Police seeking info on Highland Park runaway

Police are seeking information about the location of a 13-year-old Highland Park girl who ran away from home earlier this month.  Allyson Maya Pulido, whose pictures have been posted on flyers in local laundromats and stores, went missing on March 5 after she did not want to follow rules imposed by her mother, said Lt. Steven Flores with the Northeast Division. Said Flores via email:

She packed her personal belongings on 3/5/12 while her mother was away. Her mother has seen her twice since 3/5/12 but Allyson ran from her. Her mother believes she may be staying with an older man.

Flores said police do not believe Allyson  is in any immediate danger but would like information regarding her whereabouts, Flores said.  Anyone with information about Allyson are asked to call the Northeast Division at (323) 344-5701 during weekday business hours or  1-877-ASK-LAPD at all other times.. Click here for more details about Allyson.


  1. I find it just a tiny bit disturbing (just a bit) that this was in my email update SECOND to the Chinese restaurant posting. Wouldn’t a missing child be a priority? Just my thoughts….as a mom….

    Yes, I understand the girl is a runaway (I was one myself). But “not in immediate” danger? If a 13 year old is “staying” with an older man, she may not be subject to physical danger but emotional and sexual for sure.

  2. My point exactly. As the mother of Allyson Pulido, this attitude of “not in immediate danger” is what has plague Highland ParkCypress and Ally is not alone. Parents need to start talking as this is happening “everyday”. I have parents look straight at me and tell me .. yes my son/daughter hang out with the element here .. but at least they still go to school and come home even if they (child) is gone three days (Friday – Sun) … they do not tell me who there child is but they look straight in the eye and accept this.. this is the core of what must stop ..Parents you have a voice and I reach out to the community that our children should not be allowed to rot this way. Yes Ally did a bad choice in falling in love with an older guy in this community who has direct ties with drug and postitution …however she is only 13 she suppose to make mistakes … they flaut her up and down all Figueroa from Highland Park to Cypress are all day – why because this is not the first and it won’t be the last time this happens. Most recently they are at local schools which no doubt recruiting for other Allys. For the record my daughter NEVER missed a day of school from 3/5/12 to Kindergarden, even when she hurt her right ankle from her local soccer league here in Highland Park of which she so much enjoyed she never was absent. I fear for Ally and the bad choices she is making, but most importantly I fear that as I enter the third week with her absence that she will only be someone they knew of, or see around from time to time in the dark shadows…as well for the many voices less parents and children to come and that have had this happen to them. If this happen to Ally, this can happen over and over again .. Parents you now have a voice … enough is enough. . Little Ally .. Never be content with someone else’s definition of you. Because you define yourself by your owy beliefs, your own truths, your own understanding of who you are … you’re a unique person someone I really admire and love ~ Mom

  3. I use to work at Allys elementary school. She was my daughter Francine’s best friend in the second grade. I feel so bad when I heard what happen. I tell my daughter not to make choices like this because it seems like she is not making good choices as it is, but I do not think that she will run away. I hope Allyson realizes that she needs you just as much as you need her. Allyson was such a sweet girl when I knew her, I also worked at Burbank and she would smile at me. I feel so worried for her, like I do my own daughter. I hope she is ok and will return to you safely.

  4. Oh my. There isn’t an update. Has she come home? If she is with an older man the police have thier duty to investigate a child predetor. Regardless if her being there is voluntary, he is an adult who is commiting acts with a minor. What on earth is the police thinking?

  5. *update* she was found…. years of meth drug addiction and a loss of a family home and now her brother has disowned her. She now has a child before the age of 20 with someone her family knows nothing about. This however, was not the older man she was found with but someone else. Thank you all for your prayers and help….. have a good day

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