps the next ham-fisted demo/over-development from, take your pick: 15 Group, Angelus Temple, or Frost/Chaddock.

  4. Wow, first people laughed when American Apparel moved in. But now they’re DEAD serious about kicking all the people of color out of Echo Park!

    • Just wait until we get to Boyle Heights —

      We’ll be opening a J Crew at First and Soto followed shortly by a Cheesecake Factory.

      Bon Appetito!

      • Someone suggested an Olive Garden but we white people decided that was WAY too ethnic.

        • Cracker might be a double agent.

          Anyone with any sense would know that white people would open a Marie Callender’s before they open anything else.

  5. Wow peta sucks they are busy patting them selves on the back and trowing parties while the state cuts funding to no kill animal shelters. to hell w peta

  6. Do you really need such an expensive office to save animals? i know youth centers that dont look anywhere near that nice. looks like a new downtown bar opening.

  7. A sum of all comments….

    Welcome to Echo Park. Now go home.

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