Echo Park traffic accident victim dies

An elderly man who was struck by a car on Echo Park Avenue this morning has died from his injuries, police said this afternoon.  The man, described as  a male Latino in his 60s,  was transported to a hospital, where he died at about 11 a.m. following surgery, said Officer Karen Rayner with the LAPD. The pedestrian, who residents say lived near the accident scene, was walking east across Echo Park Avenue near Lucretia Avenue when he was struck by a northbound vehicle at about 9:30 a.m., according to officials.


  1. I haven’t heard any mention of whether the Black Audi that hit him was stopped, who it was that hit him, why that person was driving fast enough to kill a man.

    I’ve had people in luxury cars honk at me or gun their engines for not crossing the EP Ave fast enough for their liking before.

    There is no excuse for this. None at all. What kind of community do we live in?

    I want the name of the person in the Audi and I want manslaughter charges.

    This kind of bullshit must not stand.

    • According to Kelly BLue book the car is worth about $18,000. Even new an A3 is not a luxury car. Besides Anger, lets find out the facts before you go starting a riot. We all feel horrible for the loss his family and friends are dealing with. And btw, who are you asking to give you the name of the driver and why? Who is suppose to report you? Us, the commenters of this site? The LAPD? What would you do with this information anyway? What good is it to you? It has zero value in your life unless you have other malicious plans in store.

  2. The type of car he’s driving has nothing to do anything. Please be reasonable, this is a tragedy straight up. If he was being negligent in some way, charges will be filed.

    • Comments on the other post suggest the driver was fiddling with a phone and or bluetooth. Hearsay, but it does sound likely in this situation.

      People arrive at and take off from Chicken Corner at a high rate of speed because the 3 way intersection slows everyone down. To compensate they floor it when they are through the intersection.

      The speed at which he had to have been travelling to make that sort of impact and drag the man as far as he did had to have been substantial.

      And don’t give me this b.s. about “oh the type of car he’s driving doesn’t matter.”

      It is a well documented fact that people of higher-socio economic status are much more likely to speed. Whether that’s due to the fact that they can afford to pay for a speeding ticket more easily, or due to a general sense of entitlement that the laws do not apply to them, or a combination of both cannot be determined.

      And if you know don’t see how that “luxury car” moniker is worth something, then you might not know many luxury car owners.

      In the case where the guy drove through the front of Pizza Buona, that could happen to anyone, and it to suggest his car had something to do with it would be negligent.

      You’d be hard pressed to get a jankity old truck or another non-luxury auto up to the rate of speed that guy must have been travelling.

      AND, I’m also sufficiently cynical to believe that when an old Mexican man is run down by a rich person in an audi who immediately begins crying and apologizing and claiming it was a terrible accident, that charges are NOT necessarily filed, even when it was clear that person was negligent.

      Everyone in the neighborhood is aware of how fast people drive up Echo Park Ave. So you say “Be Reasonable,” I say, “Don’t be an apologist. The next person who gets hit may be you or your loved one.”

      • As someone who lives on Echo Park Ave and drives an Audi, I find this ridiculous. I hate people breezing up my street at high rates of speed – and try to ask those I get face time with to slow down – but I’ve never reached the point of limiting that to just those in the luxury car market.

      • What is the matter with you Anger?
        Im sure everyone is upset about this.
        Your theory about cars blah blah blah is crazy at best . Good Lord !
        Please add link or anywhere it is “well documented “.
        This is a tragedy yes, please dont turn it in to some preachy lesson we should all learn from a person that posts as “Anger”, no thank you.

      • This is horrible. I feel terrible for his family and friends. All the best wishes my man. I hope where you are is better than where you just were.

    • What if the old man drove an Audi. Then what would you say, Ms. Anger?

  3. So sad. That’s the third or fourth auto-versus-pedestrian accident I’ve read about in Echo Park or Silver Lake in the last couple of months.

  4. Look at the photo genius, the Audi is stopped .
    I’ve had all kinds of cars honk at me , not only “luxury cars”.
    It is a tragedy for everyone involved , driver included.
    For a moment of carelessness or distraction , this is what happens.
    So, before you call other people “dumbass” on the threads, shut yourself up and
    get a grip of what a tragedy this is, without the anger.

    • How many names are you going to go by, dumbass?

      The idea that this was just another “Tragedy” and not at all preventable is wrong.

      “Careless” and “Distracted” does not begin to describe the act that kills another human being.

      “Criminally Negligent” does.

  5. I was there immediately after the accident. A couple of things that were not mentioned were that, first off, the guy didn’t look well-off at all. In fact, he looked a little bedraggled (apart from what had just happened). None of his clothing was nice or expensive in any way, and I was surprised that he was the one behind the wheel. He was claiming the whole time after that his cell phone had no SIM card in it, so he could not call anyone. At one point, a young, tattooed latino man forcefully demanded for him to give him his phone, to verify that there was no SIM card in it, at first the driver resisted, then gave the guy his phone, and the guy inspected it. Later, another man on the scene (I believe a construction worker from the 36 on Echo project) gave the driver his cell phone to use, to where the guy started making phone calls. He was crying and upset. Everyone was. The fire dept arrived within 4 or 5 minutes and tried to revive the man, who was turning blue, and could not. They put him on life support and a stretcher and I heard one fireman ask another “where do we take people for cardiac arrest? LA General?” The police arrived during this period and were still there 1/2 hour later interviewing the driver and taking photos of the now cordoned off section of street.

    • Well guess what that young latino was their waiting on the stop sign to go to school, He saw with his own eyes the incident happen. How was he suppose to feel? He wanted the man to call the police, in which it was not done forcefully, because neighbors ran there as well and no one said any force happened.

      • The latino man wasn’t school-aged, he was probably mid-to-late 20’s. And by forcefully I meant with his voice and body language, he didn’t actually physically harm the guy, but he was being aggressive, obviously out of anger.

    • Well, that makes the driver sound like he was either on drugs or drunk.

      As well as being INCREDIBLY deceitful and AWARE that he was in the wrong — How fricking easy is it to remove a SIM card from a phone?



      That strains believeability.

      That sounds like the a very practiced deceptive move.

      • I agree. There was something off/sketchy about this guy in my opinion. He didn’t match the car. And the fact that someone with a $50k car doesn’t have a SIM card in their phone just doesn’t feel right. I hope they get to the bottom of whatever the hell was behind his story. It was a really sad morning. I send my best wishes to the deceased man’s family.

        • Guys, that is likely a pre 2008 A3, A prius is worth more than that car stop focusing on “50k+” car. As an Audi owner who drives VERY carefully, the focus on his socio-economic status is highly disturbing :(.

  6. I have lived in EP for 12 yrs now. Can’t tell you how many times I have seen someone cross in the middle of a busy street or intersection instead of using a cross walk, and often with their children. We do not know the specifics of this tragedy, but I’m sorry for this man and the loss for his family. We have to realize though we do not live in a rural area. In the age of texting ect it is dangerous enough to use a cross walk that doesn’t have a stop light. I learned this when I was like 3 yrs old…just sayin…

    • He was crossing at an intersection. Regardless of crosswalk or signal light, pedestrian has the right of way.

      • No a pedestrian does not have the right of way outside a cross walk . That is misdemeanor called jaywalking. What you are thinking of is being self entitled to walk where you want when you want. Not the same thing mj.

        • With respect Echo Parque, mj is correct. Even without markings an intersection is a legal crosswalk, and the pedestrian had the right of way.

          California Vehicle Code 21950(a): The driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within any marked crosswalk or
          within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection…

        • Pedestrians may cross from corner to corner in an intersection without a crosswalk and it is not jaywalking.

        • Are you a moron? How the hell would you cross ANY intersection without a painted crosswalk then? Retard.

    • What cross walk? There are no crosswalks on this stretch of EP Ave. You would have to walk a quarter of a mile in either direction to cross the street …

  7. Regarding luxury cars, a study was recently conducted at Berkeley examining the correlation between car types and driving styles:

    That said, I wonder what conclusions would have been drawn if the driver had been driving a beat up old car? What is considered a neutral car in this neighborhood?

    I admit that I had a strong reaction when I saw the car, which looked very shiny and new, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that was MY stuff.

    • Sure, that’s YOUR stuff…

      But it’s also MY stuff…

      and 98% of everyone else’s stuff, too —

      But thanks for posting the guardian article, and I’m with you on the beat-up car question.

  8. I saw a similar driving move just a couple of weeks ago. A car stopped at an intersection for a pedestrian while the car behind accelerated around. Speed racer ended up slamming on the brakes to avoid hitting the pedestrian. At the time, I thought “what a self obsessed/self important asshole”. One of these days it’ll be him trying to cross the street as fast as his body will go.

    I gave up counting how many times I’ve been tailgated up & down EP for driving at a moderate speed because I don’t want to run any person/animal/child over. There’s a lot of foot traffic these days & people are getting run over all over town. Slow down & don’t drive like an asshole to save time!

    • I agree, speeding and tailgating is the status quo in this city and it needs to change. I don’t think it helps that most of our main streets are designed like highways. This just induces speeding and dangerous driving habits which spill over into residential neighborhoods, with tragedies like this becoming a regular thing. LADOT’s old way of thinking was just to remove crosswalks, widen streets and raise speed limits (presumably in hopes that pedestrians will just give up and just drive everywhere). They’ve been taking baby steps away from that lately with the bike plan and a few traffic calming experiments, but LA is huge and I think it’s time for bold moves. We need to seriously rethink and redesign our city streets so they are safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Otherwise I fear things are only going to get much worse as population and infill development continue.

  9. I saw this accident happen–I stopped on the other side of the street, traveling south, to let the man pass, and saw him hit by the audi going north, and I was there afterward and made a full report to police and spoke to them about the driver. He was sober. There was no suspicion of drugs or alcohol. He was fiddling with a blue tooth device and not paying attention and they said later that he was too distraught to even speak. That does not excuse what happened. Nothing does. A man died and nothing can bring him back. But the whole, ‘he’s rich, he’s sketchy’: it’s a search for some systematic class or other underlying cause for this tragedy. No. Carelessness. Period.
    The audi wasn’t that nice. The whole right side had been in a prior wreck, was all dented et cetera.
    And, if you’re really going to assess who was an angel, people who told me they were nephews of the man hit were trying to beat up the driver. Sure, they were angry. But meanwhile, the man himself was alone. on the ground. with no one. Dying alone. I said to them, “the driver is distraught, just wait until the police arrive. please be with your uncle, he needs you, he is alone, please someone be with this man.” and they looked at me blankly. Maybe everyone was in shock. But no one was attending to that poor man.

    Everyone here, stop blaming lame generalities and just let this be what it was: singular, and horrible.

    • That’s horrible.

      Why wasn’t anyone comforting that man? Including yourself?

      • people who identified themselves as relatives said not to touch him, and they were standing between me and him. I was screaming and begging them to attend to the man rather than beat up the driver. screaming and begging.
        so don’t accuse. you weren’t there. you have no idea, actually, what the situation was like, unless you were.
        And in any case, I’m saying in a public forum that I wished I’d ignored them.

    • @Local Girl – Based on the new post by the Eastsider, there were no eyewitness accounts indicating the driver was distracted. If you gave the police a full report, it either excluded the note of a distraction (bluetooth/cell phone) or these observations happened after the accident. Please contact the police if you have information that suggests he was distracted while driving.

      • I didn’t see inside the car. I was driving southbound as the driver came north and hit the man. The police themselves told me that the driver said, in explanation, that he was messing with his blue tooth–that information as far as I understand came from the driver himself, but that’s second-hand. It was, however, repeated by each of the three police to whom I gave my statement. there’s no information from me that I am withholding from police, Cristi.

  10. I’ve been saying it for years – I really wish they would put speed bumps on Echo Park Ave the whole way up.

    • Have you only been saying it? What about doing something about it? Like filing the necessary petition or paperwork. Our government does not do proactive measures. They respond only to complaints. So get your neighbors together to sign a request for speed bumps. It might take years, but it has to start sometime. If you’ve already done that, then this is a good example of bureaucracy in motion.

      • The speed bump program was discontinued 2 years ago by the city due to budget cuts. I’ve petitioned for them on my street and was told by LADOT representatives not to bother.

    • I am a civil engineer, traffic is something we had to study in school heavily, and speed bumps seem to always be the problem solver for everyone. This is one of the few, maybe the only, traffic device that I cannot stand. If people want speed bumps, just as well start putting speed cameras everywhere that automatically ticket like in other parts of the world. Or GPS tracking that will not let the car go higher than certain speeds in specific areas, like the Nissan GT-R in Japan already comes equipped with. We need less forcing of laws and more changing of peoples’ mindsets. Because I guarantee you there is a lot of money to be made to start doing this to cars.

      Don’t let the awful situation turn into something this isn’t. A careless driver who I am sure wishes that day never happened.

      • Safer engineering of our roads via traffic calming will influence people’s behaviors and they will slow down. Our city is *designed* for speeding traffic, and motorists behave accordingly… it’s not just some crazy accident that the majority of Angelenos drive fast and tailgate.

  11. the neighbors I think would have to petition for it.
    certainly warranted.
    some change in the wake of this would be nice.
    some small positive thing after such a horrible event.
    even a crosswalk at that intersection.

  12. I was almost mowed down crossing with my dogs at the stop sign right up the street there. Some guy blew the stop sign at about 50 mph. He was driving a pickup truck that was more rust than car. Yes, there are lots of entitled rich assholes that drive fancy cars on their phones like they own the road. There are also just as many broke assholes driving around on their phones, paying just as little attention to the road. This guy sounds incredibly shady, but Ive seen just as many high school kids as yuppies tearing ass up and down ep ave, and I don’t think it’s a socio-economic issue in this case. Let’s at least wait until the cops completely bungle the investigation and this fool walk free before we play that card.

  13. Not born here,but I’ve lived here for 15 years. I’ve seen plenty of fancy cars blasting up and down EP ave making unsafe decisions around garbage trucks, texting, being stupid in general. I’ve also seen plenty of locals in non-fancy cars driving like A-holes,running straight through the stop signs at the triangle and flying past “slow” cars.

  14. Would a stop sign at the EP/Lucretia intersection help? The neighbors are the ones who probably know the most and can decide this one.

  15. I saw something like this almost happen 4 years ago. I was driving south on Alvarado towards Montana. All of us were stopped at the red light. The light turned green but this woman was struggling to finish crossing. She had to be 80-90 years old. Me and another driver were still stopped in the two inside lanes. In the morning there are not that many cars in parked in the right hand parking lane. Actually it might be a rush hour thing. This guy came from down the street whipped to the right of me into that lane at what had to be 45-50 miles an hour. She just was crossing that lane as he merged and slammed on his breaks so hard, the tired smoke was insane. He stopped within 3 inches of her. He was driving a nice car, and I did hear that article on NPR about the high end car study, but lets face it. We’ve seen piece of shit cars drive aggressively.

    I think what disturbed me the most about this is that he was on his phone while driving and nothing in his face was alarmed that he almost killed a person. He continued talking like nothing was wrong even though this old woman took her cane and hit the hood of his car because she was pissed. But as soon as she got through that lane he peeled out of there. I gasped so hard when he hit those breaks. So often people coming up from behind people who are stopped at a light or mid block cross walk do not take any caution as to WHY PEOPLE ARE STOPPED! They can’t see what is in front of the cars and don’t care. It’s extremely upsetting. I’m just glad this guy didn’t run. A couple years back a couple killed a USC student in my neighborhood and witnesses said he got out of his car to pull the body off and took off. What the fuck is wrong with people?

  16. speed bumps and more public transit.

  17. I was recently run over by a car in downtown (luckily it just really messed up my foot and ankle…giving me plenty of time to peruse the Internet). Obviously what happened to this man is tragic, and the driver should be held responsible. However, but for the grace of god any of us could at one point been the driver. I’ve sped when in a rush, looked for directions on my phone while driving, etc. I imagine everyone here has too. There is no margin for error when it’s car vs. human. As long as the two share the same space these things will happen. Hopefully we all drive more carefully after learning of this accident, but understand the driver if the Audi didn’t do it intentionally.

    • Well put, Michael. I’m a much safer driver than I was ten years ago, especially now that I have a baby. I feel so lucky that my “youthful” driving had no serious consequences. But, even now, I space out sometimes (while driving and crossing the street). It’s human nature to not behave perfectly every minute. Hopefully the neighborhood will come together to make EP Ave a safer street for pedestrians and cars.

    • No, I have NEVER looked for directions on my phone or Garmin while driving. I consider myself an excellent driver but I never tempt fate by trying to multitask like that. You assholes who take your eyes off the road to attend to your all-important electronic devices are assholes and should not be driving.

  18. We all need to take measures to make our streets safer. As pedestrians, it’s a good idea to always assume that the driver of a car does not see you and take extra care to make sure they do, even when in a crosswalk.

  19. Mrs. Anger!

    You are right! And we are with you! Many more of your links are needed so we can sufficiently practice our reading. Forget proving that Rich people are bad people, everyone knows that (except for spider man’s alter ego, he is a rich person who is NOT bad, and that is well documented. I do not have a link, but you can buy and of his books and magazines and you will be convinced beyond a shadowing doubt that he is rich, AND good – but he may be the only one.)

    It is time we ran down the rich with our vehicles of reason and outrage. You can lead the charge Mrs. Anger, or as it were, your angry words can be the lap car to our frustrated nascar smash up.

  20. It is really sad that this man needed medical attention, but got none from anyone, including his relatives. Kind of sad that our schools don’t teach people what to do in an emergency. If you know what to do, you tell people that you are medically trained, and to move away to make space for you to check on the person, and to have someone call 911, and tell them to get back to you. That would’ve gotten the useless relatives out of the way. The most important thing is to check on the person to see if they are breathing, because there is only a 5 min. window before a person becomes brain dead. If he was turning blue, that means he wasn’t breathing, and he needed CPR right away. If someone gave this man CPR, he might have survived. The real problem was the relative who didn’t have any medical training, and told people to stay away, when he needed immediate help. A company I worked for paid for my CPR class, and the certificate was good for 2 yrs. It expired years ago, but at least I would’ve known what to do. Public schools need to teach people when they’re young, so that it will stick with them when they’re older. If Local Girl was taught this, she might’ve been the only person to save this guy, by telling the relatives that he needed immediate medical treatment, and to get their useless asses out of the way. Educate yourselves people! You might save a loved one, one day. RIP EP Vetarano! It is sad that our schools didn’t teach your relatives or others nearby what to do. Kids need to learn more than just earthquake & fire drills. They can be taught basic medical training. All kids should be given some type of information on what to do in a medical emergency. You can probably find some video instruction on youtube, that would make you a useful person in an emergency, just type in CPR training.

    • It’s always good to know CPR but, sorry, this is absurd: “If someone gave this man CPR, he might have survived.”

      first of all:
      he was breathing.

      secondly: you have no sense of what happened. No sense of the incredibly brutal impact.
      This man surely had massive–massive–internal injuries. He was blown away by that car. It was hands down the most horrific thing I have ever seen in my life.
      but again, he was breathing. It was weirdly clear that he was going to die–you might not understand unless you saw what happened. It wasn’t about saving him but more a matter of wishing someone had been by his side.

    • Well congratulations, Internet Hero. You just won the award for most absurd comment on this website.

      • I just looked at all of CS’s comments and they are all of the same belligerence, calling people assholes and morons and retards.
        Eastsider, you should block this person.

  21. “… I’ve seen plenty of fancy cars blasting up and down EP ave making unsafe decisions around garbage trucks, texting, being stupid in general.

    I’ve also seen plenty of locals in non-fancy cars driving like A-holes,running straight through the stop signs …”. Thanks for posting this.

    The stop sign at Scott and Sargent Place seems to be optional these days. Not a day goes by when I witness drivers blowing right through w/o a touch of the brakes.

    Have to say driving in LA is at an all-time careless low. And I drive more defensively now than in my entire lifetime of driving.

  22. “Not a day goes by when I don’t witness drivers blowing right through w/o a touch of the brakes. “

  23. To follow up on E’s post – even just having someone with a level head at an accident site helps – a few years back a motorcyclist was hit at Lemoyne and Montana – he flew off his bike and landed right in front of my car (fortunately I was going slow).

    Within seconds there was a crowd of guys who were trying to move him out of the street! he was conscious but really groggy and not moving. Even without knowing CPR (trained years ago but wouldn’t trust myself to do it), I was able to leave my car with flashers where it protected him from being hit again, chase away the guys who were tugging on his arms to move him (I asked them to go watch out for EMS), and I held his hand and talked to him to try to keep him as alert as possible.

    And it doesn’t hurt to call it in even if you’re not the first on the scene – in that case the first person who called it in said Montana and Alvarado! it wasn’t until I called probably 5-10 minutes later (despite there being a whole crowd of people there) that they came to the right place.

    (despite being a witness, the police didn’t even want my account of the accident, that was odd, they said all they needed was the driver’s account).

  24. SireneB said something that I forgot to mention. You never move a accident victim, you can cause addtional injuries by trying to move them.

  25. Sorry that you had to see that Local Girl, but I beg to differ. As long as he was breathing, he had a chance. I was going by the other witness David’s statement, that the guy was turning blue. I have seen plenty of brutal accidents, and you’ll never know by standing around if he would’ve made it or not. It was very compassionate of you to try to get someone to comfort him though. Take care!

    • One possibility is that among the massive internal injuries was an aortic tear, like the one Princess Di had. That would explain breathing, but turning blue.

  26. he was breathing. given that, what could bystanders have done in that 4-5 minutes before the EMTs arrived that would have made a difference specifically to his chances of survival?

    it seems like you are suggesting that bystanders were at fault. I don’t get how that’s constructive or even really how it makes any sense. Are you a paramedic? Did you see the accident? Assess the victim? No? Well, there are many variables involved in predicting outcomes and analyzing what might have been.

    It sucks that people were not attending to him but to blame his death on that…you just don’t get what happened to his man. he did not die from inattention. He was moved down brutally.

  27. I didn’t say anyone was at fault, just that it seems that more could’ve been done, by all. I’m not a paramedic, but I worked at Queen of Angels Hospital, and I have seen all of the people brought into the Emergency Room. You did all you could do, is all anyone could’ve ask for, to the best of your abilities & knowledge. No need to feel guilty. Take care!

  28. Hi – I just wanted people to know that there is a meeting in Silverlake about street safety Monday, April 30th, at Ivanhoe at 4:30pm. They will be more specifically be addressing concerns on Rowena where another person was recently killed. But in general “street calming” and other safety issues will be paramount. Tom LaBonge, the Dept of Transportation, The Police Department, Water and Power, Planning, Contract Administration and the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council should be there. Please come and voice your concern about street safety and hopefully we can start addressing concerns and finding solutions to safety in Echo Park as well. At a minimum city officials need to hear you concern. Hope to see you there.

  29. “Elderly” man in his late 60’s? He hasn’t been identified?

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