Delays ahead for Glassell Park & Highland Park drivers

Traffic backs up on northbound Figueroa at York Boulevard

A pair of water and sewer projects will leave motorists on the eastern and western ends of York Boulevard  in Glassell Park and Highland Park facing delays and lane closures for at least two months.  In Glassell Park, preliminary work began this week on the replacement of a leaky, 20-inch water pipeline that runs underneath Eagle Rock Boulevard south of York Boulevard.  The project, which will disrupt traffic between York and Avenue 43 as crews restripe lanes and install barriers, is expected to last two months, reports Patch.  Meanwhile, on the eastern end of York Boulevard at Figueroa Street in Highland Park, work has resumed on the construction of a new $2.5 million sewer line that had been delayed to remove some large boulders in the path of a tunnel, according to a spokeswoman for the Department of Public Works.

Drivers traveling northbound on Figueroa have already faced months of delays as the street has been reduced to one lane south of York Boulevard. Now,  in addition to Figueroa being reduced to one lane,  drivers on York Boulevard will also face disruption as the sewer work will take place on one traffic lane in each direction between Avenue 64 and Outlook Avenue. In addition, York Boulevard drivers will be limited on turning on to Figueroa (details of the restrictions can be found below).

The sewer work at York and Figueroa is expected to last for two and a half months. But that does not mean drivers will be in the clear.  The last phase of the project and traffic disruption will then move  north to  Figueroa and Meridian Street for what should be a relatively brief period of time, according the Public Works spokeswoman.

Here, according to Council District 14, is what motorists should expect at York and Figueroa during the next 2-1/2 months:

York Boulevard:

Work will take place primarily in one lane in each direction between Avenue 64 and Outlook Avenue.
The Krail area will be concentrated in the middle of York Boulevard between Figueroa Street and Hamlet Street.
No Right Turn Signs will be posted for westbound York Boulevard onto northbound Figueroa Street.
No Left Turn Signs posted for westbound York Boulevard onto southbound Figueroa Street and for eastbound York onto northbound Figueroa.

Figueroa Street

Northbound traffic will be restricted to one lane from the railroad crossing at South Avenue 61 to Garvanza Avenue.
Southbound traffic will be restricted to one lane at Garvanza Avenue, then become two lanes (one right turn lane and one through lane) to the intersection with York Boulevard. Two lanes will remain open southbound past the intersection with York.
The Krail Area will be in the middle of Figueroa from Piedmont Avenue to the right turn lane onto York Boulevard.
No Left Turn Signs will be posted for northbound Figueroa Street onto westbound York Boulevard and for southbound Figueroa onto eastbound York.

Parking Restrictions during construction will be the following:

On York Boulevard – No Stopping signs will be posted between Avenue 63 and Outlook Avenue.
On Figueroa Street – No Stopping Signs will be posted northbound between South Avenue 61 to York Boulevard.
Temporary “No Street Parking” signs will be posted on both sides of York Boulevard. Any vehicles parked will be towed away at the owner’s expense.

Construction work hours for the project will be 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

View Eagle Rock Blvd & York Blvd in a larger map


  1. Yes. Avoiding Figueroa for the past week or two via ER Blvd. This morning I ended up pretty much trapped. Good planning! Please have someone at CD 14 call my office and explian why I was late!

  2. This sucks. Can’t turn left on Figueroa from York and they still don’t seem to have anyone actually working on it.

  3. Oh no! Construction at York and Figueroa has been going on FOREVER. And no it’s going to get worse.

  4. This is the worst planning ever, why no left turn ANYWHERE is beyond me!

    • They create the situation, then plant motorcycle cops at the right place to write tickets to frustrated motorists who try to make those illegal left turns to avoid the traffic the city create. Example… three motorcycle cops sitting on Rowena ave and Rokeby st. by the fire station writing tickets non stop at 9 AM. at a couple hundred dollars a pop for 5 minutes work in the name of traffic safety is a pretty good haul for the day. It would be nice if they were at selected intersection directing traffic to make the commute a bit more pleasant for us but that wouldn’t raise any revenue would it?

  5. Waaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaa! I can’t turn left, I’m a few minutes late, Waaaaaaa! Seriously people, would you rather they just let pipes and the sewer lines go straight to hell? Imagine the disruption to your lives then. LOL

  6. @Tom – being against stupid city construction planning doesn’t mean we want the sewer lines to rupture. It is painfully obvious that the construction project is poorly run, will cause hundreds of hours of delays for people and could be done a whole lot better. They’ve had Figueroa blocked off for at least 12 months at Piedmont with ZERO work being done. Now they are clocking a major intersection and it’s a mess.

  7. So what’s taking them so long? It was supposed to be done already.

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