Proposed Farmers Field freeway lane leads to Echo Park*

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The proposed Farmers Field football stadium would be constructed more than two miles south of Echo Park next to Staples Center. But the 72,000-seat stadium at the south end of downtown would have a more immediate impact on Echo Park and local commuters, according to a 10,ooo-page environmental impact report released on Thursday. In order to handle and lessen the impact of the thousands of football fans and other Farmers Field visitors traveling on local streets and freeways, the developer, Anschutz Entertainment Group, is offering to help pay for an approximately mile-long, westbound, auxiliary lane on the Hollywood Freeway that runs along Echo Park and Angeleno Heights. A Transportation Summary provides an overview of the proposal:

The Project will make a one-time fixed fee financial contribution of $2,400,000 towards a project that would add an auxiliary lane to the westbound US-101 Hollywood Freeway between the four-level interchange and Alvarado Street.

The Daily News reports that a Monday night game at Farmers Field would bring 19,000 additional cars to downtown, with many of those vehicles passing through neighborhoods such as Pico Union and Echo Park. How much of that $2.4 million would cover the total cost of construction? The Eastsider has contacted Anschutz Entertainment for more details.

* Update: No response yet from Anschutz but the environmental impact report says the $2.4 million would help fund an engineering study – not construction – of the auxiliary lane to correct  “merge-weave related traffic congestion.”  Anschutz anticipates the study could be used to try and get taxpayers to pay for the added freeway lane through state and federal funding.


  1. We need this even without the stadium lol, that stretch of 101 is wretched 24/7.

  2. ayayay I GUARANTEE that traffic will still be crazy backed up on this part of the freeway even with the extra lane. It’s a bottleneck no matter which you go.

    That 2.4 million should go towards a light-rail line that connects the Eastside to downtown.

  3. Um, NO. I live in Angelino Heights. I have a small child and we live right off the 101. The pollution is bad enough here- this is absolutely outrageous. NO. FOOTBALL. FIELD. IN. DOWNTOWN.

  4. Brownstone Lofts pool deck will now require all residents to wear orange Caltrans bibs whilst sunbathing.

  5. Hells yeah, Josh and Ryan- that made me snort tea outta my nose.
    Those Brownstone Lofts are the bridge to nowhere. Maybe they’d draw a certain kinda customer if they stopped trying to cover up the minor issue of the Brownstone being the location of the most notorious child murder of the 20’s… look up Marion Parker (if you have the stomach for such things.)

  6. Finally, the freeway will be so backed up that I can to open a taco stand right on the 101.
    I’m calling it Lane 5 Steakhouse.

  7. I already disliked the idea of a football field in Downtown LA. Now I hate it.

  8. I wish they were spending the money on studying a Sunset / Santa Monica Blvd. underground light rail line alignment instead… Adding freeway capacity has been proven time and again to be little more than an exercise in futility.

    Anyway, there’s only like 8 home games a year and mostly on Sundays when traffic is relatively light… if the freeways and rail lines can handle almost half a million people coming downtown everyday for work, than 72,000 for the occasional football game or special event should be manageable.

  9. Corner Soul — once they build a huge stadium in Downtown LA, they will NOT limit its use to only Sundays. It will be used constantly, for large events of all kinds. Nobody would invest so much in a space like that without hoping to make their investment back. And, that will require that that space be filled to capacity on most nights of the year.

    I agree with everybody else who is saying that the emphasis *must* be on rail commuting. In fact, car traffic to and from the Stadium should be discouraged. Downtown does not need the traffic and neither does Echo Park.

    • You make a very good point. But I still think with our rail system rapidly expanding, and the huge investments being made to re-centralize our city downtown, it’s an infinitely better location than the City of Industry site that was proposed by Ed Roski.

      To your point about promoting rail…. From the news coverage I’ve read, it sounds like AEG plans on heavily promoting public transportation as the preferred option when selling tickets. They have also claimed they will fund additional game day service on Metro and Metrolink, and pay for the expansion of that tiny Pico platform — hopefully the city will hold their feet to the fire on all of this!

      • AEG rah rah! Are you kidding? Do you know anything about this company?
        Are you their PR person? Ya they do not want to charge you $30 to park,
        they want you to take public transportation. Ha Ha!!
        Better than building the stadium in next to the Dodgers’ but The Santa Fe Springs plan is the best!

        • Hah, no I’m not even really a sports fan… I just think it makes more sense to build this massive trip generator on developed land in a very central location surrounded by freeways and mass transit, instead of another massive green field development out in BFE where virtually everyone in the county will be forced to drive.

        • FWIW… If it were up to me I’d tell the NFL to eff off and just build a new Dodgers Stadium by Staples, and just convert Chavez Ravine into Elysian Park expansion… I can’t think of anything more ridicukous than the idea of building a second stadium in the Dodgers parking lot. That idea is so bad I’m almost shocked it hasn’t happened in this backwards city.

  10. And what happens to all these cars when they whittle back down to transition south on the 110 to get down to the field? What does that temporary widening really get anybody? You know–other than further traffic grief?

  11. chinatown monastery

    This is LA. After everyone on the council gets paid, and everyone at CalTrans gets paid and a environmental impact report that costs the same as running two schools for a year is written up and, of course, a big check goes to Tony V for Prez in 2016, how much of that $2.4 million is left? I’m guessing the city would be about $12 million in the hole before a shovel hits dirt. With construction costs at around $40-50 million for a project of that size, sounds like a great deal. Thanks AEG!

    I would love to have football back in LA but put it in City of Industry – OC’ers are going to be a big percentage of those who can actually afford to attend these games so why not make it convenient for them.

  12. Does anybody else think football is boring as shit?

  13. The extra lane is only part of the EIR that was sent out. They are supposed to also be expanding the station across from Staples Center. And there are already plans to extend the light rail. This story is only part of the project. The entire EIR is available online, http://cityplanning.lacity.org/eir/ConventionCntr/DEIR/index.html Monday is when the public can go in and listen for more information too.

  14. What they should do is push for the construction of the 710 tunnel so that people coming from the western cities of the San Gabriel valley don’t have to drive through downtown to get to the west side and south bay.

    Believe me, Sunday traffic may be lighter than other days, but it’s no picnic.

  15. Even if that $2.4 million were for construction of the additional lane on the northbound 101, it would probably be a pittance toward the overall costs. The LA Times reports that the lane would run from the interchange with the 110 to Alvarado. But space is rather tight in this area, and one wonders: Where would that extra lane go?

    If you look on the satellite view on Google Maps of the 101 as it runs through Echo Park, you’ll see that an additional lane could possibly be carved out of the embankments along some stretches, though that would presumably require some costly construction, or reconstruction, of berms. Also, the Edgeware overpass appears to just about completely constrict all 8 of the existing lanes of the 101 that run underneath, and would probably have to be reconstructed to accommodate another.

    And an additional northbound lane would seem to bring the freeway right up to the historic Echo Park Recreation Center (as if it weren’t close enough already) and create complications for the Echo Park entrance/exit to the 101 (perhaps the final death knell for the shallow pool?) — unless all 8 lanes were reconfigured on that portion of the freeway, and they were pushed toward the tennis courts on the other side, where they would toweringly loom.

    LA Live is already a sterile, concrete homage to corporate cookie-cutter aesthetics. Now this billionaire in Colorado, Philip Anschutz, wants us taxpayers to be on the hook for $275 million dollars in bonds that he promises to pay back (tax-free, of course) with prospective revenues from the stadium. (Perhaps a small price to pay for all of the blaring digital billboards he wants to plaster along the freeway downtown?) And though he somehow manages to pony up his own money to fund anti-gay legislation and other right-wing causes, our city is in fine financial condition and can handle a few extra million in bonds, right?

    After all, he seems trustworthy, as exemplified by how his man in LA, Tim Leiweke, was quoted by the LA Weekly as saying: “Don’t worry, because professional football games are played on Sunday, when there is little traffic along the 10 and the 110.” Maybe, being from the upper classes, he’s talking in terms of helicopter flight paths?

    And here’s D. J. Waldie on the proposed stadium’s “green” aspects:

  16. How many of the AEG executives drive to work not less than 4 co-workers to a car? How many of the EIR report writers drive to work 4 to a car? How many city council members drive to work 4 to a car? I thought so, so why do they think everyone going to a game is going to drive 4 to a car? How many AEG workers including the people at the top ride their bikes or bus to work? Just askin.

    • Why do they think everyone going to a game is going to drive 4 to a car? Because people go to sporting events in groups (some in 5+, some in 2-3, so 4), even if they commute alone.

  17. Bring light rail back to LA!

    Imagine how cool it would be to have a rail line that runs in the center of sunset!

    • Ride the bus. There are already several successful bus lines going down Sunset and all over Echo Park. I ride one of them every night. More people on buses = less cars = less traffic, all without having to spend millions on a massive construction project that would be better built elsewhere.

  18. This is fantastic! Finally, a bottle neck we can call our own. I think it is a steal at 2.5 million american dollars laid on the barrel heads. Yes, and football (or soccer as we call it here), is a much needed past time, and with a stadium there can be many people seated while it is viewed. Sitting is the best way to view Soccer! Hurrah! Let the construction begin today!

  19. The money will make the decisions. So I think we shoukd fight for whatever we can to improve the city living. Traffic or no traffic or worse traffic, fans will show up if the stadium gets built. Let them take longer to get there.

    My two cents would be…where the freeway is below grade build a park over it. Green space. Views and revitalization for the neighborhoods facing the freeway.

    Or at least start proposing things that make life better for the people whose front yards become the pathways for the thousands who will make millionaires into billionaires.

    It’s already sad to see/be people pushing swings and strollers filled with babies froced to breath the poison from the freeway. And to wipe the black rubber and particulate dust from our windowsills and cribs.

    I once heard a man preaching about a SMART CITY. I hope I can expect hear his voice loud and clear on this…

    • no offense, but parks over freeways are stupid… at least until we have hydrogen fuel cell trucks and EV cars. There have been a ton of studies showing the air quality within the first half mile of a freeway is particularly dangerous to human health… especially because of the fine particulates emitted from diesel trucks and NOx emissions from autos.

      so, having a park right on top of that, where young developing lungs are breathing deeply… is just plain dumb.

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