Silver Lake shopping center shakeout takes a toll on tenants and jobs

The closing of  stores and rumors of an remodeling or redevelopment of a Glendale Boulevard strip mall in Silver Lake have left the staff at the 20 Video DVD shop fielding numerous questions from customers about the fate of the shopping center. There were so many inquiries that the staff taped a notice to the front counter providing the most recent update.  Now, there is another notice at 20 Video, this one in the form of a bright yellow and red “Store Closing Sale”  banner that was hung over the store entrance on Monday. That’s when the employees discovered that their store was closing and their own jobs were up in the air. The video shop, which has operated next to the Ralphs supermarket for about 15 years, will become the third store in the shopping center to close in recent months as leases are not renewed amid talk and rumors, ranging from an extensive remodeling of the center to the construction of a new complex.

“We are all looking for work now,” said Joanie Stevenson, one of five employees at the 20 Video. “In this economy,  we do not need surprises like the one the five of us are getting right now.”

The video and DVD rental business is far from booming but that was not the reason the store was forced to close, employees said. The owner decided to close the store after being unable to find out if the shopping center management would extend his lease on a month-to-month basis, Stevenson said. The owner of 20 Video was not available for comment.

Many of the other tenants in the shopping center on Glendale Boulevard near Fletcher Drive are in the same situation after they were informed that leases would not be renewed after expiring this year. For example, barber Tony Cornejo, whose shop has operated in the shopping center for about 30 years, has purchased another barbershop in Cypress Park and plans to be out of the Silver Lake location in September.

20 Video DVD is scheduled to close in the first week of May, according to one employee.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with these businesses because of the lack of respect from the [shopping center] owners in communicating and having a sense of transparency with all this stuff,” said Stevenson.

Neither Western Realty, which manages the center, or Ralphs supermarket have returned phone calls and emails seeking comment.

To see  some vintage photos of the Ralphs shopping center when it was the Silver Lake Auto Court, visit Los Angeles Past the Corralitas Red Car Property blogs

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  1. This sucks that people are losing jobs and businesses.

    All the speculation around this shopping center is starting to sound like a developer’s buzz building exercise. I can hear them saying, “Hipsters in Silver Lake will embrace mixed use, ride buses and bikes, they won’t need cars. They will want to live above a 24-hour supermarket. If we close all the little stores, allow the vacant storefronts to become ‘broken windows,’ the NIMBYs will beg us to build mixed use!”

    • Then again, there’ll be businesses and people that benefit from the work on renovating/tearing down the shopping center. It’s the circle of life.

    • There used to be a video store where Silverlake Wine sits. I’d say the local economy and culture is better off with the current tenant.

  2. This really blows. 20 Video had an AMAZING selection of independent film and foreign film. Whomever stocked the titles there really had good taste.

  3. Guess Mom and Pop just aint Good nough for some Folks ? They would rather see Their New Home become some sort of Bourgeois Proletarian City Walk or Something ( Red Hill ? ). Never Gonna Happen People. Used to live up North for while as an Adventurous Young Adult; And Everyone and their Grand Daughter knew It. ( And let me know It; If you know what I. mean ). Cant Teach an Old Dog , New Tricks ! In The End what`s left of us will go back to Flipping our Burgers, Rolling our Egg Rolls, Stopping at the Hardware Store for Fertilizer and Rose Food; And All else will wind up Back where it Belongs; Peddaling Unrequited Maps to the Stars Homes on Holywood and Highland, and Burying Their heads in Joyce and Cafe Latte in some dingy Cafe on Lankershim Blvd.

  4. The fact that they aren’t renewing leases makes me think they are going to raze the structure. You can do a remodel in a piecemeal fashion with tenants but if you want to tear the whole thing down, everyone has to be out.

  5. Sorry about the loss of jobs and long-time occupants in the area (i.e., the barber shop). But — and it is rare for me to side with developers — this shopping center is a dump; the Ralphs is the worst I’ve seen; the Kentucky Fried Chicken place never changes its cooking oil; the CVS has the worst service in town. My hope is that the center is transformed into a marketplace worthy of the neighborhood and that it creates new jobs. p.s. The video store next to Gelsons (Journeys) is infinitely better.

  6. I wish people would stop using this to make political statements. Here is the story, plain and simple, according to one of the managers at the Ralph’s:

    The three stores between Ralph’s and CVS are being cleared out so Ralph’s can remodel and expand the store to a state of the art facility. CVS is staying where it is and not being remodeled.

    I would guess that the landlord intends to do a remodel on the end of the strip between CVS and the now vacant KFC. The center is not being demolished—it is just a renovation that should be underway by summertime.

    I’m glad—we need a better supermarket. For video, try Netflix or Video Journeys on Hyperion.

  7. Tony the barber told me they are going to raze the building (maybe only his end of the building?) and rebuild mixed use. He said he plans to move back in when they’re done.

  8. Tony the barber is delusional. He thinks he’s coming back…dream on buddy. Get used to Cypress Park. See if your rude temperament works out over there.

    I agree that that whole lot is a dump but I feel for the hard working people who will lose their jobs like the Jonie at 2o/20. She gives great service and always has a smile.

    Lastly, my guilty pleasure is that cheap Chinese place. No more $6.00 combo plate.

  9. Tony is not delusional and I don’t know why he would’ve said that considering he has already secured a location in Eagle Rock for his new Barbershop, which he will open in October of this year.

    The entire shopping center as it exists now will be demolished. Underground garage parking will be built and a new Ralph’s and shopping center with condo’s above it (similar to the Glendale Americana) will take its place. It will take 2 years after the tear down of the current shopping center. Ask anybody at Ralph’s, they’ll let you know if you don’t believe me.

    • The managers @ Ralph’s are saying exactly what LKitsch said. A remodel for Ralph’s and CVS will be staying. We can all keep guessing, but only time will tell.

    • I’m glad to know you have the inside scoop on all the real data.
      However the people i speak with have all sorts concepts.
      But then there next phrase is i head that from ???
      Maybe Shane. I have asked at Ralphs and gotten blank stares
      followed with i really don’t know. I have been in the area since the
      since the late 30’s . Talk to the lady at 20 Video she has no clue, except the she is out of a job very soon.

  10. Y’know what’s kind of cool about the “shopping center shakeout”? There’s a lot more parking now. When I stopped by the Starbucks this afternoon around 3:30 P.M., there were plenty of spaces.

  11. Kroger sucks!!!!!!

  12. It’s sad to watch all of the old joints dissapearing. Most of them have been around for 40+ years including the Round Table (formerly Straw Hat) where we’d go after little league baseball games. The KFC, Baskin Robbins as well. Not sad to see Tony go. I can recall more than one customer threatening to Drop his ass after another crappy haircut back in the day. Rockaway (formerly Rainbow Records) was located in this “dump” and it’s where we all got our vinyl before it moved to the laundromat space followed by where it is today. Change is natural and anticipated but it’s not always good or positive. Glendale Blvd. is crowded enough without inviting even more residents into the neighborhood. On the other hand, it may postpone the hipster’s anticipated invasion of varrios north and east of Riverside. Almost makes one sentimental for the numerous gangmembers that once kept the yuppies south of Riverside . . . Almost.

  13. For the posters suggesting Video Journeys or netflix as alternatives to 20/20, that’s a NO-GO if you watch Blu Rays as I do.

    VJ’s has a pitiful blu ray selection. I live 1 block from VJ’s and would rather go there, but again, 20/20’s blu ray selection rules.
    Netflix is way more expensive and you have to ‘wait in queue ‘ for new releases. Not to mention no ‘spur of the moment’ movie night with friends.
    20/20 will have a blu ray movie avail to rent 1-2 weeks before you can even buy it at Best Buy.

    • Actually need to clarify the netflix new movie delay> It’s a 1 MONTH DELAY from a new movie DVD/Blu ray release until netflix adds it.

      And with 20/20 video usually having a movie rental avail 1-2 weeks before it is released, that’s a good 5-6 weeks a movie is avail to rent at 20/20 vs. netflix!!

  14. Anyone know if this shakeout would include the Starbucks, cleaners and check cashing spot on the northeast corner? I would assume it’s the same property, but am unsure.

  15. The problem that i have, along with just about everyone i speak with is the lack of community input from the project leaders. That means also Eric Garcetti’s office.
    Years back meetings were held with the community about projects and the impact
    they would have on our lives. Along with the lack of input about the project where the old Coffee Table was. What gives here, i suppose enough money will push any thing through.

  16. Any update on this? I just spoke with Tony (barber shop Tony) and he said they still plan to tear the whole place down and rebuild underground parking, condos, new shopping center, etc.

  17. Kansas Sebastian

    Any update on the owner’s remodelling plans? I’m with Mr. Martinez. Where is the community involvement in this?

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